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  1. I’ll second your sentiments. I’ll post my picture of my book and your book. The His and His of Trini cigars. 743 and 1636 of 3000. tWinning!
  2. Slightly irrelevant when it comes to commercials but @rcarlson has upgraded his wardrobe since I sent this to him last year.
  3. I friggin love the Diputados. I have 7 boxes of it and dwindling. Very mild smoke but very creamy flavors. Almost a dessert cigar, like many other Dips. Almond tart comes to mind. If you have access to singles grab 2. Smoke them a few weeks apart then when you’re done see how many boxes your LCdH has and PM me to tell me what they cost and if you can send me any. 😂😂😂 jokes aside you should enjoy those.
  4. Same as @Edicion for me… these have been up there with the Diputados by Dip as well, those were for the Belux region. I get great custardy flavors out of this. Nothing muted or muddled for me. Only gripe is they’re out there at a few vendors but the price has exploded, like everything else I suppose.
  5. I would go out the way I came in… my first ever Cuban cigar was a Cohiba Espléndido. It’s been a rollercoaster ride ever since with the highest of tobacco highs and many tobacco lows in there too. I think my cigar career would deserve a bookend finish. I’m close to not being able to afford that cigar any longer these days, so I should keep at least 1 from my stash for that grand finale. Cheers
  6. I’m looking up cigars reviews on FOH on Google and land on the forum and see 9 notifications. I’m like hmmm I wonder what happened. I didn’t even remember this was on. Thanks to the FOH crew for putting this on. I won’t lie… I had Christy Brinkley for the Chastain girl and I asked my wife and she’s like no way that’s the girl from the Molly’s Game movie. I guess I’ll have to split the cigar prize with my wife. 😂 Thank you all. Cheers
  7. Haven't smoked in a few days thanks to the big O... that's Omicron. First '22 smoke... SLR Lonsdales APE JUN 01
  8. I guess you can make words mean whatever you want. Just like I can self identify tomorrow as a Shiitake mushroom perhaps. If you look at some of the responses on this thread, others have taken the liberty to use words like commie and radical leftist. Throughout the year, politically charged discourse has been had (i.e. covid and vaccines). Just cause a subject isn't about party affiliation doesn't mean it didn't tie back to politics. So when I associate these terms with politics... I don't think I'm alone. Nor am I bending the English language. This Cuban refugee turned Naturalized American has to show a little face for my hosts... the great US of A 🇺🇸. I know you understand me Rob. I can certainly agree to disagree with you any day.
  9. So you're saying your dictionary is different? I mean I know English is my second language but still. The 3 words offered in the poll have one connotation. I think that's an English language thing, not an America thing. Discourse also has one accepted definition and that's, spoken communication or debate. Please don't make this about us poor Americans and how limited our world view is. You know me personally Rob... come on now! Also, I think you're a few shy on your country count even by the UN standards. We should strive to be more inclusive.
  10. Let's turn to the dictionary... shall we? I forfeit my vote cause the poll is asking something that, either isn't possible or my simple mind doesn't comprehend.
  11. I agree with @SCgarman on the nature of the thread. Left, centrist, and right have only ONE context and that's political. Nobody asks, do you lean right or left on the amount of seco leaf used in tobacco? If we're down to get dirty, we can just go ahead and start uploading our voter registration cards. See how many "like- minded" friends we have among us. LoL
  12. I didn't take these pictures myself obviously, but they're cigar related. I just happen to be in them. My friend took these at a cigar outing in Manhattan one afternoon. One of these became my profile pic for FOH.
  13. D4 San Juan / Rio Seco Esmeralda JL No 2 Medio Siglo Above based on volume smoked + enjoyment factor.
  14. Keep an eye out for those Ramon Alloñes Mexico regional. They look pretty. For your sake I hope they smoke more like a RAG than a RASS. Enjoy bro and happy anniversary to you and G!
  15. I'm not a mod on the site. Just another busy body like some of you out there. Not looking to troll or suck up to anyone. Don't need to. We're already friends. I remember when we had a different decorum on the site and did our best to not bring up pricing or other vendors. Personal opinion, and I know it's shared by some... these kinds of threads are bordering on the "crossing the line" variety. We all love and admire the torcedor behind these fine cigars. Some of us, including me, know him personally and have spent time with him. He's a very respected member of cigar circles around the globe. This is not a knock on him or his friend. However, we don't discuss any other vendor on this forum so how can this be an exception? Out of respect for our host we should curb these specific types of posts. There are always private messages that we can send one another. Personally, I'm s stickler for the rules. I've most likely bent or broken a few on here over the years w/out a doubt. This is just a friendly reminder that we should be nice to each other and also our friend and host, Rob. When in doubt, always ask yourself WWJSD... that means What Would @JohnS Do? P.S. Not looking to have a 40 post rebuttal thread start over this. It's just my opinion. I'm sure 50 other guys thought the same but I decided to hit Submit Reply. Enjoy your week everyone!
  16. I own BR scissors, Xikar punch, Xikar guillotine, and a Colibri V-Cut. They all do their thing. I've been using the scissors a lot more in recent days for a novel effect. Any rg at or below 42 usually gets a VCut. The Colibri is sturdy, makes a very deep cut, and doesn't have too many moving parts or springs like the fancier ones. All of that being said... I'm smoking a Monte 4 rn and this was a punch. Go figure!
  17. I'll say this much... when I smoked my first A I was absolutely blown away. When I smoked my first #2 I thoroughly enjoyed it but it wasn't the same wow factor from the A.
  18. +1 on the unnecessary Dumb and Dumberer (2). The other recent abomination was Coming 2 America. Certain comedies are an institution and provided laughs to an entire generation. Leave them be. Neither of these two releases were remotely funny. Shame!
  19. We used to drive down to Florida every summer. Tejedor. Orquesta Aragon. Beny More. Cassette tapes were just flipped over. I memorized so many of these songs. Tejedor is a personal favorite.
  20. Bring it Old Man Winter... P.S. @JohnS could you please twist this photo around for me. Photo upload isn't playing nice.
  21. I always cut first to test out the draw. If you don't, and I've done it before, and you're plugged things can get messy. I find that the perfecdraw is at its best when the cigar isn't lit yet. If you pull a bunch of tobacco from the plugged point it's best to push air thru the foot to clear out the inside of the barrel. If you're lit you don't have access to the foot any longer and you end up with tobacco shrapnel all over the place. Draw is too important to skip the cut first. My two cents.
  22. This is a great observation... PSA to those inclined to impulse buy, and over-pay for recent stock without doing research just realize in the short term you got a box of Cohiba... in the long term you're gonna drive the price of the Marca higher and one day you might not want to spend 20% more on Cohiba. Minor detail you're contributing to the price increase. Paying a premium for aged or vintage, by all means. Overpaying for current stock ... big mistake for us all. Just my humble opinion 😌
  23. I use to work for Nuance, the company that owns/sells Dragon Speak. I don't know when they went cloud but that's how it works today. Utterance collected. Pushed thru recognizer software in cloud and then dictated back. I think the quality of your environment and noise levels have a lot to do with success. I actually work for NYCs utility company and run their in house IVR (Phone system) operations. Listening to people's frustrations about not having said x or z... it's real. Voice space is complicated. All that voice collection stuff tho is a black box product. Customizable to an extent to make it more forgiving but it's still challenging. The Dragon suite probably still holds huge market share in that space. I'd give them a spin.
  24. Let us know when you're in town again... we would love to hang out for a smoke or three.

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