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  1. Senor Nino. There... All ñ's are stricken from the record. Autocorrect is intrusive. Kinda like having domain over everything. Fitting for this thread I'd say. Espacios sounds like music to my ears.
  2. Let's plan to have have a smoke Niño. I'll be landing in Havana on 5/27. Hope to catch up. Cheers
  3. ElJavi76

    3D Scanner

    A really special thanks goes out to my buddy @Chucko8 Kurt. He jumped in and helped without hesitation. Thank you for the 3D scanned images and models. One very popular custom roller in Havana will soon be able to roll 109s. I'll be heading to Cuba at the end of May and hopefully put this puppy in his hands. Very exciting! Have a look boys n girls... Thanks again Kurt. Cheers all
  4. I repeat... I just don't know how we choose n pick what dictators we rub elbows with. Cuban tanks in Venezuela? I think of you put your finger in the barrel of said tank cannons you might be able to stop them. Agree with @Ethernut... Cuba's govt has no choice but in the end it's just like divorce. The innocent get hurt the most. I just want it to all go away soon. I feel for the innocent in Venezuela and for the same in Cuba. Including my aunts and cousins who will surely feel the burn.
  5. My next door neighbor, who I don't like but loves me, has "dropped in" while I smoke in my garage. She says you know that's bad for you right? That's weird, these are prescription cigars issued to me by my pulmonologist. Really? I'm kidding, but thanks for the advice. Now get out of my garage so I can smoke in peace. (Inside voice ... Just this last piece) Last week I went to my ENT due to a sinus infection. I asked that he check out the plumbing since I was there. I said I'm a cigar smoker, that's why I ask. How many cigars we talking? I said in warm weather, at least one a day. He goes... Ok. Then does his thing. Says you're good to go. Voice box looks great. Clean bill. No preachy shit. No talk about smoking cessation, and he's a medical professional. I like him. I'll be visiting him whenever I need an ENT. If a doctor can stop himself, why can't these numb nutsesssessses keep to themselves? 🤬
  6. Go for the car... I've already been on a Suzuki doing 130 mph. Although getting head on a Suzuki sounds like a better challenge than doing it in a Bugatti. Am I right or am I right @MD Puffer?
  7. ElJavi76


    Will there be an option for a BIN price? Auctions are great and all but what's better than seeing it, clicking buy it now, and leaving that bidding mess behind. Just curious. Cheers
  8. ElJavi76

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    A beautiful and delicious Trini La Trova courtesy of @SigmundChurchill. Thanks Elliot!
  9. Some HdM San Juan Tubos... Saw them for a great price and hopped on them. As commented on another thread, my best cigars in March was an HdM SJ from '15. UER AGO/JUN 17 How would you guys store these? Pull tubos out and let those rest alone. I don't think cardboard arrive a tubo will affect the flavor much, but I'm listening to perspective. Cheers
  10. I have to say my most memorable an HdM San Juan from '15.
  11. Some more JL2s... Wrappers aren't as pretty as they appear in the photo but the price was very right. Great value for a Robusto! RUM MAY 18
  12. Ken is this an April fool's joke? It's a tad early no? Btw, thanks for reminding me... Got a couple of bags of M&Ms in layaway they I gotta pick up. 🤣😂
  13. Ooooh snap. Congrats Brent! Nice job bro.
  14. Upmann Cohiba Trinidad Partagas Hoyo de Monterrey
  15. ElJavi76

    Medio Siglo-nice surprise

    People like to turn up their noses at it. It's not worth it, or it's not a good value... They claim. They started out a bit high but the market has started to correct itself. Initially these were going for more than a box of CoRos, which is kinda nuts. Personally, I prefer them to the CoRo but maybe I'm nuts. Glad you enjoyed your first of many I hope @Man D'olin
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