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  1. Richard peters

    Central Ohio checking in

    Welcome. O-H
  2. Richard peters

    The friendliest cigar city in the US?

    My hometown of Orlando is cigar friendly (excluding the theme parks) but Tampa would get my vote.
  3. FYI gentleman San Juan back on cart slb 10's at a good price. Have never been disappointed buying there. ( Buy two to avoid shipping cost)
  4. My vote is no only because I do not believe the timeframe is there
  5. Richard peters

    Cigar-themed boat names

    The perfect draw
  6. Richard peters

    Hello all,

    Welcome to FOH. You are at the right place to learn about CC. Rob offers a great variety of samplers, also quarter boxes on 24/24.
  7. Would love to join the fun as a newbie. Thanks Fatherofpugs.
  8. Richard peters

    We proofed them wrong.....

    Congratulations, truly a wonderful accomplishment. My wife and I are approaching are 38th in September. Both are parents stayed together to the end unfortunately rare in this day and age.
  9. Richard peters

    Partagas Astorias 2002 (PRW)

    Enjoyed your review, thanks. Makes you want a cigar.
  10. There were a lot of reviews on the HDM Epicure no.1 this weekend. Unfortunately mine is as good as some and not as good as others. Smoke my third one from a box of 25 brought back from Santa Clara(first two were better). First third: cold draw was tight (not plugged) but tight a sweet cinnamon spice flavor. Upon lighting, light smoke on draw, overpowering spice stayed throughout first third. Second third: by far the best part of the cigar. Burn was good and even but draw remained light. Spice mellowed out and became more enjoyable a sweet cream with a little hint of cinnamon. Final third: Not much of a final third had to relight after first Ash and when the strong spice came back and took over I decided to quit fighting the tight draw and courteously set it in the ashtray to go out.
  11. 1) H upmann. 2) HDM 3) montecristo. 4) partagas 5) R&J
  12. Richard peters

    Hello from FLORIDA! Newbie!

    From Florida myself, welcome to the forum.
  13. Richard peters

    Greetings from Gothenburg - Sweden!

    Welcome to the forum, enjoy your journey.
  14. Richard peters

    What would you have done?

    Awesome dude bye me a crown and 7- up and let's celebrate your good fortune.

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