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  1. Anyone found a source that will trade with you instantly - versus, handing them the USD up front and them returning with CUC hours later?
  2. I thought I was going to give it away to you there for a minute. You were down and out a couple times and hung tough.
  3. Sorry for the whoopin last night boys. The cards wouldn't stop coming my way.
  4. When did you acquire this? Any idea if they still make/sell these?
  5. Spent the weekend boxing up in preparation for a move. Had a couple more than I thought [and maybe a few more than the wife knew about ;)] I've been very lucky on my trips to Cuba... Anyway, let's see what you guys using to catch that ash.
  6. Looks like Trump is shutting things back down... The Trump administration on Tuesday imposed new restrictions on Americans going to Cuba, banning the most common way Americans travel to the island. The United States will not permit group educational and cultural trips known as “people to people” trips to the island, the Treasury Department said in a statement. Those trips have been used by thousands of American visitors. The administration said that it will also no longer permit visits to Cuba “via passenger and recreational vessels, including cruise ships and yachts, and private and corporate aircraft,” methods that many Americans have used. “Cuba continues to play a destabilizing role in the Western Hemisphere, providing a communist foothold in the region and propping up U.S. adversaries in places like Venezuela and Nicaragua by fomenting instability, undermining the rule of law, and suppressing democratic processes,” Steven Mnuchin, the Treasury Secretary, said in a statement on Tuesday. The announcement came nearly two months after John Bolton, the president’s national security adviser, said the Treasury Department would “implement further regulatory changes to restrict non-family travel to Cuba.” https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/04/travel/cuba-travel-restrictions-trump.html
  7. Saw the article hit CA this morning. Has anyone been? Is the selection really going to be better than some of the better LCDH?
  8. Forgive me if this has been discussed before. As I read the current US treasury regulations (questions 31 and 32) I understand this to mean there is no limit (number of cigars) that can be brought back as long as they are claimed to be for "personal use." Additionally, any value you declare over $800 will be subject to duty (see bottom of page two / top of page three). I have read several things that mention a 100 cigar limit however, nothing official states a specific quantity limit. Am I trying too hard to beat the system here?
  9. Sorry I'm not the best picture taker and I am using an iPhone camera. Hopefully these can help...
  10. Gentlemen, I returned from Cuba about 3 weeks ago and just noticed something that is somewhat concerning. My concern is largely due to my lack of knowledge but I was hoping for some help. I purchased 12 single Cohiba Siglo VI Tubo from LCDH Hotel Nacional and 12 single Cohiba Piramides Extra Tubo from LCDH Melia Habana. The main difference I have seen in that the gold head of the Cohiba logo is raised on the Piramides Extra Tubo and is flush on the Siglo VI Tubo. Should this be of concern? Can anyone opine on whether or not I have a problem? I do not have dates or factory codes for these as I bought them all loose. Thank you for your help!
  11. We did stay at Hotel Nacional. Interesting place. Very dated. Great location and fantastic back patio/seating area with excellent views. The rooms were just ok and I felt there were probably some nicer hotels we could have stayed in. But why not stay at the Hotel Nacional on your first Cuba visit - I had to! Yes, those are mine on eBay, I might have spent a little too much money on the trip.....
  12. I would agree. The individuals at most LCDHs said Americans were buying in very large quantities. They had seen a big increase in sales and difficulty keeping boxes - especially Cohiba in stock for very long at all. Didn't see a lot of others purchasing customs while I was in the big stores but that may have just been timing.
  13. I don't know that I would call it rude, but their first response to any question was "No!" If I was asking them to do any kind of work, let me in the humidor, check the back, ask for something I didn't see, get a box from the humidor... all "No." Once I started spending some money they started opening up a bit. The LCDH in Varadero loved me by the time I was finished with my purchase, but were not helpful when I first walked in. Initially, they said they had no Cohiba boxes other than the Maduro 5 Magicos sitting out (and appeared to have been handled quite a bite) and no Limited Editions. Once they saw I was a serious buyer they "found" a cabinet of Robustos and I was able to spot some RyJ Limited Edition Capuletos through the window of the humidor as well as the three boxes of Genios. I found this to be the case almost everywhere I went. I could never figure out why it was this way, whether it was my lack of Spanish speaking (I tried but I my Spanish is very poor), maybe it was that I am American or possibly something else altogether. Either way, no one was ever excited to help me or sell to me. It felt like I was inconveniencing them. I'm sure that's not the answer you were looking for.
  14. I did not. Only 4 of the 8 LCDH I went to let me inside the walk-in humidor and as I mentioned I felt like the good stuff was being held back. It is possible they had some stored away, but nothing out for sale in singles or full boxes.
  15. It wasn't just full boxes. We were only in two LCDHs that even had Monte 2s available individually. (One of those two also had the boxes of 15).
  16. No trouble. I had to spread out some of the ashtrays between checked and carry-on luggage for weight purposes and I didn't know how some of the larger ones would be viewed by US and Cuban customs. No questions here or there.

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