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  1. When I first started I used my humidor app, I loved it. But once I got to 10 listings it said free trail was over and to buy the full version, would of loved to but never was able to due so on my Android. Now I use collection on the Cuban website.
  2. Never really thought about it but last week after doing my business I noticed the roll over the top and I thought to myself that it was backwards. So I guess I'm a bottom man. Although it did not bother me enough to change it. Happy father's day to everyone hope everything comes out ok for you today😀
  3. Born in 62 grew up and still a fan. Have nothing negative to say but based on the question I went with John.
  4. I love when she emails me you got a cab keep them coming ( birthdays & cabs). Happy birthday and God bless.
  5. Congratulations on the new addition to your family. Take care of mommy she just done a wonderful job.
  6. My hometown of Orlando is cigar friendly (excluding the theme parks) but Tampa would get my vote.
  7. FYI gentleman San Juan back on cart slb 10's at a good price. Have never been disappointed buying there. ( Buy two to avoid shipping cost)
  8. Welcome to FOH. You are at the right place to learn about CC. Rob offers a great variety of samplers, also quarter boxes on 24/24.
  9. Congratulations, truly a wonderful accomplishment. My wife and I are approaching are 38th in September. Both are parents stayed together to the end unfortunately rare in this day and age.

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