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  1. This is @SigmundChurchill Elliot and my go-to cigar bar. We were there yesterday morning. Many a good smoke shared there. Especially since it's basically back to full operation since the start of ykw.
  2. You're on to something here... nothing like trusted friends to help facilitate these kinds of purchases.
  3. Ok a lil picture heavy here but bear with me. A few recent purchases. Connie 2 about a week ago.. the rest from today. Baalbeck 50 cabs x 2 0000/1200 and 0037/1200. Trinidad Travel humidor x 2 Connie 2 x 2 HdM DC 50 cab SLR Lonsdales 2001 It's good to have friends in low places...
  4. I can confirm he had his own non Cuban brand. I also know that some of the cigars being peddled by said flipper as "Cuban" are not so Cuban. A friend of mine told me he sampled one of these new customs in Vegas this year and it certainly didn't taste like it was Cuban. I'm all about a free market, and if someone is selling and someone is buying ... then by all means. Just don't lie to folks. If Alex in fact made it out then good for him. May he land on his feet. I wish all the luck in the world.
  5. If you go over to the FOH'ers Daily Smoke thread, you'll realize from @Nino latest post this was really Nino. 😂😂😂 All jokes aside, the author of this email should make his mother in law pay for the chewed up cigars. Also, Nino should be able to kick this dude's ass then send us the video of it. People forget how pricey this hobby is and in the case of Nino how some cigars (regardless of how exclusive they may seem or not) are irreplaceable. I think the vendor should accept this man's apology. This man should also consider banning the MIL from entering his house until this gets sorted out.
  6. Try Old Fashioned and anything Karl. If the OF is on point, then the cigar automatically goes up about 5-8 points on a 100 scale.
  7. I'm deep on the SJs. I'm sitting on like 6 cabs and about 5 boxes of tubos. Several 10ers as well. Most of my cabs are 19s and 20s. I've had a few loose draws but nothing like the review. Less than one hour? Never. I have smoked thru several 10ers and at least 2 cabs but they were all going. I don't have enough experience with anything in the 5 to 6 year aged range. As far as tubos go, they've all been the best ones flavor-wise. I baby the tubos knowing that I really want to age those for the long haul. Sad to have seen the review sticks were crap for Ken and the Prez.
  8. I lost $20 to one of my good friends today over this game. Gentlemen's bet. I think its certainly early. Ben was seen hobbling around a couple of times after getting knocked down. Will he hold up to 17 weeks of that? I dunno. The D certainly performed.
  9. Thanks for hosting me today bro. The Talisman I smoked was glorious along with that JBM. After an overnight 9 hour shift, for a disaster recovery exercise at work... that was therapy this morning.
  10. I found a wood working guy from the Pittsburgh area to take on the task of making a 109 mold for me. I gifted this to Alex (Comodoro) and tbh I haven't asked Alex how it's held up. I got off of Facebook about a year ago so I haven't had much contact with him. I do recall getting a hand with this from @Chucko8 Kurt, as he pulled the 3d molds of the 109 cigars themselves. I think all in this was under $200 usd. I delivered it to Cuba myself and had Jorge put this in Alex's hands when he got back from a trip. If anyone is in contact with Alex you might ask. Although with the light tourist traffic in Havana these last 18 months... I don't think it's been getting a workout.
  11. He's going on about flies then he starts questioning whether or not the wrapper is Cameroon... yeah, count me out. Maybe his Cubans do come with Cameroon wrappers. That's why he questions authenticity. LoL
  12. Doc Holiday was probably my favorite Val Kilmer role. I recently watched his latest documentary. Sad to see this once amazing actor brought to such a state by illness. "Evidently Mr. Ringo's an educated man... now I really hate'em." ~ Doc
  13. They might wanna hang onto those seeds until this Tropical Storm Ida clears out. It looks to have a trajectory right over western Cuba.
  14. I just received 2 boxes of CP Monte 4s. One of those was a UAO. I ripped them out of the boxes this morning and put them in wineador. The other box will get burned first so no harm in keeping those in CP as they won't see next summer. The UAOs will age nicely in a cedar drawer.
  15. I love the ML, but the comparison is unfair considering the differences in vitolas. For me hands down, no contest...EsMeRalDas!
  16. More pictures than actual review... I see what you did there Carlson. 😂🤣😂 Good job buddy. BTW, the 50s are for children. I like to hand them out for Halloween. You should see their faces. Light right up.
  17. Did FM mention anything regarding performance or longevity on the frags based on temp kept? That's the chase with fragrance right?... You find something that's epic, projects well, and hangs around for 8+ hours but they're few and far between. I've actually met a bunch of fragrance influencesrs and even some perfumers. There's an event that got started 2 years ago named scentxplore by a YouTuber. Last year was virtual but first one was in Manhattan. Parfums de Marly, Amouage, and George Zaharoff were all there among others. I tell my friends... I live life thru my nose. Fragrance and cigars. What could be better? My older cousin who came to US in the 90s on a raft... he was raised by our grandfather and he tells me, you didn't know the guy but you are the embodiment of Abuelo Cundo. He loved smelling good and he loved his farm rolled cigars. I guess it's in my DNA.
  18. Tonka bean and benzoin are actually heavily used in perfumery. Fragrance is one of my other vices. I own about 175 bottles of fragrance. Ranging from $9 dollar cheapies to $550 niche house bottles. Tonka is def tied to vanilla as mentioned above. Fève Délicieuse by Dior has a great vanilla to it. Eau des Baux by L'Occitane might be the best vanilla scent I've put my nose on. It smells like a delicious crème brûlée treat. All brought to you by tonka.
  19. This Cohiba Espléndidos that I smoked thanks to Elliot was a highlight. This past Saturday I also had a 3 or 4 year old RAG... holy $hit I didn't see it coming. Amazing experience. I didn't snap a pic but the experience is engraved.

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