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  1. So why hasn't Cuba been able to ramp up production at a reasonable quality level? Is it a matter of limited land that's appropriate for tobacco? Because surely any investment into cigar making infrastructure could be easily paid for by increased exports...
  2. I mean how do NCs compete with CCs in the non-American market? Surely the issue of CC superiority would've already been answered?
  3. Oh, I believe you on the kinetics of the mass transfer... to me "quickly" was on the order of hours, though it's good to see actual data. I think what you say makes perfect sense and refutes my thought that the dessicants provide the initial water vapor during any perturbation of the system. But, my real question, and I think this entire thread, has more to do with asking which factors govern the moisture content of a cigar at equilibrium. Is it temperature itself? RH? Absolute humidity (dependent on temperature)? To bring the RH to equilibrium, let's say that the cigars provide most of that initial moisture and lose some portion of their moisture content. Then, do the cigars slowly gain back that moisture to get back to where they were?
  4. But in a closed system, like a tupperdor, you will quickly reach equilibrium. And the idea behind heartfelt beads/boveda packs is that those things provide the water source to reach equilibrium instead of the moisture in your cigars. Once equiblirium is reached, there shouldn't be any evaporation/water loss from the tobacco. The only question is whether the temperature affects the moisture content of the cigars at equilibrium.
  5. This doesn't really make sense to me. Water particles, regardless of how "quickly" they move, are still going to be in equilbrium between water going into the cigar and out of the cigar. Now, at a higher temperature, it would make more sense that the cigars more quickly reach a moisture equilibrium, but otherwise, if RH is constant, it still doesn't explain why temperature changes would affect the cigar moisture.
  6. I was there a few weeks ago. Personally, I'd prefer they invest into credit card infrastructure...
  7. dhp

    A Guide to 24:24 & 24:72

    Question - I forgot to write down the box code/year/quality level of cigars I bought on 24:24. How do I dig up that information? Do I need to bother someone or is there some archive that I can't see?
  8. Hello everyone, Had my first taste of cuban cigars last week in a 3 day trip to Havana and they were awesome! I don't think I had actually tried many quality NCs before, but the easy access in Cuba exposed me to some incredible cigars. My first CCs were the Upmann Magnum 54, ConA, RASS, Monte4, Bolivar CJ, I wish I had brought back even more cigars than what I did from my trip, but I was cash limited! So I hope to get to try more cigars as I explore the CC world on FOH.

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