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  1. Sure wish we could see more dalias, lonsdales and lanceros!
  2. The effort by McDonald's is much appreciated. Definitely the best Coke.
  3. Coke from McDonald' is literally better than coke from anywhere else! I don't know if coke makes a different recipe for them or if it is their particular carbonation setting but McDonald's has it dialed in for the perfect Coke.
  4. Rome, baby! Better food, better wine, better sounding language, better history and better at being more betterer...sooo, kind of an easy decision.
  5. 1st third was cedar, leather and light sugar sweetness with dark berries on the retrohale. 2nd third was leather, toasted tobacco and burnt sugar. Final third was dark chocolate, burnt sugar, a scotch-like flavor and some floral on retrohale. I really want to let these sit for a couple of years before I have another one but it will be tough as it is a decent little cigar right now. I give it an 88 currently but better clarity of flavors and promise of burnt sugar to caramel transformation has my mouthwatering.
  6. I still think the free market can work this one out, no need for regulation. Soon you will see true free speech sites pop up like Thinkspot, which will be coming soon and create competition. You will also see lawsuits against the tech companies, since they are acting more like editorial sites than platforms, a case can be made that they are responsible for any libelous content, copyright infringement, etc... That should straighten them out or force them out eventually. A better option imho than getting big brother involved.
  7. I wasn't a huge fan of the cigar, especially for the price, but I love the band(s). They are a bit showy but I do like all the Opus X bands.
  8. I have no interest in breaking the law, invisibility it is...sometimes I just want to disappear.
  9. My wife is Filipina, so when her family is over, which is often, we have longganisa sausage with fried eggs and garlic fried rice. Beverage?... coffee.
  10. 1st third started with a fantastic floral note through the nose that really worked well with the leather, cedar and sweet spice notes on the palette. 2nd third the cedar note increased in intensity as well as cinnamon. The floral note remained and is quite nice! Final third was leather, cedar and the floral note, although it decreased a bit and the sweet spice was gone. A toasted wheat note came in and out. Bits of cream flavor came and went periodically but was not very strong. Overall it was very enjoyable and has some upside for sure though currently at a 92 for me.
  11. These are coming along quite nicely. Draw was a little tight on this one but the Perfecdraw took care of that.😁 1st third was sweet cocoa, cream and toasted tobacco. 2nd third saw intensity ramp up as biscuit entered the fray. Final 3rd got a bit dark. Dark chocolate and toasted tobacco in the main with some considerable elbows. Given its youth it is smoking great. I give it an 88 but with some good prospective upside.
  12. I'm guessing the ones in the background are the sampler of floor sweeping he alluded to.
  13. Which champagne is a great pairing but the bubbles in champagne do not add anything texturally to the smoke. In my opinion, the bubbles almost cleanse the body of the smoke while leaving the flavor intact. It would be interesting to take orange soda and flatten some so the flavors are the same but you can compare with and without carbonation.🤔

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