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  1. I'd have to say the golden age of cigars started to happen with the advent of the internet, but could have started as early as the 1960s when President Kennedy generously decided to stop taxing cuban exports. 😅😅
  2. Yes, got scammed from a "farmer" on a tour in Vinales, Pinar del Rio, as recommended to us by our casa hostess. The whole town funnels people into their tours. The tour sell "coffee" which turned out to be ashes and "cigars" with a bait and switch to floor sweepings in them.
  3. I'll add this to the reading list too:
  4. luckme10

    Ken gets another paid gig.

    This is a considerable step up from the madlibs articles you usually show us Rob.
  5. Yeah.. 71 or not... That's a lot of weight on those lat pulldowns.
  6. Fidel was said to have dreamt about cigars long after he stopped smoking.
  7. As a Padron lover, I thought this was an interesting article. I wonder if they were 50 family reserves or 50 year old cigars. Maybe they're hammers: ATLANTA — As most of the New England Patriots began to file out of the locker room, ready to take elsewhere their celebration of winning Super Bowl LIII, team owner Robert Kraft walked in with an entourage. One was carrying a plastic container – the kind you’d use to store old toys you’ll never use again. Kraft reached inside and pulled out a humidor wrapped in bubble wrap – three to four times around. To him, it was something special. “I got these from Mr. Padrón,” he said, revealing a rectangular box with a Patriots logo on top. “They’re 50-year-old cigars.” Mr. Padrón is, presumably, José Orlando Padrón, founder of Padrón Cigars, which began making cigars in Miami in 1964. He’d wanted to give them to Kraft as a gift prior to last year’s Super Bowl, but he died in December 2017. Padrón’s son made good on the gift, and Kraft held onto them for a year, hoping to pass them out to a Super Bowl champion. And so here he was Sunday night, plopping the box on top of a folding chair, opening it up and handing the first one to the MVP, Julian Edelman, who gladly took it. Julian Edelman was one of the few to take a cigar from Robert Kraft. (Yahoo Sports) “Fifty-year-old cigars,” he reminded everyone around. Someone wondered if there would be enough to go around. The roster is, after all, 53 deep. “We got a few hidden in the bottom,” Kraft had said. And then … well … there wasn’t much of a demand. Tom Brady? “No, don’t smoke cigars,” he told a bodyguard who’d taken over gifting duties after Kraft had moved on. “Too old.” While a few players took one, more declined or didn’t notice. This clearly wasn’t a cigar-smoking crowd. We’ve all been there, right, thinking we’d bought the perfect gift only to have it fall flat. But, hey, it’s the thought that counts. Maybe Patrón would have gone over a little better.
  8. I don't always drink beer but when i do i prefer dos equis.
  9. I think, therefore I am
  10. Is this the foot fetish thread?
  11. luckme10

    why don't you die!

    Sent this to the wife.
  12. Thanks everyone. I'm going to thank him and I'll probably give it some time. Was going to send some cigars his way too. Maybe I'll send a cohiba and an EL so he can take a look at the wrappers and bands. Wouldn't be a bad idea to sit down with him sometime next month.
  13. So a friend of my wife dropped me off a few cigars today. Last time I had spoken to him, he wanted to see if I had some time to sit down and talk for some cigar advice as he was just starting to get into the hobby. He had a strange worried look on his face which I sort of shrugged off but anyways as the story we've all heard many times, he had just came back from Mexico, and brought me a few cigars, a custom, a legit epi 2, and well... this: I'm just not sure what to tell him because I don't want to discourage him. Considering the look on his face as he was talking to me, maybe he knows. I could gently nudge the attributes of counterfeits? Maybe ignorance is bliss? To think that this could have been purchased as a retail talisman or a robusto reserva consecha, I'd hate to think how much he spent on it. This is probably a fairly common question among here, so I do apologize if it's been beaten to death. Would you tell someone their purchase was a counterfeit? Maybe I'll start with the story about how my friend and I went on a tour in vinales in pinar del rio and were scammed into buying cigar ashes that were sold as coffee grounds and $200 of custom cigars that, although was shown in a demonstratration with long filler, had floor sweepings as short filler in the center.
  14. 1. Toss up: Padron 64' in Natural principe. Padron Family Reserve 50 in Natural 2. Ashton VSG Belicoso 3. Arturo Fuente Anejo Shark 4.Tatuaje chuck skinny monsters. 5. My Father Flor de Las Antillas I have a stash that I gradually go through when I want to mix it up a little. But I can't see myself actively trying to replenish any of my non cubans for a long time. These dont' really disappear anymore. I really just don't feel like having spice bombs very often anymore. Tatuajes do have a nice chocolate flavor profile I can't get from other brands though. The utility that I would get from $30 on a Padron Family Reserve isn't worth what I could get in Cubans for the same price point. I guess my tastes have gotten more mild as I age.
  15. luckme10

    California Fires

    I know someone who just bought a home in paradise, ca. Considering essentially the whole town was burned down, I'm pretty concerned.
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