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  1. Was in Taiwan for a while not long ago. Basically devide price by 30 to get USD. I just kept walking when I saw prices. These are about 600 and 860 USD.
  2. I use an old ammo can for one of my humidors. Needs 70% beads to achieve 64% RH. And it’s very steady.
  3. Yep. Also gave a small tip at one the places I went. Told them I needed something just with hotel name. They gave me a receipt on nice letter head.
  4. He's quite popular. So make sure you get there early.
  5. Thanks John for offering a great product. It’s definitely appreciated.
  6. “Lucky.” There’s gotta be another word for what he was.
  7. I mostly enjoy the larger ring gauges and longer cigars. Someone gifted me a Hoyo de Monterey NC. No label. I tell you, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Luv CC's but not afraid of NC's
  8. Thank you guys. I always learn through these postings.
  9. Thanks for review. Have some lanceros resting. I have no palate. But can taste that licorice and hay. I think more pronounced in the Shorts.
  10. Yes. Thank you. Nice review. Smoked most of mine young. Enjoyed the construction more than anything.

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