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  1. The last 2 of these I smoked, 1 ironically for the old faithful review, had draw issues so I was hoping for a redemptive experience...and I got it! Sort of... The draw, perfect! The burn, perfect! The combustion, perfect! The flavor...not so much. This cigar performed EXACTLY the way I want a cigar to perform but unfortunately it was lacking in flavor. There were glimpses of why I enjoy Fonseca No.1 with hints of leather, that quickly faded, some flowers, that came and went, and touches of white pepper throughout. It was heavier in the woody notes than normal which would have been fine if the leather and flowers stuck around for the whole cigar instead of just a few puffs each and my favorite aspect of this blend, the sweet buttercream, was nowhere to be found. It left me a bit bored and the only reason I smoked as much of it as I did is because the construction was so immaculate. Construction: 100 Overall experience: 84ish
  2. 175 is reasonable for a limited run Punch dalia and where I was hoping they would come in. If construction and blend consistencies were at Davidoff levels then 255 would still be steep but at least somewhat acceptable as an ultra premium special occassion smoke.
  3. I tend to disagree. This is ultra premium territory by any standard. I could justify spending $20/ stick on a 10 ct. box for a special occassion cigar but not $25/ least not right now. They are really pricing large swaths of people out of RE and EL cigars especially given their inconsistency. I was excited for this one. What a shame!
  4. Imagine mythological sirens but instead of drawing you in with beautiful song to your destruction they draw you in with the allure of tragic how you can't help but stare at a car crash. It comes with the side effect of nausea. You've been properly warned. You're welcome.
  5. I don't invest in things I don't understand at least a little bit. What is blockchain? The result of an algorithm some guy made up and there is allegedly a finite amount of said result and it takes a decent amount of computing power to mine said result?🤯 There is no physical result it is all digital result? I am more of a visual learner so I'm sure if someone sat with me and showed the mining process of attaining said nonphysical blockchain I might have a better understanding of it. As the younger generations get older I can certainly see these things stabilize and increase in value.
  6. Well, at least if it is expensive there is value in it being a special occassion cigar and it is more affordable in boxes of 10.🤷‍♂️
  7. Being from the US others on here have got it covered quite well so I'll go a different direction and propose HSA go after new generations of smokers with a special release globally. Name: Milenario Z Vitola: 70 rg short piramide. (Large enough to appeal to Americans, short enough to hold their short attention spans and a tapered head to make it approachable to the rest of the world and so there is plenty of room for them to open their mouths and scream about all the offensive things.) Packaging: Single layer bamboo box of 10 (affordableenough to buy since they don't have much money yet)(9 cigars and 1 crayon) with soft edges and round corners. The generation edition information sheet will be made of hemp and will have non-offensive gender neutral pictures they can color in whilst smoking in their safe space. Band: Only 1 made of hemp paper with a pic of Che...the ironic hero of the younger gens. 😏 I kid, of course, I'm technically a millennial and I manage quite a few millennials and gen Z that don't fit this bill but I thought it was funny when it entered my head. Hope you got a chuckle as well.
  8. Everything I've seen being sold in humidors stateside are fakes...everything! On Facebook, I would say 50/50 as far as I could tell from pics and testimonials within groups but then again most of the groups I was apart of were run by guys with good knowledge and a moral compass. On craigslist, everything I've seen is fake. This is all anecdotal evidence of coarse but the question was stated appropriately for the answers given. From my experience 70% or more are fake.
  9. The dalia/lonsdale is probably my favorite vitola. I love the feel in the hand and concentration of flavor with the lack of jaw strain to put it in my mouth. The draw on this one was tight so I hit it from both ends with the Perfecdraw as it was packed tight the entire length of the cigar. It opened the draw enough to smoke but it was still not optimal. The flavors were as expected, however, buttercream, vanilla, white pepper, flowers, a little leather and a slight sweetness rounded it out. The draw never opened up and the burn was a bit touchy. This box has been quite consistent save for the last 2, including this one, which have had tight draws. I give it an 88 which would have been a 91 had the draw been better. It is a good smoke at a good price point which has made it an old faithful for me.
  10. Out of sight out of mind but once they show themselves and crap all over the inside of the box I can't bring myself to smoke those cigars. I can easily fool myself into believing cigars in a clean box are "untainted".🙄
  11. If you mean smoke it then nope. I'm not too keen on the idea of filling my mouth and nose with beetle dung in smoke form.🤮
  12. A good cigar is a good cigar. Personally I don't really care about what the company is trying to do. If I like the cigar and it is consistent then I'm in. The only time I would be concerned about the companies intentions is if they are involved in something morally reprehensible such as supporting terrorism or putting pineapple on pizza. Can't support know...on an ethical level. The cigar would still be good though.
  13. Same here. I thought I would only smoke CC once I had the "aha" Cuban cigar moment but between a slow growing CC inventory and just looking for something different I find I smoke NC's about 20% of the time.
  14. Well, whomever invented Cantonese really screwed the pooch on that one.

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