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  1. ElJavi76

    24:24 THURSDAY

    Quarter boxes on the Jubilee????
  2. ElJavi76


    Happy birthday Lisa!
  3. For anyone wondering... Upon a little more research. Habana turns 500 officially on November 16, 2019. Hence why it's likely they pushed this out a week. There are a bunch of cultural events planned for this anniversary. This might be more fun than the Encuentro.
  4. I'd love to see a printed flyer to lay the uncertainty to rest... But Odalys is pretty close to the action over at Partagas. I don't think she would throw dates around haphazardly. Then again... It's Cuba!
  5. I went ahead and reached out to Odalys over at Partagas, via email, to inquire about dates for this year's events. That's the good news. The iffy news... The week of November 25-29. Yeah you guessed it, Black Friday and its lesser known companion THANKSGIVING! I brought it to her attention. I said this might affect North American attendance. She replied, we had to change our dates due to the celebration of Havana turning 500. I think Havana's 500 year anniversary trumps our turkey and pumpkin pie. Will you attend? Will this require a hall pass? Will you have to preemptively donate a kidney to your spouse or someone in her family? Can you show up to Thanksgiving via WhatsApp video chat? All important questions! Cheers, Javi
  6. Juan Lopez 2 Vigías PDS4 Connie A Trini Reyes/SCDLH Príncipes/Party Shorts Anything Trinidad smokes well young. I'd add an honorable mention with the Cohiba Medio Siglos. They're not the best value but they do smoke great young. Bang for buck above are the Juan Lopez.
  7. You're gonna love them. Great buy! If you think you like the name... You're gonna love the flavor.
  8. Don't hate me because I smoke Medio Siglos 😂😂 Cohiba Medio Siglos TPO FEB 18 x 2 I'll probably smoke these first and leave the Laguito boxes to age. Cheers!
  9. Enjoy Jason. Thanks for making the trade possible. Pick a nice day to enjoy that Topes. You're gonna love it.
  10. My barber told me a story about one of his clients. End of the year he's feeling festive so he puts out bottles of booze and offers drinks to his patrons. He offered this person a scotch. Guy says sure I'll take one. My buddy had Johnny Walker Double Black or something to the effect. He pours the young man and himself a drink. After a few minutes he notices the young man hasn't touched his drink. He gets curious... Hey did you need something with your scotch? Water/ice/soda? Guy goes... No man sorry, I only drink single malt. He never drank it. My barber friend says, I don't care that he only drinks single malt. That's his preference, but he let me pour two drinks. He knew while I was pouring the first drink that he wasn't going to drink it. A bit of a di@k move. My coworker and I go smoking every so often. I tell him, you can pay for drinks if you want but I'll bring the cigars. At this stage we don't need to discuss it anymore. At the beginning he'd bring stuff and I'd tell him I'll take it with me and smoke it later. I would, at a later date, light it up and take a few puffs. Take a pic. Send it to him. Thank him. Let the cigar die a peaceful death where nobody could see. I still get the occasional, you gotta try this but less frequently. Friendship is preserved thru a bit of deception I suppose. Some folks will simply refuse to take no for an answer.
  11. ElJavi76

    small world, anyone?

    @fastkiller13 Ted and I got to smoking together and became fast friends. I have a very close friend named Steve who I've mentioned frequently in conversations with Ted. We're smoking one afternoon and Steve is texting me about this or that and mentions Frank. Steve went to college with Frank. I tell Ted, Steve's friend Frank loves D4s. Like it's his fav cigar. Ted goes, what's Frank's last name? I ask Steve and he replies... Ted says Frank is my friend too, as in he married my wife and me. We've been friends for years. I'm like no effin way. Small world for sure!
  12. ElJavi76

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    It was a lovely time Iain. At customs they told us... You're lucky we've had horrid weather. First night in Uruguay was cool. The remaining nights were spectacular. It all came together nicely.
  13. Thanks for the heads up Edward. I might have all of 1 hour on Saturday to check into my room and run over to Miamis which is literally a 3 min walk from my hotel. I might stop at the duty free when I land to see what they do or don't have. If they have those Ammunitions then I'd be willing to hold out until my flight back. I have to assume the duty free prices are likely better than the shops in town.
  14. Awesome to hear Jason! I'm going to try to grab as many of those Dip Ammunition Phoenicia as possible. I had another one this past weekend with @SigmundChurchill Elliott and it was nothing short of amazing. That is rather interesting that they'd have two shops like that. Luckily for us we are traveling in and out of the EU. Cheers!
  15. ElJavi76

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    I didn't post these earlier but these are some images from Punta Del Este, Uruguay. Was there a week a ago with my boys. Great food. Great beaches. Amazing sunsets and sunrises (a couple of really long nights in there lol).

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