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  1. If you wouldn't feel comfortable with a Connie A circa $260... I paid @$257 for a box. Go look at the pics on the recently purchased thread I posted of my box. Impeccable. I smoked one last night and it was as advertised, nothing short of amazing. They're out there for decent sale prices. Don't be afraid to explore if the vendor is reputable. Evidence of last night's smoke below...
  2. Those sticks are a crying shame. My friends who have been to Cuba recently tell me that some of the LCdH's are short on stock. Espléndidos are scarce. One friend told me he saw one Siglo VI box, and it was "out back". I've yet to return since I departed in 1980. I've held out because they scrutinize and give you crap once they know you abandoned the cause. My friend and I have the same worry regarding stock and quality. Wondering if we should stock up now prior to any potential regime change. The winds of change might be upon us sooner than later. https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2017-09-07/cuban-dissidents-in-electoral-challenge-as-castro-era-nears-end
  3. I don't know if it's a faux pas to talk about purchasing from other sites considering the delicious offerings from our host. I will point out however that a recently blind bought a box of Connie A's from a different vendor. $257 USD and they look/smell amazing. I posted pics to the recent purchases thread yesterday. I am now intrigued with the Connie 1s. Gonna start looking for a box of those now.
  4. Picked up a box of Connie A's. They look impeccable and they smell even better. It's my first run at Connie's. Been learning a lot and tasting new sticks based upon what I read here. I can't wait.
  5. AMO May 17 is the exact code I have on my box. Could've been part of the same master case. Like I said in my OP, these are a little fugly but they smoked really well. The one weird stick was my only disappointment. It's considerably thinner than the rest but it's gonna go up in smoke too. Happy smoking!
  6. I'm thinking of starting a tupperdor cause my fridge is to the gills. If these Topes poke their face around again I might buy them and start that tupperdor for long term aging. Cheers!
  7. I've been daydreaming of these since I saw them weeks ago on a 24:24. They're my first Trinidad's and I think I picked a dandy. From our host... These are lovely dark wrappers. Tempted to fire one up tonight. Happy smoking!
  8. Well played Jerry. You know what you like and you're all in. Enjoy!
  9. Got these E2 seconds from a sale here about 2 weeks ago. I could see why the Prez labeled these seconds. Very smokeable but not the prettiest wrappers. In the third pic below where you see the 4 sticks... Second from the left is considerably thinner rg than the rest. Seems like an entirely different vitola, but nonetheless these will be smoked without hesitation. This is currently my favorite non Cohiba stick so a-smoking-we-will-go. (CoRo's / Espléndidos / Siglo VI... Pick your fav cause I can't) Once I burn thru these I will consider paying the extra coin for prettier ones. Cheers
  10. One man's seconds are another man's CoRo's! Thanks to our host I have these delicious babies to burn, burn, burn. Good thing these wrappers were all weird and light. I might not be able to smoke them otherwise. LOL Beautiful stock! Cuba libre... Cheers, elJavi76 P.S. Get better Rob! All the best.
  11. What vitola of Diplos are these? I don't think I've seen these before. They look gorgeous. Enjoy!
  12. In any case, nice job with your haul and kudos to the customs agent for not giving you much grief. That's a cigar lover's wet dream right there, that pic. Lotta great hauls from Cuba pictured lately on this thread. Smoke them in great health!
  13. Pardon my naivete, but that looks like more than $800 USD's worth of Caribbean booty. Isn't that the limit per person? Just curious if you had any static returning to your port of origin with customs. Congrats on that amazing haul. Happy smoking!
