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  1. June 8th 1980 my immediate family and I disembarked at Key West from Mariel Harbor. The trip took 18 hours port to port aboard the Miss Diane along with 300 others. Ironically enough, I've been to Florida dozens of times but never back to KW.
  2. Truth is I don't recall ever having a dud and they're almost all memorable. I tell you what... if you forced me to smoke 1 cigar for the rest of my life and that cigar was an E2 I would be pretty happy.
  3. These were rolled at El Charquito. Right next door to El Laguito. *apologies for my Cuban humor*
  4. Yours was exponentially better Carlson. Tip of the hat. This was more of a goof. 😂
  5. I didn't even bother to look at the box code... I just want to beat @rcarlson. No profound review here. I will say it was a tasty example of a PR. It wasn't the best rolled cigar as the ash did flare out a bit but no #ashpie.
  6. Bang up job posing for us last night Carlson. The ash was impressive... your wardrobe left to be desired. #ashpie @Kaptain Karl @BTWheezy
  7. So my aunt's husband asked me two years ago for $2000 USD to get himself a visa to Uruguay. Not to be a cynical sob but I passed... this wasn't a visa for my aunt. He was supposed to head to Uruguay and find work then send for my aunt, while promising to cancel his debt to me. I had no guarantees this man wouldn't take my money, and forget about paying me back... but what if he never sent for my aunt? Long story longer, he managed to get the money some how or another only to find out he had been scammed out of the money. Generally if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. My aunt never
  8. Probably something awesome. @nino and his candid camera. Well played sir. I think this was from Nov 19 cause my arm tats reflect that, along with my missing wife. 😅 We all put that lunch at Espacios together via this forum. What a great time!
  9. Great place to visit! VIVA CUBA for sure.
  10. Pedrito parece que si es un paquetero. Cause run of the mill Cubans have $1000 USD to blow on a weekend. So inviting Cubans to go there to have a $3 dollar (75 CUP) espresso... I'm sure the line is around the corner. Propaganda!
  11. RS are a bolder version of the SJ. You still get the heavy cream and HdM DNA, but it's a spicier / fuller body cigar. I'm still heavily tilted stock wise towards the SJs. However, after having a couple of stunners, I got a full cab and two 10ers of the RS from our host and another full cab from a diff vendor. Yes it's a big cigar but if you enjoy that spicy cappuccino foam flavor profile you gotta try these. Ask @Lrabold89 ... we chat about these all the time.

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