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  1. luckme10

    Large ring gauge

    I don't tend to have very many cigars over 50 ring gauge. Mainly because I normally just don't like to smoke for longer than an hour and a half or so. Having said that, smaller ring gauge cigars certainly feel nicer to hold in your mouth and against the lips but in all honestly, I don't think it really matters. It just gets too awkward to hold it with your teeth for the entire duration and holding it between your lips is a great way to end up with a soggy cigar. So whether it's a fat or skinny cigar, most of the time it's in my hands anyways. The only time you take it up to your mouth is for the draw.
  2. Some of best quotes from Vontae Davis' Twitter Account: "Never quit. Use each setback, each disappointment as a cue to push on ahead with more determination than ever before." "The people who Succeed in life are those who don't QUIT..........." "Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes along the way, but they never quit."
  3. at first you dont suceed, lower your standards
  4. monte 2 and RASS have regressed. Agree about the hoyo epi 2. Punch punch had gotten better.
  5. One really only needs to take a look at some of the other forums out there to see the extensive popularity of non cubans, at least in the states. And while the rhetoric of some vendors such as gurkha or the local tobacco shops really can annoy me at times, there's seriously a ton of great stuff out there. I'd say 30% of the time, I'd rather be smoking a non cuban. There's a certain nicaraguan spice that I enjoy from time to time that usually sends me back to a padron or a tatuaje. The variety and flavors are so much more diverse than cuban cigars, I liken it to the beginning of the MMA. There was such a vast diverse range of mixed martial arts fighters duking it out: karate, kung fu, kickboxing, etc. With all the boutique vendors out there, it's like the wild west of cigars. Still, as time goes by and I get older, Cuban cigars seem to be the ones I just tend to reach towards. There's a certain mildness that I enjoy, a lack of cigar breath that the wife enjoys, and a flavor profile that I tend to find myself reaching towards more. There's a consistency in flavor profile, just not in performance. 😜
  6. How does one get into El Laguito anyways? I figure all the natives have a cousin that seems to work there...
  7. Just tell me where to send the DoS attack!
  8. For every '64 Padron you have one of these. It's a numbers game.
  9. College football is more popular than the NFL in several areas for several reasons. First, being that it was the original sport to root for. College football tradition starts in the late 19th century and the nfl didn't come out until the 20s. Second, some areas are not populated enough to be able to support an nfl franchise, is this more the case in areas such as oklahoma or alabama. Although Oklahoma does have a pretty good basketball team in recent times. Anyways, its fans are also drawn from people who live near or attended the colleges of the teams. My parents are huge cal football fans. Probably because that is their alma mater. At one point they even had Aaron Rogers and Marshawn Lynch. But Ca's team like the Cleveland Indians of the pac 12. They haven't been to the rose ball since the 1950s. One thing on his bucket list is to see Cal in the rosebowl. The other was seeing the Giants win the world series but they did that in 2010.
  10. luckme10

    No Box Code or Date

    Those are simply timeless smokes.
  11. Giants fan here. Father was a giants fan. Although I live closer to the a’s there was no Oakland a’s when my dad was growing up. will also watch the warriors but I can’t say that I’m a fan. More like still in disbelief that the warriors are actually a good team.

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