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  1. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/cuba/article248176150.html Limited flights according to Miami Herald. For context.
  2. NBC News: Millions forced to cancel Christmas as 'new variant' of coronavirus spreads in U.K.. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/uk-prime-minister-boris-johnson-calls-emergency-meeting-over-new-n1251803 Hold on... You might need that extra corona corona passport. But wait... There's more! 2020 ain't over yet kids.
  3. I learned of this artist thru my employer's Hispanic resource group. During a session, one of the artists that came up was Felipe Jesus Consalvos. I think the theme to his art gotta perfectly in this thread. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Felipe_Jesus_Consalvos I actually inquired with several art galleries to see if they have replicas of his work but they don't make them. Originals can still be had but I'm certain they're not cheap. His art was discovered at a garage sale in Philadelphia in the early 80s. Here are some of his works. Felipe was a factory cigar roller during his life in Havana, which explains much of the inspiration for his work.
  4. Looking forward to these reviews John. Starting off in my wheelhouse tho. Cohiba MS's are so friggin good when they're on. I like talking a smoking break off a few days (hasn't happened in months), and then having this be the first smoke. All the flavors just explode. The only pass on this list for me are the Monte Especiales No 2. Had a box and traded more than half away. Maybe a dud box but nothing there for me. I really mean, nothing. Hope whoever loves these is getting great boxes. Maybe one day I'll get to smoke a great one too, but no luck thus far. Cheers
  5. Your Regular Production Cigar of the Year: HdM San Juan... This is on sheer volume. I've probably smoked thru 2 boxes this year. Steady Eddie's! Have had ok ones but never a bad one. Your Specialty Production Cigar of the Year: Tie: Diplomatico Diputados / Sancho Panza Gran Quixote both Belux Regionals. The dips are creamy and custardy and the SP is a chocolate dream, hold the driftwood. Your Best New Release: Trinidad Esmeralda... Nuff said! Your Most Improved: Juan Lopez Selección No 1... Not because they weren't good but just cause I finally turned my attention to them and they're now in rotation. Your Mr. Dependable Award: Partagás D4... It never let's me down. When I'm not sure what I wanna smoke I can turn to it and it performs. I have to add an honorable mention to the JL2s. Same format. Same result. Work horses that just do it for me every single time I reach for them. Cheers! Looking forward to reading these. ~elJavi
  6. Personally, i haven't had a bad one. I went deep on this cigar. Got like 7 boxes of them. I have to say Brent, i have gotten that sourdoughey goodness from mine. I usually pair with green tea or coffee. @Lrabold89 might be right about your pairing. Looking forward to hear what your next one tastes like. Cheers!
  7. I threw it out there because of the question posed. A diverse selection, was the task. I see lists up here with 3 Double Coronas... I get it, some guys like long cigars, but this kid is asking for an array of cigars that are all different. Just like guys suggesting LGC MdO's... Great skinny guys. Where's this kid supposed to find those? Oh yeah, nowhere unless he's ready to pay a mint. I didn't think PLMC's would make for a great aged skinny so I went lancero. As for the HdM PRs... They smoke great young. I get a ton of sugar cane juice. I'd love to see where that goes with age. Sweeter? Flat? These are readily available. I think the toughest ask from my list are the fundadores, due to pricing and general availability. But they're out there if you wanna commit to a box.
  8. HdM Petit Robustos HdM DCs JL1s D4s Connie As Party Shorts Trinidad MLs Upmann/Monte/Partagas No 2 BBF Trinidad Fundadores Honorable mention to Connie 1s and Cohiba Medio Siglos. Good luck noob!
  9. One of my good friends loves Cohiba Medio Siglos (I turned him onto those to begin with)... I had a smoke with him not too long ago. BRC. JL2s. Petit Royales. I told another friend who I introduced to Trinidad I only had 1 box of fundadores and I can't bring a full lot for him, his son, and his SIL to be. He said... They don't have to smoke what we smoke. LoL touché!
  10. So to be fair to the RA Superiores, which is what sparked the conversation... I smoked thru a box and thought they were just ok cigars. I don't know what I was looking for other than the stoned fruits from say the RASS. These things had no direction or poignant flavors I could pinpoint. I don't like smoking CCs that are bland or lack some character. I even smoked a gifted one that @SigmundChurchill gave me and I thought the same thing. Insert Cuban tobacco here but nothing to write home about. I know SP is a change of pace brand but it's not my thing. I'm all about consistency. I like grabbing a stick with purpose cause I'm seeking that familiar flavor. RAS lacks that to me. Just my two cents.
  11. There's plenty of good logic above Andy. I don't disagree with many of your points. But how many times can they go back to the same well while their citizens live in squalor? Eventually their going to realize... It's not them (US). It's us. Somebody mentioned it earlier in the thread... Embargo is a farce. We feed Cuba. The US sells Cuba most of its food. Is the embargo that heavy handed? "The Revolution is Patriotism", now go stand in a 4 hour line for maybe some food. Cubans need to look internally to solve their issue. Nobody is coming to save them. Open travel and no embargo with US wouldn't save them, cause we know the political class would profit and the citizenry would remain the same. What I will say is I scratch my head at how we pick and choose what communists we do business with. China. Ok! Cuba. Embargo. Doesn't add up. Human rights are a bigger mess in China than they are in Cuba these days. It's about $$$ and cheap goods offered by one and not the other. This isn't for you Andy cause I know that's not your sentiment, and you remain unaffected anyway... But the lament on here and other social media forums from "some individuals" is selfish. They don't want sanctions on Cuba, only cause it affects their tobacco purchasing trips to Cuba. It has little to do with the Cuban people. The same reason some would prefer the US not engage in a trade war with China. Cause they want to go buy everything at the Dollar Tree store. I spoke to a friend yesterday in Cuba. He thought that because of the new sanctions I might not visit any time soon. When it becomes safe to travel again and things open up... I'll be back there again. Smoke as many cigars as I can in Cuba and make memories with my friends and family there.
  12. Andy, if by removing ourselves from the situation (stopping all travel or restricting travel)... That's somehow forcing change from the outside then I'm confused. The last few years were different with travel and tourism from the US... It was still agonizing for Cubans not living in Havana. The provinces are broke. Do you think people in Pinar del Río or Consolacion del Sur live like some of our friendly drivers do in Havana? None of them do. It's tough to truly galvanize a population while it starves and you (Castro Regime) point the finger at Florida. Eventually the spell will break. Not only has the embargo not worked... Nothing has. The political class in Cuba has won. Everyone else has suffered. As a Cuban American what I don't want is any real interventionism by the US. I don't wanna a Starbucks in every corner in 5 years or any years from now. The ones struggling daily are the Cubans. They should take their govt back. Will it cost lives? Freedom isn't free... It always costs lives. What I hope is that the population got spoiled with their newfound success due to tourism over the past few years... Saw what some capitalism can do for their lives, and won't take the communist narrative anymore. We shall see.
  13. Being from there... And without getting too political... If this is what it takes to light a fire under the Cuban populous to finally go out and fight for their freedom, so be it! We can't be so selfish as to say, I want Cuba to remain as it is... You know for the cheap rum and cigars. Some of us here on this forum have real friends, people we consider family even, struggling there on a daily basis. I happen to have relatives there who stand in line for hours for food that they don't get sometimes. I'd trade all my cigars for their freedom, even if I had to smoke a Gurkha. #CubaLibre

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