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  1. luckme10

    California Fires

    I know someone who just bought a home in paradise, ca. Considering essentially the whole town was burned down, I'm pretty concerned.
  2. Next FOHrensics experiment idea. Does being drunk improve the taste of the cigar? 3 parts, 3 levels of drunkenness.
  3. Surge Soda. Jolt Cola, which was like the predecessor to bawls. Nitro Cola. A St. Louis speciality. And of course, the original blackout inducing Four Loko, with all the alcohol, caffeine, taurine and guarana the body can handle, literally.
  4. luckme10

    Off to Japan

    I would spend a day hitting up Kappabashi, Asakusa Temple and Tokyo Skytree since they're nearby: Nearby: Kappabashi in Tokyo is a street filled with kitchenware shops and plastic food stores as this is restaurant row where owners go to buy their plates, supplies, wrap, bags, and plastic food Asakusa Temple. It's a huge market / Temple that's very popular. Tokyo Skytree The world's second tallest building There is the Kirin Brewery and Yebisu Brewery. We went to the in Yebisu Brewery but the tours are only Japanese. Cup Noodle Museum was also really crowded so it's better to get there in the morning to get a tour. Yasukuni Shrine is also worth taking a look at. It's the large shrine near the imperial palace that is notorious for having all of the War Officers. It's also pretty close to a yama-chan which is a chain of fried chicken wings that are famous over there. Ameyayokocho was also a really nice shrine that's near akihabara that's definitely worth a look. If you see a Gindaco nearby, their Takoyaki are really good. I’m not a Takoyaki person, but theirs is really good with a crispier crust and they are huge! -Econnect wireless routers let you connect your cell phone to the internet. Important for having google maps, foursquare (asia's linkedin for place and restaurant reviews), imessage, email, etc. They're like 8 bucks a day to rent and you can have them sent to the post office at the airport, hotel, residenc for delivery, pickup,and drop off. -The google translate app will help with some of the text translations. -Buy a Suica card at the train stations. It'll save you a lot of time instead of buying tickets one at a time. This also simplifies the process considerably! They're like multipurpose credit cards that in addition to having credit for using the train, you can use for various restaurants and vending machines. -JR Pass if you plan on going to osaka or kyoto, these pay for themselves. They allow free travel on all JR railtracks, which are about half of the tracks in Japan. They were godsends -FourSquare is like Asia's Yelp. It will have general reviews of restaurants in Japan that you can look at nearby. Download the app and you'll be able to find a good place to eat anywhere in Japan.
  5. Toilet paper is important. They don't give you much at the casas, and their paper is like paper towels that you get at a public restroom. A toilet seat would also be nice. Some of the bathrooms I went to didn't have one and others had a really them made of really cheap plastic. A water bottle - buy a big gallon of water and keep in fridge to refill. Pepto Bismol because the ice can make you sick. A map
  6. Keep the desktop humidor close and convenient. Store the large humidor somewhere more impractical to get to. Set ahead of time which cigars you're going to ration for say the month and keep your hands out of the big humidor.
  7. “Congratulations to the Red Sox 2018. Dodgers, again, better luck next year.” - lifelong Giant’s fan. Celebrate the good times!
  8. luckme10

    Cut to the chase....

    1. Cuban 2. Noncuban
  9. I try to watch Ikiru once every few years. Star Trek TNG is also pretty high up there due to reruns and boredom.
  10. luckme10

    1.6 Billion?

    If the odds are one and 292 million and each ticket cost 2 dollars. With a payout of 900 million, it would cost almost 600 million to purchase all of the tickets. Would this be one of the few times when the expected value is higher than the initial investment?
  11. If so much flavor comes from the wrapper, why not just take a cigar and make it out of 100% wrapper? Wouldn't that be the ultimate flavor experience?
  12. luckme10

    leira Corona : 460 USD

    Yeah I don't think this is going to be putting black and mild out of business anytime soon. Although considering what a behike is going for, $100 for a blunt doesn't seem that far off. Considering an eighth goes up an upwards of $50 and one of the small cigars are going for $100. It doesn't seem that outrageously priced to me. Here in California, the audacity of seeing retail marijuana and it's various products is starting to wear off from the general public. I smell that stuff out in public more often than tobacco from a cigarette. And I get more stink eyes from walking around with a cigar than I would with a joint. It's just the way things are around parts over here.
  13. Go Brewers! Although, I wouldn't mind watching LA epically lose in another game 7 world series. That would be fun.
  14. luckme10

    100 Euro Note

    No issues here. I would try to make sure that I would get nothing higher than 50 cuc bills in return though, preferably 20s. Unless you're buying boxes of cigars, at the lcdh there really isn't any place that would accept or be able to break notes that large.

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