  14. Hey Flint, Congrats on your haul and on your trip to Cuba. I can't help but feel a lil jealous. Not in a negative way... I'm happy you got into the hobby and shot right for the cream of the crop. The haul you have right now, takes guys months and sometimes years to amass. Great job! I have to ask, at these LCdH's what's the retail pricing for a box of Cohiba Robusto for example? Are the prices we can find here or other sites out of Geneva competitive? I wonder if they are experiencing shortages there with all the exporting they do. I find it interesting they don't present more in terms of full boxes. The idea of short supply makes me wanna get another humidor and keep piling on while there's still supply to be had. No full boxes of Monte #2? Seems crazy to me. I haven't returned to Cuba since I left 37 years ago this June, by choice mostly. I'm holding out until free elections or for some other movement of good faith by the Cuban govt. I still find joy in knowing some folks are enjoying the beauty my island has to offer. Saludos, Javi
  15. Fugu, Thanks for picking up on that nuance. And now for the ugly truth. I'm 40 years of age. I left while I was still a pup, but have plenty of family affected. My maternal side of the family has been very lucky, winning several visa lotteries to exit in the last decade. My father's side hasn't been as lucky. It was my father's nephew who fled on a raft lovey 15 years ago. For those who doubt how good it bad it really is... Pause and think of how many Cubans have died on homemade rafts in those waters. How desperate must you be? Let me rope in my punchline... Folks in my age group specifically have been indoctrinated to think of the USA as the evil Imperialists. So some folks say the embargo has done nothing. It's been a tool used by the Communists to promote their agenda. What some might not know is that Cuba has been buying food and medical supplies from the USA for over 15 years. Yes, those awful Yankees sold food and medicine to Cuba after the island was decimated by hurricane Michelle back in 2001. They continued to buy food and medicine but the numbers have gone down considerably, even under Obama. So we haven't been as cruel or inhumane as some would think. Certainly not as awful as the government in Cuba would have their citizens believe. In my estimation, the embargo was in place and is in place to allow the Cuban people to take their freedom back. One of previous posts had mention of a graffiti artist, El Sexto Maldonado... His rant that got him arrested? After Fidel's death he posted a video on his Facebook page challenging all Cubans. He said, the mule is dead and it's midnight in Havana. Where is everyone? Why are we not taking to the streets? Do you really think your liberty will be delivered to your doorstep? We have to fight for it. Go out and get it ourselves. He was arrested without charges and beaten to a pulp. We know why he was arrested but my point is... The only way freedom comes to that island is from within. Just like Fidel snatched it from Batista. They need a leader within to have an insurrection. Communists are not dummies. Why is Cuba so safe to travel to? Nobody owns a gun and people are terrified of going to jail. You can get sentenced without any due process. They've subjugated an entire population. It's incredible! That's why the Bay of Pigs was so important and why there's no love loss between Cuban Americans and President Kennedy. Who knows what the real story was but it happened on his watch. Ultimately, the Cubans have to take their island back. Will it happen with the aid of the CIA or some other US intervention? I'm sure Cubans on the island have a sour taste in their mouths over that one. Opening 2 Sheratons and 8 McDonald's in Havana shouldn't drive change. Real freedom for Cubans should drive them to make the change. Communism is lovely, maybe even noble, on paper. It's never worked. It will never work. Go to Venezuela and ask the zoo animals is they think it's working. Or how there's cannibalism going on in their prisons. I hope a few brave Cubans can muster the energy to be real heros. I don't think exiled Cubans would give a shit about reparations if their island was given back to its people. I just wanna sit down to an espresso near my childhood home. Feel that sun. Feel at home.
