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  1. ElJavi76

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Trini Vigia BMP FEB 17 Lighting this one up for grandpa, who passed last night. Juan "Pau" Padrón born June 30th 1933 is going home. We weren't close. I was raised away from him. He remained in Cuba when we came. We did spend a glorious winter together in 1990 when they visited and I got to know him. Great man! Cheers Pau... Travel well!
  2. ElJavi76

    NYC Herf?

    NYC Herf was a light gathering but @torsion Don and I had a great time tonight. Great meeting up. Let's try to do it again the last Tuesday of the month. Hopefully we can get a few more folks in next time. Cheers
  3. ElJavi76

    NYC Herf?

    I think going forward the thing to do will be have a monthly meetup. Last Tuesday or Thursday of the month. Whoever can make it... Come out and puff. Coordinating to get 10 grown men to coincide... It's like herding cats. Nearly impossible. If you're inclined to come out tonight do not hesitate. As of right now Don and I are meeting at the Macanudo Club circa 4'ish pm. If a different venue will bring you out... Just say the word. Cheers all!
  4. Thanks Jason... I had one last night. Construction and burn were on par with best I've had this year. Very happy with my box. Regret I didn't buy more. Cheers
  5. Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo San Juan SGA DIC 15 Not only did I get a great deal on these but then I get a December '15 box? I'm feeling blessed! They smell better than they look if that's possible. *I'm done editing photos to get them to sit upright. Turn your phones guys. 😜😂
  6. They're the usual suspects brother. My bro had smoked many many Cuban cigars in his life. Paid for almost none of them. I think he bought a glass top box once. LOL it's easy to abuse the ones we "love".
  7. I've been told... Bring some extras I'll buy something off of you. Show up and 4 guys have no cigars. Even the guy that brought his own says he hasn't kept his humidor in great shape. "They're a little dry". I end up down 4-6 cigars... Bill shows up and nobody even bothers to buy me an ice cube for my drink. My last experience with this crew... Cash and Carry. You want one? $15. You want two? $25. To me it's more principal than dollars. It's the old... I'd rather see you reach for your pocket even if you're bluffing. To you not even making an attempt and acting like I'm your personal cigar curator. To echo the sentiments of a few above... It's tough calling these folks true friends. Whether cigars or a bottle of wine or whatever... A real friend gives and shares whatever they have to share. Doesn't have to be equal to your offering. The problem comes when they won't even share what little they can. Give with love. If the love doesn't come back... Lighten up your load. There are literally dozens of people waiting to have a new friend like you in their lives. Go find them!
  8. ElJavi76

    NYC Herf?

    Looks like @torsion Don, @fastkiller13 Ted, and myself will try to meet up this Thursday evening for a smoke or two. Come one. Come all. Don do we know what venue works best for all? I know Carnegie is not far from you and it's a few blocks away from where my better half works... So that's convenient. But I'm open to whatever. Let's talk it up guys!
  9. HF here's a thread for you. Not sure if it will give you the comparison you're looking for. Nevertheless... For my money... Connie A is the best regular production cigar out of Cuba today. I own 5 boxes and if I see any pretty ones in Cuba I'll jump on them too. Two things haven't failed me yet out of Cuba... Anything Trinidad. Connie As.
  10. ElJavi76

    Maduro class is in.

    This... Maybe others have touched on this but maduro in Spanish means ripe. So like any ripe vegetation you're going to get sweeter flavors. In fruits, there are enzymes that turn starch into simple sugars and makes fruits less green and blander. Is it possible that the same enzymes are at work here during fermentation? Amylase and Pectinase are what affect fruits.
  11. Mr and Mrs Vázquez The pretty lady is Vanessa. The lucky basssturd is I, Javiel. Jav or Javi work just fine. See you in a month!
  12. ElJavi76

    NYC Herf?

    @SigmundChurchill @torsion @dezbo @fastkiller13 @Kitchen  @Doctorossi  @Silverstix  Any interest for next Thursday night guys? Figured this way might flag the thread for a few.
  13. ElJavi76

    NYC Herf?

    I'm done by 3 everyday. LOL Depending on where we go I can sneak a quick 2 stix. I'm interested.
  14. ElJavi76

    NYC Herf?

    Thursdays work for me. What time are you thinking?
  15. Danger Zooooooooooooooone Best adult animated series..

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