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  1. Enjoyed review,thanks. The spice in my 2013 box are tongue numbing. One of if not my favorite cigar.
  2. Your supposed to cut the cap? That explains why every cigar I ever smoked was plugged, thanks. Just kidding, enjoyed reading thanks for the post.
  3. Welcome sir. From Avon Lake in Florida now. Have all kinds of family in the Cleveland area. You will enjoy your time here at FOH we have a great bunch or ladies and gentlemen on forum.
  4. My 30 year birthday hit me hard, turned 58 this month and have not experienced anything similar sense. Do believe another year older is better than the alternative. Thoughts and prayers to the Kierkegaard family believing all will turn out well.
  5. This forum with most of it’s members should be marked E for educational. Great work guys, thanks for the read.
  6. Congratulations and enjoy your time together. One good looking sampler, can’t go wrong. Smoke by time allowed, enjoy.
  7. Keep the ash on and long while smoking it slow until it’s gone.
  8. Have enjoyed all three cigars. HUHC are the only cigars in my collection I can’t seem to put any age on. For that reason The H. Upmann got my vote.

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