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  1. First box purchases. RASCC and HUPC. Having the first RASCC tonight, and man, little brother sure is a good one! (No idea why my pics keep coming up sideways. Apparently I don’t internet so well)
  2. BPC or BBF. They're just always exactly what I’m expecting them to be, and i’m never disappointed.
  3. HUPC (while they're still around!) and RASCC.
  4. timberguy87

    Let\'s talk about watches:

    Seiko (reissue) Turtle. Fell in love with it after seeing it on Martin Sheen’s wrist in Apocalypse Now. My first automatic. Only had it a few days, but i’m diggin’ it so far!
  5. timberguy87

    Newbie in North Carolina

    Hello all from North Carolina, USA. I've been a lurker/research/review hound for a few months now, and I finally decided it was time to jump in and make a contribution to this community. Leaving in a few days for a short trip across the pond, and looking forward to being able to get my humidor stocked with its very first CCs. At this point, I'm thinking HUHC, and RASCC, based on a lot of the reviews and recommendations of the fine folks of this forum. Looking forward to this new adventure!

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