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  1. This Cohiba Espléndidos that I smoked thanks to Elliot was a highlight. This past Saturday I also had a 3 or 4 year old RAG... holy $hit I didn't see it coming. Amazing experience. I didn't snap a pic but the experience is engraved.
  2. To your point Daniel, social media posts are asking for pictures of the bodies and real evidence that it was these individuals. Folks might be onto something here... especially with Mexican planes flying in and out of Cuba. The end of WWII saw plenty of not so nice people (can't use other words) migrate into South America. Rats have a way of running and hiding when it hits the fan.
  3. From your mouth to God's ears Rob! I've been there 3 times in recent years but I know there's so much more of that island for me to see and experience. Especially in great company. I can almost taste the ceviche from Santi's. May that week come sooner rather than later! Libertad!
  4. Belated birthday cigar gifted by my friend @SigmundChurchill. Thanks for the company and the cigar. Cohiba Espléndidos UAO 17
  5. Little boating with cousin's wife's cousin's husband. Say that fast, or slow, 3 times. He docks down in a marina in Sayreville NJ. Had to fly those Cuban colors too. (Not pictured... the stars and stripes were flying in the front of the boat) Not sure but maybe the vodka hits differently when you're on a boat. Saucy well before dinner that night. That L is for my island... LIBERTAD!
  6. I get it... where's the bottom? Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for, but when you hear people chanting Libertad and No Tenemos Miedo (We're not afraid)... I think they want NOT communism. I'm going to lean on the side of the Cuban protestors risking life and limb in the streets. If they say they're done with communism I have to support that. I'm sure many of them would sign up for whatever is next.
  7. Bijan it's not the worst country in the world (I'm not sure how you measure this or what your top 3 shittiest countries might be)... however, it's the one that matters to me because of my connection to it. It is connected to communism, and its demise is a direct result of this form of govt. I'm not sure that's even debatable. Not that Cuba was corruption free before Castro. We all know Batista was a pretty bloody SOB himself. I cannot speak about the middle east as I don't keep up with geopolitical issues there.
  8. I just want my country back Ken. I'm not asking for reparations or acres of land they stole from my grandfather. I just want freedom for my family that still lives there. To get messages from them that don't read like this one Primo: Esto aqui esta malo malo primo aqui no hay nada de nada esto esta de p****a. Y cada día c pone mas malo Translation... there's nothing available here and it's getting worse daily. As far as personal reparations I don't care for a handout from what they took. I just want to be able to travel there freely and maybe buy a lil house by the beach
  9. I've never once mentioned on here that I want seal team six on the ground in Havana. I told Jorge during one of my visits... the day change comes to Cuba I hope it comes from within. I'm pretty sure I don't want/need a Starbucks or a Costco in Pinar del Rio. Never suggested any scorched earth or military intervention by any single nation. Let's not lose sight of one thing... this is beyond hungry people or sick people. Human rights are being trampled every second of every day. Last page on this thread was about how they're whacking out generals. This isn't about not having proper banking
  10. Real communism is what Fidel promised. Fair shares. Kicking the imperialists out. Then the real real communism kicked in. Here we are.
  11. Is there corruption at every level of every govt, communist or not? Of course there is. One thing at a time... let's ditch communism first! It's the most egregious and glaring factor. I'm sure it won't be smooth or corruption free but it'll be a hell of a start.
  12. No Ken... I think we can all agree that ditching communism would achieve the best outcome. I say the best because even with turmoil and a power vacuum in Havana... anything would be better than the current 62 year fiasco. Do you think that without an embargo ... the communists prosper OR would they get life lines from sympathizing governments not wanting to deal with ramifications from US today? It's an honest question Ken... not trying to bait you. On the biased point above... touchè. Daniel is biased. I'm biased. Millions of Cubans that got out are biased. It's because we feel

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