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  1. Rob I totally understand and I'll make a decision on vaccination when it impedes my lifestyle. So far, international travel has required negative covid tests. That seems like a sound way to avoid traveling with infected passengers. Just cause you're vaccinated doesn't mean you can't contract it or spread it to others. What good is a covid passport if you still get it from a fellow vaccinated compadre? If I'm allowed to travel with a negative test (like I'm doing this June to Turks and Caicos), then I'll be more than happy to provide said results.
  2. I'll take my chances means, I deny modern medical advances and despise doctors? Lol I think I explained my stance above. You wanted to twist my words into some bravado that sneezes at medicine. That's a lot of inferring from your behalf. If you can read hearts and minds you have a career as a Tarot card reader or an Astrolger. It's the equivalent of me saying... sounds like you're fantasizing about negating medical care to those who chose to not get vaccinated. For now, you're just going with the consensus of doctors who have established what is or isn't ethical in their practice. But I'm not in your head, so I'll refrain from such accusations.
  3. What part of my comment suggested that one I'm risking myself or my health? (I actually like being alive and have people that count on me.) Secondly, when did I say, if I contract it I'll just sit at home and wait to die? I'll ask one more time... how many of you fine vaccinated folks think that anyone refusing the vaccine WANTS to get covid? Or that we're going around licking toilet seats and laughing? It's a fact that vaccinated people have died of covid already. Maybe their false sense of security made them take unnecessary risks, that I don't take. I'm not poopooing on modern medicine, but I don't go popping pills for the slightest headache or load up on Sudafed at the sign of a cold. Fasting. Exercise. Hydration. Just a few alternatives. Long before vaccines our bodies have been fighting off diseases and winning most of those battles. Please don't twist my words into anything I haven't said. I'll take my chances as in... it's been almost 18 months. I've been careful. I'll trust the choices I've made and continue to make. Your chances of contracting covid are THE SAME as anyone without the vaccine. You added, to the medical community, an extra layer of protection. Fine choice! I'm at peace with my choice.
  4. What is contagious is my Healthcare costs rising due to folks who make poor choices. Maybe if insurance companies started charging according to those life choices we would have healthier Americans. The number of deaths from covid among healthy middle aged men are low. And I repeat, I keep reading things here like "this is the closest thing we have to a cure". That is beyond dishonest and just a way to coerce people to mindlessly jump aboard. My wife decided for the vaccine. I didn't berate her nor belittle her choice. I'm not some vaccine nazi. I just think I'll take my chances with this one.
  5. If I'm so responsible for my community's health, then I want them all up at 5 am to work out with me. You can set a yoga/gym mat in front of your house. We can have Richard Simmons in the middle of the street leading the workout. We can all eat wild caught salmon and brussel sprouts for dinner, and never drink 3 sodas a day again. Oh wait, what's that?... You're not that interested in being healthy after all. I can argue that obesity and folks who don't pay attention to their health cost me and my family money every year. Healthcare premiums are what they are cause somebody had to have another doughnut. Healthcare premiums are pretty communicable too. Almost 200 BILLION are spent annually, just in the US, treating obesity related diseases. I take cash or card.
  6. I think folks are confused. Getting vaccinated doesn't guarantee you're not getting covid. Just that if you do contract it you'll lessen your viral load leading to higher survival rate/chances. So if you're not guaranteed immortal life with this jab and I'm taking all the same precautions vaccinated folks are to not contract the thing why am I being selfish again? Do you think people that don't get vaccinated WANT to get covid? This conversation is like a dog chasing its tail. You do you and take care of yourself and yours and let me do the same. I'm not in charge of your health and you're not in charge of mine. This shaming of those who don't want to take the vaccine is laughable. Some people taking the vax whack down a six pack a night and eat like trash but they're gonna pontificate to the rest of us about health? I'm about as responsible for my neighbor's health as much as I am responsible for trimming their lawn. HARD PASS!
  7. My favorite are what I call "meetings about meetings". So let's discuss in this meeting about how there's not enough stakeholders on this meeting. Let's take a few minutes to invite people to the next meeting at which we MIGHT actually make some progress, but we won't. So does Monday at 9 am work for everyone?
  8. June 8th 1980 my immediate family and I disembarked at Key West from Mariel Harbor. The trip took 18 hours port to port aboard the Miss Diane along with 300 others. Ironically enough, I've been to Florida dozens of times but never back to KW.
  9. Truth is I don't recall ever having a dud and they're almost all memorable. I tell you what... if you forced me to smoke 1 cigar for the rest of my life and that cigar was an E2 I would be pretty happy.
