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  1. I have some ALO DIC 16. Definitely agree. Construction has been top notch as well.
  2. Stump89

    How old were you?

    18. My best friend and I smoked Rocky Patel sun grown torpedoes in the school parking lot after high school graduation. We smoked through them in about 15 mins and both got super dizzy and almost ralphed in the parking lot lol. Lesson learned, I became more educated in smoking over the summer. Smoked my 1st Cuban maybe at 22, and I was hooked.
  3. Sweet, that's awesome! Thanks for hosting the 6:2:1, keep the video reviews rolling!
  4. Stump89

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    One of the best REs ever made. Love these things.
  5. Stump89

    JL1 or JL2?

    The JL2 gets rave reviews and seems like it is a bit more consistent, but I much prefer the JL1. Can't really go wrong.
  6. Stump89

    Humidor Conversion

    Very nice piece there, well done.
  7. I'm trying to take this same strategy with my 5 month old. We watched The Hateful 8 a couple weeks ago. Last week we watched Halloween and she giggled almost every time Michael Myers appeared. Some may call this inappropriate, I consider it just starting her out early lol. My other 2 girls have turned out fine haha
  8. For sure. JL1 doesn't get much love it seems. It's too bad because they are great cigars. I prefer them over the JL2 by far.
  9. I always reach for the RG Perlas time and time again. I have most of a box of RAE OCT 14, and they are starting to really hit the sweet spot for me. Also some BRS JUL 13 JLPC, which I fear will never be made again. Partagas Presidentes are also in there for me. I will take any one of these over a CoRo or Hoyo DC any day.
  10. Stump89

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Coloniales while attempting to light the grill
  11. Stump89

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Great beer there. Bet that was a great pairing.
  12. Stump89

    Biggest QdO ever?

    Same. The price doesnt seem too bad given its double band status. I dont buy many REs anymore, but might be worth a box.
  13. Just saw this article this morning. New RE for France is the Sublimes vitola. I have enjoyed the QdOs that I've had, but I have never seen one this size before. Definitely following the RE trend of more expensive and big ring gauge. I also suspect this is part of marketing strategy for the 'revamped' QdO brand. What do you think about this one?
  14. I think this is a great selection. I might also add the RG Perlas in the mix. PLP and RG panatelas are great bang for your buck smokes. No poverty pack would be complete without them either.
  15. I haven't had a Trini in a little while, and I've never had the Coloniales, so I decided to light this one up. From 24:24 a few months back, these sticks look great. It has a great cedary aroma. Cold draw is kind of grassy, but not bad. Opens with the grassy note from the cold draw, but it's short and replaced by a light creamy coffee flavor. There's also a shortbread/ sugar cookie kind of taste as well on the finish. Around the halfway point the flavors become a little more intense, a nutty flavor comes through for a little while, but the Coloniales doesn't change much otherwise. It's a nice flavor profile that's suiting me well for the morning. Wrapping up, nothing else really changes. Medium body at most and pleasant flavor for the hour and some change it took to smoke. I prefer the Reyes as I find it a little stronger and more intense, but I liked the Coloniales. Might go with a 89 rating.

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