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  1. Vegueros Tapados, SLE SEP 15 with Earl Grey tea.
  2. This what I do every time I grab a Cuban. Clip it right there at humidor. If it's plugged I put it in a quart size mason jar with NO boveda. And every few weeks or maybe monthly, I test on it and keep waiting. After a few months it will get better. Some take a long time. Even after 6-9 months they are not dried out or crispy. If they are still plugged then I drill them at low speed with an 1/8" "aircraft extension length" drill bit in a power drill.
  3. Not possible! Habanos quality control uses draw testing machines to gage air flow before wrappers go on... Just kidding. I mean, they really do supposedly test for draw... but yeah. There must be be something wrong with the process. Cuba being Cuba.
  4. I've gotten hints of Turtle Wax car polish a couple times. It took me a while to identify what I was tasting. Also gotten hints of toy cap gun/gunpowder. Odd but good aroma. Here's the crazy one... slight hints of roadkill. But not in a disgusting way. More like that strange funky smell on a very humid summer morning around a lot vegetation, like boggy weeds in a ditch. I didn't mind it because it was so mysterious and intriguing.
  5. I like the Melanio quite a bit. Especially the churchill like it appears you smoked here.
  6. A stunningly good Mag 46, ORM DIC 16 with strong Honduran coffee. A great day to be alive.
  7. These are wonderful. Tangy, mineral earth and leather.
  8. -V Melanio is one of my favorite NC's -Warped La Colmena -Fuente Rosado -Padron after a big rich meal. -Nica Libre for mindless puffing. Just to name a few.
  9. RASS, ETP JUN 16. From a box split with a fallen cigar buddy from a forum. Rest in peace brother.
  10. #2, LUB FEB 14. Leather, caramel, graham cracker.

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