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  1. Scarlett Johansson for me. Doesn’t matter where she’s at on the plane.
  2. The last two seasons for me have been bad. It seems to me that everyone wanted to be done and move on to other things. This caused the show to lose everything that made it great and turned it into a typical action movie / show. It would have been much better had they took the last two years of material and stretched it our to four or five, and added back in all the plot twists and surprises I came to love about the show. More than anything, it makes me crave the last couple books even more. At least then I’ll get a satisfying end to one of the best stories ever written. Hopefully.
  3. My apologies for not responding quicker, work has been crazy and I haven’t been home much lately. I have received all my cigars, and am very impressed with the selection. I’ll try to post up some pics tomorrow when I’m back. Thanks again to everyone involved.
  4. Don’t do it! In this case, I think the critics are correct. It’s nothing more than a couple wasted hours.
  5. If you come up short when you’re ready to close this out, I don’t mind taking another square.
  6. Yeah, but what happens when HSA decides to discontinue my chosen cigar?
  7. I was sure I knew what this cigar was as soon as I lit it. Everything about it was very familiar. After about ten minutes, the flavors changed into a completely different, yet also familiar cigar. I’m so confused. I guess I have three choices...base my pick off the initial flavors, off the final flavors, or go to the dart board. I’m guessing my greatest chance of success here is the dart board. Oh, and for me, this was the best cigar yet. I think I already have a box or two of these, but if not, definitely worth a purchase.
  8. As someone who really enjoys a good argument for the sake of arguing, I find myself in the unusual position as being a voice of reason. I’m having a lot of fun participating in this competition and I don’t want to give @Elpresidente a reason not to do this again next year. I see it from both sides. Unbelievable call to the four who answered right. There’s no way they should be penalized for having the guts to pick a cigar that most of us thought was out of play. At the same time, I don’t think the rest of us should be penalized for staying within our version of the rules. So here’s what I propose...make it a 4 cigar contest, but give the four guys who chose correctly a half point.

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