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  1. To me, JLP's taste much better than Quinteros.
  2. Panatelas Extra, TUR SEP 16. I've never had one of these before. This is the first one from the box. They're different. Very toasty. More toasty than any other cigar I've ever had. Roasted hazelnut/chestnut notes. Big smoke output for a small cigar. Not very refined, it's pretty rough and bold. Slighty bitter with strength. Despite it's roughness, there is a soft leather foundation holding it up. Very interesting. If you told me it was Honduran I would believe you. Not a Sunday morning "reflection on life" cigar, these are more of a summertime social type smoke.
  3. Taste the same now 5 years in as they did in '17 when I got the box. I like 'em quite a bit. They've also been constructed very well.
  4. DPG Blue from 2017. Really enjoying this.
  5. Principe. My ability to enjoy Padron is just about gone. The draw is that of a pvc pipe, and the flavors are simply dry wood, black pepper, and walnut shells.
  6. No. 3 tubos, OPG DIC 14. Paired with Oolong Jasmine tea.
  7. I believe this a Le Hoyo des Dieux. Not sure of its vintage. It measures 41rg x 6" in it's current state. Tastes well aged.

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