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  1. Wake up in the wee mornings, well not tooo wee. Finally able to drag myself up to an early sesh at the gym before work. Find out I lost a few kilos (or maybe its the lack of water retention during the mornings) Good workout session, head to work. Half day only, its a Saturday after all! While checking emails, got a weird call from a gaming company asking me some really plain, really simple questions after verifying my identity. Seems I've won a couple of million bucks. Log into FOH.... (yeah first thing I'd do right?) Kick back with my last stick of Cohiba EL1966 while I await a truck full of cigars from Australia.
  2. With cigars. U never know. Hahaha. I’ve been getting bad sticks and bad boxes lately from all sources. Thiccc wrappers with poor burn. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. From my experience with EL wrappers. You don’t want them tooo dark, rough or oily. Just a few shades darker than Colorado would do great! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. First hit is all wood. Spices at the front of the tongue. Some sensation at the back of the throat, ligero showing up right from the start. Fruits surface on the finish. Cedar somewhere around. Burn line is wavy. Burn goes off rather quickly. Second 3rd has this nice sweet coffee notes. Wood is again present. Overheats a little fast when pushed but then dies if when I don’t puff frequently. God ... Retrohale is chocolate! And burnt newspaper lmao. Just before the end of the 2nd, Fruitiness appears. Sweet. Juicy. But also getting harsh. Urgh... After the first half. Cuban twang comes in. That sour, grassy, cedary twang with hints of chocolate and coffee. Burn is still **** tho. Final 3rd is rather dour. And all sorts of harsh due to the burn issues. I’m just waiting to put this cigar down Final Smoke Time 80mins (though there is still a little more than an inch left hehehe) Final thoughts: 84-93 points. Could have been a great cigar. Had the burn issues not appear it could have scored a lot higher? With some humidor time the flavours would smoothen out to be a splendid cigar. However I don’t think a few years resting would solve the burn issue. That’s just the wrapper-binder combination being too non-porous for good combustion. Sad. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I used to be pretty into EZ at one point. But as one selves into the industries one may obtain some information that brings about disillusionment with the general situation regarding the cigar industry. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I think Ezra Zion won’t be attending intertabak nor would they have any retailers outside of the USA. Also I think they have a shady Modus Operandi. Focusing entirely on really good gimmicks and marketing of off-the-shelf factory offers from decent factories. Also don’t think Warped would make an appearance in Germany anytime soon. Kyle can’t even cope with demands in the States. And I think he wants to keep his mystique intact. Still. Great cigars! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hey @El Presidente! Riste of JSK will be at Dortmund. Seek out his CBD infused NUGGS of which he has a 20 year patent on. Lol. His red knights are decent too. Steve Saka will also be there and his Sin Compromisos and Sobremesas are great. Unsure if Skip will be at Dortmund but his Germany exclusive Wunderlust is ‘interesting’ with tales of Schuster held Cuban fillers being part of the blend. Jon Drew the legend will be there handing out KFCs. Avoid those. Weasel up a 10th Anniversario if possible lmao. Nothing much else maybe. Unsure if Nick will be there with his Foundation Cigars. If so, the Tabernacle is worth looking out for! Actually Ferdinand Piet from MinistryOfCigars is there and he is the perfect guy to seek out to get an insight of the non-Cuban world! As would Cigar Journal’s Samuel Spurr. A fellow Aussie! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Isn’t the La Trova... a reg production? I mean LCDH stuffs aren’t limited. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. It’s getting hot in Asia. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Yes I know... I tend to throw away the boxes before I record the box codes... but I do remember these are from 2018. Boxes are too bulky and adds clutter in the humidor. I've just laid them all to age in a bigger box! lmao! Trinidad for me, especially the Reyes and Vigia, are a classy yet almost 'mysterious' range of cigars. They swing widely in terms of flavor profile, at least to me. I have difficulties in pin pointing the exact marca flavors but somehow they're still distinctively Trinidad! This one today is on the 'brighter' side of things. No hint of chocolate or earthy terroir at all. Some coffee, some dried grass. Great draw! wrapper burn line is turning jet black with a sheen on it. Normally this means trouble to the burn performance . Still no problem so far, wavy but not bad. Did i mention cookie dough coming through? And inch down, flavors are getting tastier! nuts, some caramel along with the coffee, dough and dried grass. Wood notes also appear, but sort of in and out. There is also this.. very light spice element accompanied by that Cuban twang profile along with almond meal or something that just reminds me this is a Cuban Trinidad. Construction remains okaaay with some OCD touch ups required. Nothing major. Picture above has been touched up! the burn line isn't thaat great actually! Final 3rd. My least fav spot on a cigar! It means shit is about to end! it also means things usually get darker and mustier. Which it did! bitter caramel, bitter nuts. Damp wood and fresh grass. Draw also got pretty damn tight at this point. I find myself pulling out inches of leaves from the middle of the cigar. Final Smoke Time: 60mins Final Thoughts: 88-91 rated cigar. Could be better. Could be worse. Great accompaniment though!
  11. Definitely La Flor de Cano Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Long ash contest in KL Thank god I brought my neck pillow. Worst tasting QDO 54. Maybe coz I was smoking too fast ahahaha! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Probably shipping? Probably a bad batch. I don't know... they came like this from an undisclosed European vendor.

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