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  1. RP The Edge Habano, torpedo. From 2018. Pepper has taned down bigtime and turned to sweet complexity. Very satisfying.
  2. Fuente Fuente (43x 5.187) from 2016. Extremely good.
  3. No. 4, GEO ABR 15. Paired with Costa Rican coffee from a French press.
  4. Master Blends 3, Churchill from 2018. These are very high quality tobacco and construction. An impressive balance of sweetness, strength and bold refinement. These flew under the radar for a while. I'm a big fan. They have responded well to a good rest at 65% rh.
  5. LTB AGO 13. From my very first Habanos order 7 years ago.
  6. Monsdale by Jorge Lopez, February '18. Very refined profile. Honey, leather, teek/beechwood, nutmeg. Construction is perfect and provides ideal draw. Luxurious experience.

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