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  1. Im a newbie too, but from my research...80 is used for humidor seasoning... it's all personal preference after that...i started at 70,thinking i might go to 65...all on your taste and will need to do some experimenting. I personally use heartfelt beads,they work great for me love them. Just make sure the humidifier system you use is a two way, and you'd rather have too much than not enough...
  2. I would go to boveda or look on YouTube...cant have too many though,the more you have the better/longer they will stay and faster you're coolidor will recover after gets opened.
  3. Hey everyone! So going camping for this weekend,noob to cigars so wanted some advice...going for 3 nights 4 days, weather will b 75-80 during day dropping to 50-55 (f) at night...i bought a small 9 quart cooler plus I have the boveda humidor bags I will put my cigars in before they go into cooler...will this be enough? Should I worry about them going bad? If it rains will they become soggy logs? Sorry everyone worried about my sticks...4 days, that's a few cigars lol....all info appreciated!
  4. Just got two new hydros in....backup for my backups....goin to log everything for week or so and see where I'm at....havent had anymore problems yet....thabk you all!
  5. Yeah did calibrate my new hydrometer and was reading 65, so haven't messed with anything too much there looking for a good middle ground to shoot for at that temp...still such a newbie my in nw pa, humidity today about 53%. Thank you for you're help!
  6. Hey all - another question for you... some of my wrappers have been breaking apart while smoking...seem to be fine before....rh problem? Once I calibrated my hydrometer I'm at 64rh while staying pretty much at 61°f...any help greatly appreciated. Any suggestions on where to start on my rh target for this temp?
  7. I was wondering this exact problem....i ordered 70% hf beads...thinkn I want to try and drop to at least 65%...glad I can just let them dry out a bit more...Thank you everyone
  8. Deffinetly was thinking same thing...i want to store properly but at same time don't want to be a slave to temperature and humidity...the beads have kept it at 69 no problems...but thinking ill drop it down to 65...the more you research on beatles and temps the more confused you get lol
  9. Coolidor has been way to go for me so far-deffinetly agree though...go bigger than you think you on my 3rd cooler now,just moved up to 70qt. Probably will have to go bigger soon. One pound of heartfelt 70% beads keeps at 69% constantly. Might even get different beads holds so well,I thought it would be harder to keep rh where I live...i welcome all help and input also! Reading thru all these helps alot
  10. Thank you everyone...any help and tips are greatly appreciated....if I want to drop my rh do I have to order new beads or just wait till gets right %?...
  11. Hello everyone! Newbie to cigars but loving it! Setup a 70qt coolidor but wondering on few temps stays a bit low,and 60°f. Rh is 69% (full lb of 70% heartfelt beads) am i in danger of beatles or mold from storage at these temps? Should I drop my humidity? Know some of this is preference but want to make sure I'm on safe side for storage,which is my main!! Thank you all!

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