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  1. Yes they are still good. They are hands down the best value in the NC cigar world. Shockingly good for the price. They are sub $3. This 20ct box I got for $30 after shipping. They are super consistent in construction and flavor.
  2. Nica Libre dates the box now too. Not as nice as those My Father, but I thought it was pretty neat.
  3. Not necessary. In a sealed mason jar it would be ok for a very long time.
  4. Cut, test for draw and if tight, toss it in a dry mason jar. In a year or two you will be glad you didn't throw them away.
  5. Sometimes the only thing that saves a cigar is a 3/32" aircraft extension drill bit. Purge the dust out from the foot towards the head and put it away for another month. It WILL be smokable after that.
  6. I just don't understand how that brand exists.
  7. I've heard those rumors. I definitely can't confirm or deny.
  8. What temp was the cargo hold of the airplane that carried the parcel? What temp was the post office warehouse? What temp was the Mail truck? - (see where I'm going with this)
  9. The leaf bunch will shrink as it rests and slowly comes down in RH. They will be enjoyable down into the mid 50's RH. Don't worry, it just takes time. I've saved dozens and dozens of tight cigars by simply putting them back and grabbing different one. It's the reason I cut mine right there at my humidor in my storage cellar. Btw, I assume these were shipped to you recently? The temp swings during shipping can change the smokablity as you are experiencing.
  10. No humidification. They are too humidified as they are. This is basically a nice slow "dry boxing"
  11. Put the tight ones in a mason jar for a year or more. Don't be afraid to open it up every once in a while to change out the air. They WILL loosen up.
  12. My personal favorite is Pet Sounds. But Dark Side of the Moon is definitely #2, followed by Magical Mystery Tour, then probably Days Of Future Passed.
  13. Using tap water with the floral foam pucks. Don't do it.

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