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  1. This is only my second Trinidad experience. Both have been because of wins on this incredible forum since these cigars are out of my price range. Initial thoughts are that this cigar is too thick for my liking. I prefer 50 rg or lower. The draw was perfect and the construction is beautiful to say the least. Smooth wrapper and clean looking cap. Top notch! The flavors were quite good! Sweet, twangy with some counterbalancing bitter wood. There is a cake flavor in the sweetness, some coffee and nuts along with the Cuban twang. Smooth all the way through for, what I'm guessing, is a young cigar. I feel blessed to have been able to try this cigar since I would never have bought one of my own accord due to its size and price. Thank you FOH! I rate it a 93. I wouldn't mind having more Trinidad in my humidor but I will likely seek out Fundadores, which was the other I've had and it was great, or colonials which are a better price point and size by comparison. Great experience!
  2. I agree with @Kaptain Karl. These were good young then hit a sick period has been my experience as well.
  3. This box is almost gone, only 4 left after this one. Draw is good. Flavors are cedar, light cream, hints of vanilla, white pepper and toasted tobacco. It is predominantly woody with the other flavors complimenting. Not a bad cigar, a 90 in my book. For my next box of Hoyo's I'd like something that gives more cream and sweetness. I'd like to try the EE to see if that is more to my liking for the sweet cream kick.
  4. Having seen them lose 4 SB in a row as a child I hope to see them win 1 in my lifetime. The team they are currently building has incredible potential!
  5. That is one of my favorite Tatuaje though it is one of the lightest Tatuaje it usually has good flavor and complexity. Unfortunately, it sounds like yours was overpacked. Construction issues are quite rare for them.
  6. Love these...the late hour, not so much. Given the price increases to Habanos these may end up in my special occasion rotation.
  7. This was the churchill. It started off nice and I remember liking the figurado. Maybe it was just a bad one.
  8. I didn't see any guidelines against NC's so if this doesn't count, so be it. I've been revisiting some NC's I've enjoyed in the past and decided to grab this one recently. Draw and burn are near perfect. Flavors start out with earth, black pepper, dark chocolate and a little sweetness. Retrohale is fairly smooth surprisingly. Around the halfway mark things ramp up quite a bit, especially with the earthiness. This earthiness is deep and imbalanced. This is where Nicaraguan tobaccan has a very hard time competing with Cuban. BBF tend to be bold and earthy but cleaner and balanced like mushroom/moss/forest floor, while this tends to be in your face and dirty, leaving your palette feeling filthy. There are some, albeit very few NC's that do earthy well, some Dominicans and very few Nicaraguans, but this isn't one of them unfortunately. It easily overpowered any sweetness that might balance it out. While there were other flavors there they didn't redeem the cigar. Construction was phenomenal and smoke time was an ample 2+ hours but the score, 82. Parts of it were enjoyable but not my bag.
  9. I was able to snag a box of these before they disappeared when I was first getting into Cuban cigars. Draw and burn were perfect. Flavors were a bit of earth, twang, slight floral sweetness and leather. These flavors would switch in dominance throughout but were always balanced. This is the most elegant vitola from Bolivar. White pepper popped in around the halfway mark, as well as a little coffee in the final third. Not very transitional but elegant, balanced and decent complexity. Why did they discontinue this cigar?! A 94/95. Maybe another year to its prime. Wonderful cigar!
  10. perfect fraw and burn. Flavors start of light with cedar, and a cake like sweetness with Cuban twang. Then it builds, adding sweet spices, coffee and almonds. Flavors of toast replace the sweet cake flavor as we head toward the end of the cigar. At 3 years old these feel as though they are hitting their stride. I imagine another year or 2 and these will be prime though they are very good right now with a score of 92.
  11. Good draw and decent burn. Flavors are good but not very intense. Cream, cocoa, toasted tobacco and a liitle bit of cookie. While the flavors I enjoy in Monte 2's are all there they are lighter than usual. I think this is a big reason I prefer the Monte 1 over the 2 now. The frequency in which the flavors are intense in a 1 is much higher than in the 2, imho. Anyway, it was a decent cigar but not great. I give it an 89. If the flavors were more intense it would have scored closer to 94/95. There will always be a box of these in my humidor, however, because it is the first Cuban I had with age that blew me away as the best cigar I ever smoked and still holds the top spot.
  12. I'm in the firm category. I'm assuming the "not an impediment" caveat means plenty of smoke production.
  13. I've only had 1 example from 2019 but it was creamy leather, earth and stout. One of the best BBF I've had. I'm looking to get a box of 19's or 20's myself.

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