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  1. 2 hours ago, CampDelta369 said:

    Yes 58% is where I keep the traveldor now when I go to humid locations. I have also used the el prez fridge method. The outside environment really dictates the experience for me. My sticks are sitting at 66RH% in the humidor but I find 63%- 66% just fine. Your 62% sounds fine but it also takes time for Cigar acclimation when changing humidity. Especially a big humidor or tuperdor full. I have found HI to be very difficult at times on the tobacco. You may want to ask @Islandboyhis methods on long term storage. And to answer your question YES a definite improvement over not dry boxing when traveling to FL. 

    Would love to hear FatherOfPugs take on this as he seem to travel to fla on his vacations.  Spent some tims on the beach recently and the sticks were tasteless.  

  2. 50 minutes ago, GVan said:

    CampDelta - so, from the picture your dry-boxing at 58%?  I'm in FL with high humidity and have been trying 62% and not really seeing much improvement from my normal humidity of 65% rH in the Humi.  Been trying small steps .... My normal room humidity is about 57% and have been thinking about going to that instead of 62%.  How long have you been doing 58% and are you seeing a marked improvement in how your CC's are smoking?  Already read almost everything on FoH (and all of PigFish's posts) just looking for a little confidence ?  Thanks!

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