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  1. So I dropped my friend's lighter off at Art's luxury shop in Manhattan yesterday. He got it with the air hose and tried to fill the reservoir... I could hear it hissing. He said it obviously needs a new tank and a full service. So that's gonna set me back a few bux. I asked him if he has used ones for sale and they were all $250+, even for small Dunhills. Knowing what the service might cost give or take I think I wanna buy a used one on eBay and get it serviced and brought back to life. Has anyone been lucky enough to find any old Dunhill or DuPont lighters at the antique shops in Havana? I'll be there next week and would be a pig in poop if I could find something out there to get reconditioned, for the novelty of it. Those Dunhill long boys really do look beautiful. Cheers guys and thanks for the advice to look up that place in NYC, @Cayman17.
  2. I land at 3 ish Mike... Otherwise I'd join you, Kelly, and the Familia. I'll see you guys at Espacios on Monday tho. Cheers.
  3. Nino... Let's chat on Monday at Espacios. Maybe we can pull a group for dinner at Destino on Monday or Tuesday night. I'm still going to can you after I get there on Sunday to touch base. Listo!
  4. It can be the infamous long lunch at Espacios... Start around noon or 1 and go into the late afternoon. Once we're out there and meet up in person we can set up some dining options. I'm sure the group will fragment and break off into smaller parties for dinner. @nino If you want to come up with a good dining option for the group. We can swing that too. I'm the interim, I thought we'd get these lunches on Monday and Thursday going. Cheers
  5. Define have to Mike. Can't tippy toes to your nearest airport and be back from the lunch at Santy's in time for some gumbo? You shall be missed bud!
  6. @Ryan Hey Andy... Great pic of you and Stu. LoL I think the whole Santy's thing needs to be experienced by all and my good friend Elliot @SigmundChurchill doesn't arrive in HAV until Wednesday. So I think we pencil in Thursday for Santy's. I've got about 6 guys total, including myself and Elliot, although that number could grow before it's all said and done. I think we shoot for Thursday. If the whole El Laguito tour thing hits on that day then we'll just cross that bridge when we get there. Worst case scenario we call always do the after-party at your place. I'm hoping it all comes together like the A-Team. I'm down to do Espacios on Monday with you guys and @nino. Maybe for the blind tasting at Santy's we can buy according to attendance. I'd be willing to chip in for singles or a box to get a little competition going. For fun, if the group is small... Maybe one person procures the tobacco. This way there's at least a lil mystery. LoL Cheers brother!
  7. Cory I've got your US number. I can always WhatsApp you once I'm out there. I'll be there 17-24 (Sunday to Sunday). If you can go on Thursday then we'll shoot for Thursday. We can still make the Hotel Inglaterra thing... A thing. I'm in a party of 5/6. If we can get another 10 or so we can set that dinner up. FYI I'm doing the Friday night gala dinner only this year, as far as events go. Thank you kindly sir. It's in the spirit of FOH to do so. Gotta get the folks together. I'd be down to do an Espacios lunch on Friday cause it's closer to the action than Santy's, in addition. My only thing is I have a pending Laguito tour that I may or may not be able to pull off with @SigmundChurchill Elliot and friends. It's Cuba so we just down know if that will materialize Thursday or Friday. That, understandably, would take precedent. But if it's a late lunch I think we can pull it off. For now, @Ryan Andy, Cory, @nino and company... Let's pencil Thursday circa 12:30-1:00 for lunch. They close at 4 in between lunch and dinner service. We can post to this thread once we get to Cuba or exchange numbers and get a WhatsApp group chat going. Cheers all!
  8. Perfect Nino! No ñ this time. LoL I hope we can drum up more support. Not sure how many folks will be in attendance. It seems like attendance this year will def be down, somewhat. Worst case scenario, a handful of us will get together for a Santi's lunch.
  9. Sorry to hear that Mike. Was looking forward to hanging. We shall see you next year. Cheers
  10. Hello FoH! I'm Javi and I love cigars and friends. LoL If you're attending the encuentro this year it would be great to be able to see some old friends and make some new ones. I think unfortunately our hosts may not be in attendance this year. This is even more unfortunate when you think of some of the lunches and gatherings they usually help put together. In true FOH fashion I think it's up to those in attendance to find ways to hang out and herf together. My personal friend, and forum favorite, Jorge Clavijo has been in contact with me and we have something in the works as far as an evening of food and drink. Two things to try and set up... One would be a lunch at Santy Pescador where we all gather for great food and some smokes. This could work on Monday or Friday. The second deal is what I'm working on with Clavijo. The director at Hotel Inglaterra is trying to put something together for us. Depending on interest we'd have a section of the rooftop for our party. Dinner and drinks. Again, I think the offerings will depend on the number of folks interested. There's a possibility that we may have a roller from one of the farms join us for a session. Roll some freshies and sell his stuff as well. This is still at early stages and will be driven by interest. Considering Thursday night for this event. Let me know who's going and thinks they'd like to get together. Again, there are no hard dates yet but we do know the two venues. Let's take the temperature to see if this fits and works for those who will be in Havana in 3 weeks. Cheers FOH!
  11. Jorge reached out to me last night with updated contact info. He's going with a Gmail account since the nauta service just isn't reliable enough. Feel free to contact him thru any of his channels, including Facebook (taxis clavijo) and Instagram (taxi.cuba.clavijo). His new email is: jorgeluis.clavijo65@gmail.com Cheers!
  12. Wanna share some pics? I bought a STD Defi Extreme in all black. I'm enjoying it and I love it, but I see a lot of these older pieces on Etsy and eBay even. If I could get my hands on a good functioning piece I'd but it.
  13. I don't know the first thing about when it was made, but out of respect I didn't argue with my friend's 85 year old dad. Questioning whether or not it's 70, 60, or 50 years old kinda didn't matter. I took him at his word.
  14. My friend asked me for some help and now I'm asking you guys. His father has a 70 year old ST Dupont lighter that is out of commission. He needs this thing reconditioned. I'm in NJ. Where might we be able to get this thing fixed. Jeweler? Or some other place. Here is a look at it. Help FOH.

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