  16. My sympathy goes out to you and your family. My aunts and uncles that remain, along with cousins I've never met... They're all struggling. I'm from cigar country. I'm from Pinar del Río, Pinar del Río. (City so nice they named it twice. Province like the city itself.) People that don't know talk after they go and might have different POV's. My friend just came back and told me they're doing well man. They're doing really well. Nobody's begging in the streets and there's no crime to speak of. Cubans are a proud group of people. Not to say that anyone is above begging, but the sheer indoctrination that's gone on would inhibit the Cuban in their most dire of situations to not ask an American for anything. (Unless that person were family) Quick anecdote... I was 15 or 16 and had my first after school job. Family of 5. Dad was a factory worker and mom worked at a Dunkin. (Neither of them made it beyond the 6th grade in Cuba. My father was working full time making rope at the age of 12.) Needless to say we grew up pretty broke. My father never bought me a single pair of Nike sneakers because of budget constraints. My after school job... I bought him his first pair of Nike shoes. Kind of a backhanded gift of sorts, but I wanted to give him some of what I'd been deprived of. That summer, my parents went back to Cuba via Canada. Upon his return I see my dad's sneakers are not the ones I bought for him. He had some beaters on. He was avoiding me. I asked my mom, where are dad's sneakers? He gave them to his brother. When he finally got around to explain it to 16 year old me... He said, it was my brother. There's no way he could afford shoes like those back home and if you saw what he was wearing you would've given them to your uncle too. My uncle told him you don't have to leave me money but could you please leave me the sneakers? Although it initially bothered my immature mind, I understood ultimately why he did it. Those shoes were always meant for my uncle. Some Cubans have made the best of a bad situation but it's not to say that they're living like us or anywhere near our level. My cousin came on a raft and floated out at sea for 3 days. He laughs now... I drive a BMW here. In Cuba I didn't even own bike. Political leanings aside... Who knows what it'll take for a true Cuba libre to emerge. A Cuba with free elections where those who don't want communism can have their voice heard. Unlike artists like the one below, who get arrested for voicing their disdain. http://www.miaminewtimes.com/arts/cuban-artist-and-activist-el-sexto-abducted-and-detained-in-cuba-following-fidel-castros-death-8954018
  17. Dgixxer, I'm a Cuban exile myself with family still in Cuba. I do have political leanings and they all tilt right. The embargo has done its job. Keep money, specifically USD, away from the Castro brothers. For people outside the island to say that Trump is a meanie and will deprive Cubans renting their homes thru AirBnb from making some cash. Read above... Most of the tourism isn't even coming from the states. The influx of cash to the island benefits the govt more than its citizens. Their markets where citizens can buy goods are empty and only markets that sell for foreign currency have the bare necessities. They're struggling with food shortages because people running luncheonettes out of their homes are buying all the food up to feed tourists. Juana and Martin can't afford food, but let's negotiate and play nice with the Castro regime so we can visit and smoke cigars in a time capsule of an island. It's absurd. My family can't wipe their a$$ with toilet paper but I can buy Behikes if I go back. My friends here all wanna go before the year's out, but I was born there. I get to pay $500+ USD for a Cuban passport that expires in 2 years and then get shaken down for more cash at the airport upon entry like my parents have all 7 times they've returned. I'm still holding out until maybe I can see some free elections in my lifetime. I'll keep buying my cigars thru 3rd countries. The day that's not possible I'll bring my consumption down on my Cubans and cherish them until I can buy again or go smoke one in a real CUBA LIBRE. I haven't read a single line here about the Obama administration not meeting with Las Damas de Blanco (a disident group fighting for basic human rights) when the embassy was reopened or how he ended dry foot / wet foot as he left office as a backhand to the exiles who put Trump in the Whitehouse. As the son of a political prisoner, whose only crime was to not be a willing member of the communist party and a man who couldn't bury his mother when she passed away, I support tightening things up on the Castro's. Those idiots wanted reparations from the US govt for loses to their tourism due to the embargo. Gimme a break. Viva una Cuba libre, y específicamente libre de los hermanos Castro y su socialismo.
  18. Bugman, Arrived from where? I'm still in Rome and I went to Fincato which is their local LCDH and I ended up buying 2 limited edition releases. Punch 48 and Ramon Alloñes Superiores, because they had no more stock of the Casanovas. The gentleman even told me he did not know when they would get anymore. My interest in piqued for those bad boys. If you bought online I'd love to know where from. Thank you and enjoy your smokes. Javi
  19. TheMonk, Were these purchases Duty Free buys? I see the regional Casanovas from Italy. I'm heading to Italy for 12 days with the wife starting tomorrow. I'm wondering if it's wiser to buy the tobacco at duty free shops versus going at Fincato in Rome. Anyone else with input on this can comment as well. Cheers men, El Javi
  20. Double Eddies make landfall! Time to age boys.
  21. Box 1 of 2 has touched down. RASS is in the house!
  22. I'm waiting on a full box of RASS and a 10-banger of Double Eddies. Haven't tried the Doubles yet and my last RASS was moons ago. I can't stop hitting refresh on the USPS page to track the shipment.

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