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  1. I own BR scissors, Xikar punch, Xikar guillotine, and a Colibri V-Cut. They all do their thing. I've been using the scissors a lot more in recent days for a novel effect. Any rg at or below 42 usually gets a VCut. The Colibri is sturdy, makes a very deep cut, and doesn't have too many moving parts or springs like the fancier ones. All of that being said... I'm smoking a Monte 4 rn and this was a punch. Go figure!
  2. I'll say this much... when I smoked my first A I was absolutely blown away. When I smoked my first #2 I thoroughly enjoyed it but it wasn't the same wow factor from the A.
  3. +1 on the unnecessary Dumb and Dumberer (2). The other recent abomination was Coming 2 America. Certain comedies are an institution and provided laughs to an entire generation. Leave them be. Neither of these two releases were remotely funny. Shame!
  4. We used to drive down to Florida every summer. Tejedor. Orquesta Aragon. Beny More. Cassette tapes were just flipped over. I memorized so many of these songs. Tejedor is a personal favorite.
  5. Bring it Old Man Winter... P.S. @JohnS could you please twist this photo around for me. Photo upload isn't playing nice.
  6. I always cut first to test out the draw. If you don't, and I've done it before, and you're plugged things can get messy. I find that the perfecdraw is at its best when the cigar isn't lit yet. If you pull a bunch of tobacco from the plugged point it's best to push air thru the foot to clear out the inside of the barrel. If you're lit you don't have access to the foot any longer and you end up with tobacco shrapnel all over the place. Draw is too important to skip the cut first. My two cents.
  7. This is a great observation... PSA to those inclined to impulse buy, and over-pay for recent stock without doing research just realize in the short term you got a box of Cohiba... in the long term you're gonna drive the price of the Marca higher and one day you might not want to spend 20% more on Cohiba. Minor detail you're contributing to the price increase. Paying a premium for aged or vintage, by all means. Overpaying for current stock ... big mistake for us all. Just my humble opinion 😌
  8. I use to work for Nuance, the company that owns/sells Dragon Speak. I don't know when they went cloud but that's how it works today. Utterance collected. Pushed thru recognizer software in cloud and then dictated back. I think the quality of your environment and noise levels have a lot to do with success. I actually work for NYCs utility company and run their in house IVR (Phone system) operations. Listening to people's frustrations about not having said x or z... it's real. Voice space is complicated. All that voice collection stuff tho is a black box product. Customizable to an extent
  9. Let us know when you're in town again... we would love to hang out for a smoke or three.
  10. This is @SigmundChurchill Elliot and my go-to cigar bar. We were there yesterday morning. Many a good smoke shared there. Especially since it's basically back to full operation since the start of ykw.
  11. You're on to something here... nothing like trusted friends to help facilitate these kinds of purchases.
  12. Ok a lil picture heavy here but bear with me. A few recent purchases. Connie 2 about a week ago.. the rest from today. Baalbeck 50 cabs x 2 0000/1200 and 0037/1200. Trinidad Travel humidor x 2 Connie 2 x 2 HdM DC 50 cab SLR Lonsdales 2001 It's good to have friends in low places...
  13. I can confirm he had his own non Cuban brand. I also know that some of the cigars being peddled by said flipper as "Cuban" are not so Cuban. A friend of mine told me he sampled one of these new customs in Vegas this year and it certainly didn't taste like it was Cuban. I'm all about a free market, and if someone is selling and someone is buying ... then by all means. Just don't lie to folks. If Alex in fact made it out then good for him. May he land on his feet. I wish all the luck in the world.
  14. If you go over to the FOH'ers Daily Smoke thread, you'll realize from @Nino latest post this was really Nino. 😂😂😂 All jokes aside, the author of this email should make his mother in law pay for the chewed up cigars. Also, Nino should be able to kick this dude's ass then send us the video of it. People forget how pricey this hobby is and in the case of Nino how some cigars (regardless of how exclusive they may seem or not) are irreplaceable. I think the vendor should accept this man's apology. This man should also consider banning the MIL from entering his house until this gets sorte
  15. Try Old Fashioned and anything Karl. If the OF is on point, then the cigar automatically goes up about 5-8 points on a 100 scale.
  16. I'm deep on the SJs. I'm sitting on like 6 cabs and about 5 boxes of tubos. Several 10ers as well. Most of my cabs are 19s and 20s. I've had a few loose draws but nothing like the review. Less than one hour? Never. I have smoked thru several 10ers and at least 2 cabs but they were all going. I don't have enough experience with anything in the 5 to 6 year aged range. As far as tubos go, they've all been the best ones flavor-wise. I baby the tubos knowing that I really want to age those for the long haul. Sad to have seen the review sticks were crap for Ken and the Prez.
  17. I lost $20 to one of my good friends today over this game. Gentlemen's bet. I think its certainly early. Ben was seen hobbling around a couple of times after getting knocked down. Will he hold up to 17 weeks of that? I dunno. The D certainly performed.
  18. Thanks for hosting me today bro. The Talisman I smoked was glorious along with that JBM. After an overnight 9 hour shift, for a disaster recovery exercise at work... that was therapy this morning.
  19. I found a wood working guy from the Pittsburgh area to take on the task of making a 109 mold for me. I gifted this to Alex (Comodoro) and tbh I haven't asked Alex how it's held up. I got off of Facebook about a year ago so I haven't had much contact with him. I do recall getting a hand with this from @Chucko8 Kurt, as he pulled the 3d molds of the 109 cigars themselves. I think all in this was under $200 usd. I delivered it to Cuba myself and had Jorge put this in Alex's hands when he got back from a trip. If anyone is in contact with Alex you might ask. Although with the light tourist traffic
  20. He's going on about flies then he starts questioning whether or not the wrapper is Cameroon... yeah, count me out. Maybe his Cubans do come with Cameroon wrappers. That's why he questions authenticity. LoL
  21. Doc Holiday was probably my favorite Val Kilmer role. I recently watched his latest documentary. Sad to see this once amazing actor brought to such a state by illness. "Evidently Mr. Ringo's an educated man... now I really hate'em." ~ Doc

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