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  1. Well, I'll be darned. Thanks for that, just ordered a few boxes. For other Canucks:
  2. Smart. I'll give that a try next time. I double bag and get the air out as much as I can with straws, so this would be quadruple-bagging, but with careful juggling of the tape, should work.
  3. I freeze every single thing that goes in the cabinet, period. Cheap insurance. My freezer is at roughly -25°C, and I give everything one day or so in the fridge, 3 days in the freezer (should be enough for the full stick to reach the 1 hour kill time, plus an extra day for paranoia), one more day or so in the fridge, and one day or so at ambient temp before it goes on the cabinet. I just instituted a new policy of also freezing the boxes that don't fit in freezer bags separately after finding a dead beetle in one of them. Could be eggs anywhere. I wish I could find freezer bags that fi
  4. You already got all the advice. I smoke reeeeaaalllly slowly (a DC takes almost 3 hours, a robusto almost 1.5 hours). To me, 68% is way too high. They'll always go out with my pace at that RH. I used to keep everything at 65%, but my smoking stock is actually at 62% right now, and that seems to be the sweet spot for me, but I'd say anything between 62-65 seems to be good.
  5. If you want it with English subtitles, it can be found here:
  6. Time for a Partagas E2 from February 17. First box of Cubans I ever bought (and it came from here), in my stash 1100 days.
  7. This 50-cab from 24:24 (bought in May, not realizing airmail into Canada was shut down) just showed up yesterday morning. Her Majesty demanded her pound of flesh and then some. Win some, lose some.
  8. Just like me, she's built for go, not for show. Started out as an '89 FXRS-SP. Frame, wheels, and tins are pretty much the only thing of that vintage left.
  9. "The Wire" has one homicide detective who is constantly with a cigar. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6003 using Tapatalk
  10. I have a few of those left from a box a friend and I split almost three years ago (his cousin was visiting from Lebanon and stopped at the duty-free in the Beirut airport for us). They are spectacular. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6003 using Tapatalk
  11. I'm with you. Have had several plugged, but never under-filled. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6003 using Tapatalk
  12. And now plain packaging is on the way. Smoking lounges in BC have already been killed a very long time ago.
  13. Darn it...those are my two very top sticks so far, so I have no idea how to pick one. They are both in my "special occasion" shelf...
  14. My birthday was on Halloween. The next day, I went to the local B&M, thinking I may treat myself to my first Siglo VI (they are $73 CAD a piece here!) The clerk, who has served me for years and always gave me good advice actually stirred me *away* from it, saying they have had tons of complains with all Cohiba lately. Lots of build issues, etc. He actually recommended a much cheaper Trini Vigías instead, which was indeed excellent. Is this a worldwide phenomenon with the current Cohiba offerings?
  15. What's the third one? The two I've been in the few times I was in Victoria are Goodfellas and Cuban Cigar Shop. Been to Goodfellas 2-3 times. Landed on both somewhat clueless person years ago and one who seemed well-informed this past year, both pleasant. Only have been to CCS once, person working there (the owner, I presume, older gentleman) seemed somewhat standoffish, but was very nice and knowledgeable once I started talking to him. Bought my first Mag 50 off him to walk around a few years ago. EDIT: Wait, is the third one the tourist trap near the water, on that strip where the
  16. Not to mention that, in addition to the usual arguments (not the same health effects when not inhaled, children aren't smoking premium cigars, specially at Canadian prices!, etc), there's the fact that in this particular market, the packaging is a key to detecting counterfeits, so they are actually encouraging criminal activity. I never heard back from any of the emails I sent my MP, except for the usual form auto-reply.
  17. I picked 5-10%, but I think it's less than that after doing some quick math. I split some Trinidad Reyes with a friend, and all but one of my 6 was plugged (smoked months apart). I keep everything at 65%, but have been thinking of experimenting at 62%. I generally don't smoke Cubans until they are at least a year old, and I also make sure everything gets at least a few months in my personal storage as well (I freeze everything that comes in.)
  18. Consistently my second favourite robusto after the PSD4. Just lit one up a few minutes ago.
  19. Sent a handcrafted email expressing my concerns (including the counterfeiting aspect) to my MP many weeks ago, sent this one from the website last week or so. In both cases, just got a regular "We'll get back to you" form email reply.
  20. Vancouver, BC? Roughly when do you expect to pass through there? Also, make sure to check the fire maps. It's a mess right now.
  21. Just scanned this one of my dog from my wall at work. Only software processing I did is crop it properly and reduce the brightness so that the crappy version from the scanner looked close to the printed one in my hands! (EDIT: Just edited it to remove my phone numbers from her tag, as you could see it if you zoomed in enough!) Details: Ilford HP5+ Nikon FM Can't recall if this was shot with my 50mm f/1.4 or my 105mm f/2.5 (all glass is old Nikkor manual focus. Both of those particular lenses are pre-AI with the 50mm being AIed before I bought it). Developed in
  22. I'll try to remember to pull some off the wall tomorrow at work and scan them.

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