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  1. Stump89

    24:24 THURSDAY

    Annnnnddddd La Trova are gone lol! Those boils look damn good too. Hell of a lineup today.
  2. Stump89

    2019 Habanos EL Releases

    QdO and RA are interesting releases. The hermoso no. 2 is a great format, and the RA reminds me of that 2005 belicoso which was wonderful. I would definitely try them both. Monte doesn't do it for me (yawn). The 'luxury boxes' for all are ridiculous and will definitely drive the price up. The will have 0 issues moving these when they come out. My 2 cents.
  3. Stump89

    Question About Popularity of LCDH Cigars

    The Libertadores and Superiores are great stuff. Currently smoking through some 2013 Superiores and they have all been fabulous. Elegantes have been a miss for me. Not had the La Trova. Have heard great things so I would not hesitate.
  4. I agree with the above, just let it go. A good buddy of mine brought me some weird green/brown 'Cohiba Maduros' from the Dominican Republic. He also brought back a 5 pack of flavored Cohibas. I've never seen such bad fakes. I mean seriously, flavored Cohibas??? But I thanked him anyway for the gift, but mentioned there are a lot of fakes out there. He said if they were fake, they were just Dominican Cohibas lol.
  5. Connie 1 Connie A Hoyo de San Juan Partagas Presidentes P2
  6. Trini humidor is definitely cool. 6x59 belicoso is kind of disappointing. Probably will still be an awesome smoke. Also cool to see the San Cristobal with the old lcdh vitolas as well.
  7. Stump89

    2018 Partagas C&C's

    Definitely the PCE.
  8. Stump89

    Gifted Monte’s

    Yikes, those are bad. Really bad.
  9. Stump89

    Blown budget but...

    Aged stock, RE, or LE maybe. Majority are not worth the price premiums, especially if you've gone over budget which happens to the best of us lol. Your standard smokes are also the best ways to get a good gauge of what your preference is IMO. Also would recommend investing in some cheap and cheerful smokes. If the budget is tight, there are a bunch of great options out there that won't break the bank.
  10. When they're on, they are pretty darn good. Tough to find quality though apparently.
  11. Stump89

    Home brewing

    What do you all think about Brut IPAs? Never had one, but I think it's an interesting concept. Anyone tried to brew one or sampled enough to get some insight?
  12. Stump89

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Haven't had one in a while. Let's give it a go.
  13. I'd go cheap and cheerful until I could really commit to replenishing everything. Few boxes of PLP and RGP to start, maybe some RG Perlas or Party PCE. Can get a lot of bang for your buck out of these sticks while focusing on everything else.
  14. Have to agree with the recent Partagas Presidentes. Definitely the strongest mushroomy/forest floor note I've had in a long time. But balanced by more subtle sweet/sour/bitter with just a touch of saltiness. I also find it with older Bolivars, but I most recently had a Boli 108 that checked all the boxes, phenomenal underrated regional.

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