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  1. Thanks Brent. I did enjoy it thoroughly. It takes a while to develop but man does it deliver in the last 8th. LoL Thanks for the treat bro!
  2. If it looks like a dreamy sequence, it's cause it is. I've been hanging onto this gifted cigar for a few months now. A giant sized thank you to my friend Elliot @SigmundChurchill. Elliot, no bs, you're everything that's right about friends and cigars. Thank you for your generosity! Today marks my 43rd birthday! I'm celebrating with family tonight. Again, which is awesome! But before dinner I'm putting down this gem. Hoyo de Monterrey Maravillas. Chasing with some Macallan 15, an espresso in an hour maybe, and seltzer is handy nearby to cleanse the palate. Snack is a Cuban pastry made from sweet potatoes. Aren't we lucky?! Cheers friends.
  3. My cousin's 50th b-day party this weekend got me on a real 60s and 70s Spanish ballads kick. Camilo Sesto. Leonardo Favio (Second embedded video). José José. Nino Bravo (First embedded video) These videos are cheesy but these were the best vocalists of their time. Camilo Sesto might be my fav. I'm 43 next week and this music was much before my time but my mom and dad passed these musical treasures to me. I love nothing more than these playlists, a cigar, and mug of coffee in my garage. It's heaven on Earth!
  4. Wife and who on the lawn? Everybody grab a bin. No one left behind, but if I can save them I will. Funny this comes up for discussion here... About two weeks ago on a random night circa 2:30 am my fire alarms go off. All of my alarms are connected so I don't know which one is going off. I sleep like I was brought into this world. Sorry if that's TMI. I jump out of bed and race down the stairs looking for anything that resembles danger. No smoke or heat or light coming from kitchen area. The BASEMENT! I run down there and sniff for anything, since the natural gas line feeds into there. Nothing. Alarms stop for a few seconds. I tell the wife... It's ok honey, false alarm. She's in our daughter's room warning her not to come out. There's a crazy naked guy running around the house. Alarms go off again and I'm still downstairs. OMG, the attic! I race up the stairs like a track star doing hurdles. Open the door to the attic. (Staircase is almost as full of junk add the attic is) I stumble and fumble and bumble and finally make it up there. All clear! Could've been an insect or a spider triggered an alarm, but I'll tell you folks... What a friggin scare! I couldn't get back to sleep right away. The silver lining you might ask... The wife's eyes were all googly. You were so brave running down there to protect us! She doesn't know that by us she meant her, my daughter, my guns, and my cigars. But why pester her with the truth. LoL! My son offered to buy my a new extinguisher, but he said he was having trouble finding the ones you operate with no clothes on. Can't win!
  5. Kurt back then I had no clue. My cousin went to Cuba and picked up 3 boxes of Esplendidos. It was 2004 I think. I sold a box. My brother sold a box. We smoked the third box. If I knew then what I know now, we wouldn't have sold any. It happened like it was supposed to. Now when I smoke them, it takes me back to those years ago. 15 years doesn't sound like a lot on paper, but how so many things have changed since then. Love that I broke my cherry with an Espy!
  6. Cohiba Esplendido EOS AGO 18 Cold draw was a tad of barnyard and hay. First third was slightly grassy but not overly green, if that makes sense. Draw was impeccable throughout. Second third got toasted tobacco and some slight sweetness. Could've been the humidity and how the cigar burned but I didn't get any pronounced sweetness out of this one. Last third was delicious and definitely became a bit fuller. Abundance of smoke. The pairing was with a limited edition Nespresso pod... Costa Rica. Strong and spicy definitely brought out some of those dark rich notes in the tobacco as we'll. For those who don't know, my first Cuban ever was a Cohiba Esplendido. I set the bar high. Best roller coaster ride I've ever embarked on. I picked these up in Havana last November and they're smoking like champs. I didn't even know there was a Cohiba comp going on and I looked. Perfect timing for an Esplendido. Cheers all!
  7. + @BeerPimp Guys, I did buy two boxes of the Río Seco from Rob n company. I did try one ROTT and my early returns are that the RS are fuller than the SJ. The RS have great flavor but also great potential. I regret that it wasn't my first cigar of the day. Any time I try something new I like for it to be cigar #1 of the day. Both still creamy but let me tell you, the SJ tubos I've been smoking lately... Holy Toledo Batman! Like burning latte foam. So good!
  8. Kurt, I hope you enjoy those. I'm happy to call you my friend as well. You deserve those. Smoke them in great health! Cheers
  9. In Spanish we have a saying... A cada cochinito le llega su Navidad. Every piggy will have its Christmas... Aka everyone has a day of reconning. For piggies it usually ends like this. Yikes Pig!
  10. Thank you for the sentiment. I'm glad you made it there and enjoyed your visit. How good are his BHK 56 stix? My fav cigar from this last trip, and it wasn't even close. I only bought a few and ended up kicking myself. I'll be back in November tho.
  11. I've got 3 full and just cracked my 4th box of Connie A. Had gone 4 deep on Vigias but down to 2. Sadly discovered this today. 6 deep on Medio Siglos. 8 deep Edmundo Dante's Conde Belicosos. I think more than any other cigar I want to hoard... Might be Medio Siglo with the rising prices. The last few months I've been keeping less track of my inventory and just enjoying my collection tbh. I've been sharing a bunch of my collection with new smokers too which has dented it some. (Cousins / Siblings) When you're hosting or at a cookout people see you smoking and pulling cigars or of your travel humi they get curious. I hand out some cheap and cheerful but also, on occasion pull out the big guns, like HdM San Juan's or Trini Vigias. We can get obsessed with these things. I want to have plenty of what I like, but this hobby has taught me to share more. A tip of the hat to many great friends who gladly share their prized smokes as well. Sorry if I buzzkilled the thread a smidge. LoL
  12. I'm getting the same as above. -200 error from my Galaxy S10+.
  13. Been waiting for these bad boys. I'm in total lust, maybe even love, with the HdM San Juan's lately. I bought another box thru is in transit. I had to try their cousin the Río Secos. I'd love to show you some pics but I'm getting a fancy -200 error. Yikes! Not important. Take my word for it, they're gorgeous. HdM Río Seco TPO DIC 18 tenners x 2
  14. Rub it in Elliot! This is my version: One of these things is not like the other One of these things just doesn't belong Can you tell which one is not like the others By the time I finish my song? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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