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  1. Hey Jace! Congrats on your new best friend. Enjoy every phase cause they grow up super fast. I hope the cigar performs for you. I have a feeling it will. Congrats again!
  2. My pleasure Kurt! I hope it was tasty. I've shared a few of those recently and they're getting better and better.
  3. I purge thru my smoke. I'm a talker for those that haven't been around me. I find myself doing quick short purges while I chat to ensure my stick doesn't lose any steam. Plus I'm with Elliot above. I'll purge and then do a nice pull and it's just satisfyingly better than not. It is what it is until it ain't. Purge away!
  4. All the best @Habana Mike may you have to purchase many more calendars. Happy birthday and see you in November. Cheers!
  5. The new cases come with the guardian sleeve sown into the case, no? That's how I got mine.
  6. SLR DC OTS DIC 09 About to embark on this beautiful two hour journey. Thank you to my buddy @ayepatz for this smoke I wouldn't have otherwise experienced. Iain you're a gentleman and a very generous friend. Cheers mate!
  7. I'm with @Habana Mike on La Guarida and Santi's. This past time we also did La cocina de Andrés (Holy Moly his croqueta en casueala... Liquid croquetas to die for) and also San Cristóbal. Gorgeous food all around.
  8. So playing Julio songs this past week and Spotify shows tour dates. He's coming to Atlantic City NJ. I told my kin... My sister, my cousin and his gf, plus my wife and I are going to see Julio live on 9/28. How awesome is that? Guess I get to cry in public. It's happened before. Gotta feel what ya feel when ya feel it. My first time ever. I'm so pumped!
  9. Julio Iglesias was big in the 60s and 70s. My father was and is a big fan. I remember being a kid growing up and my dad playing his wax records. He's got dozens and dozens of great songs but this one gets me every time...
  10. Hey Elliot, I think that there is an (HLP) Hector Luis Prieto BHK 56. I only bought a handful of those back in May. They're drop dead gorgeous silky wrappers and busting with flavor. I've had 3 of them and by far the best custom rolled cigars I've ever smoked. My intention is to pick a full bundle up come November. Glad you enjoyed it brother!
  11. MEG 16s were on point. I smoked a box already and it was lighter than the other MEG 16 box I have. The other I have on ice looks Uh-mazing. I have 3+ boxes and the open one has only 5 or 6 missing. Those MEG 16s will be my aging long long term box. I'll enjoy the other 3 boxes in the following years.
  12. Looking around for inventory to take to the beach two days ago I ran into two boxes I forgot I bought. They're not very old purchases either. Stumbled upon two Rio Seco 10ers. Looking at my CC card bill the other day I'm like what did I order for this amount from FOH? The RS's. The one ROTT was good but they've got potential for long term aging. I'll keep buying stuff in hopes I can forget about a bunch of stuff and be sitting pretty in 7 or 8 years. Sound advice in the newbie video posted earlier.

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