  10. These were rolled at El Charquito. Right next door to El Laguito. *apologies for my Cuban humor*
  11. Yours was exponentially better Carlson. Tip of the hat. This was more of a goof. 😂
  12. I didn't even bother to look at the box code... I just want to beat @rcarlson. No profound review here. I will say it was a tasty example of a PR. It wasn't the best rolled cigar as the ash did flare out a bit but no #ashpie.
  13. Bang up job posing for us last night Carlson. The ash was impressive... your wardrobe left to be desired. #ashpie @Kaptain Karl @BTWheezy
  14. So my aunt's husband asked me two years ago for $2000 USD to get himself a visa to Uruguay. Not to be a cynical sob but I passed... this wasn't a visa for my aunt. He was supposed to head to Uruguay and find work then send for my aunt, while promising to cancel his debt to me. I had no guarantees this man wouldn't take my money, and forget about paying me back... but what if he never sent for my aunt? Long story longer, he managed to get the money some how or another only to find out he had been scammed out of the money. Generally if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. My aunt never pressured me for the money knowing there was risk. It's tough living in Cuba these days.
  15. Probably something awesome. @nino and his candid camera. Well played sir. I think this was from Nov 19 cause my arm tats reflect that, along with my missing wife. 😅 We all put that lunch at Espacios together via this forum. What a great time!
  16. Great place to visit! VIVA CUBA for sure.
  17. Pedrito parece que si es un paquetero. Cause run of the mill Cubans have $1000 USD to blow on a weekend. So inviting Cubans to go there to have a $3 dollar (75 CUP) espresso... I'm sure the line is around the corner. Propaganda!
  18. RS are a bolder version of the SJ. You still get the heavy cream and HdM DNA, but it's a spicier / fuller body cigar. I'm still heavily tilted stock wise towards the SJs. However, after having a couple of stunners, I got a full cab and two 10ers of the RS from our host and another full cab from a diff vendor. Yes it's a big cigar but if you enjoy that spicy cappuccino foam flavor profile you gotta try these. Ask @Lrabold89 ... we chat about these all the time.
  19. You're killing me Cory. What I wouldn't do to turn back the clock and return to Nov '18. Not only did I get to meet guys like you, Nino, El Prez, Ben, and the Mikes... but it was my first trip back to Cuba after 38 years. Brings a smile to my soul. Carlson... my first Medio Siglo handed out on our trip this year will go to you. @SigmundChurchill Elliot will give me some of his throw away Behike seconds when you're not around. Was giving that as a flavor reference not cause I eat popcorn these days... from childhood memories. I haven't had any popcorn in ages. You're right on the current state of popcorn. How about lightly buttered croissant or toast? Although I get more baked bread/pastry from Trinis than Cohibas. Cheers all
  20. I hope I'm in that PPCSF circle... 😂😂 I love this cigar! When it's on, it's like buttered popcorn with hints of vanilla and the rest of the cohiba DNA. Much stronger than any CoRo or Sig II. I get @Corylax18 Cory's dislike with the size. I don't love the way it smokes near the end. They can get hot right around the time they're beginning to taste like magic. Which can ruin the experience. But if you smoke slowly enough... you can definitely enjoy it. I'm a believer in this cigar. Sitting on a bunch of boxes and will look at add at the right price. Grab a 5er next time they're up on 24:24. Happy smoking
  21. Your best memory of those early years? Splitting boxes of Cubans with friends. Like 25 cigars. LoL Now I can't buy enough on my own. I remember the days of getting Cubans sent bandless and getting the bands a week later. I'd dress ever single cigar with the bands. The good ole days. Your biggest regret? Not buying more Cubans early on in my journey. My cousin brought me back 3 boxes of Espléndidos from Cuba back in early 2000s. It was my first Cuban cigar. My brother and I smoked thru a box. I sold one for $250 and my brother sold the other for $200. Don't taze me bro. Things you would you have done differently - your best piece of advice for newcomers? This whole sampling thing... there's a method to the madness. I've had a single cigar of cigar x and it's been shit or been great. Buy a box based on that 1 sample and total regret. (Punch 48/ Bolivar Libertadores come to mind) Make use of boxes offered in 10ers. If you have a new cigar buddy... split those 10ers. Smoke at least 5 cigars. Understand that consistency isn't a CC forte, but learn what you like. The other thing is if you see a great deal from a reputable vendor... jump in with both feet. I think back at some great deals from years gone by and I wanna taze myself bro. ($299 Medio Siglos bring a tear to my eye. $215 HUN2. $100 HUPC. ?)

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