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  1. My staple would be Greek yoghurt with a variety of cereals and muesli mixed together with nuts and berries topped with some Manuka honey or peanut butter! I’ll have this setup probably 5 times a week! Essential for my bowel movement as I do not consume enough fibre otherwise hahaha. . . . Though sometimes when I’m with my folks, we would have more.... ‘traditional’ Asian breakfasts...like fried kuey teow!! Here picture with a pinch of crab meat fried with duck eggs!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Girlfriend is all bitter bitter bitter bitter. I wonder, is that technique? OR shes just not built to smoke cigars
  3. Now I used to really look forward to Torpedos and Pyramides. Their less-common shape often adds more prestige, more power, more elegance. Then there is this whole thing about how the tapered head allows for more 'intense' puffs due to the concentrating of the draw. Novices also love the fact that it is alot easier to to cut off the tapered head compared to a regular one. Then there is the V-Cut-A-Torpedo association whose members would literally slate someone NOT opting to V-Cut the torpedo.... There was also a time where most Monte 2's were suspect smokes.... And then I hit a box of 15 P2's tubos that were all completely just bland AF... Today's smoke is a Robaina Unico. Traditionally a good stick. Can't go wrong can it? Looks okay, slightly on the dull side. Smells a little vegetal, but still mostly sweet cuban tobacco. First 3rd: Sweet tobacco, darker notes. Raisins, earth, woods. Draw is on the tight side. May need to cut a little bit more off the head, and then maybe use my perfecdraw. (no, its not a V Cut). Smoke production is below average, but footsmoke is above average. Ahhhh I love footsmokes on Cubans, best in the bizness. Second 3rd: Cut a little bit more off the cap, still below average smoke output. Now this cigar feels a little dry? in a limp sort of way? Hard to explain. The flavours are thin. Bold, dry, and thin. If i draw on it harder than usual, my throat immediately gets irritated. So I'm sitting here shallow puffing or double puffing a VR Unico on a Sunday evening. Tasting notes? woods, earth, vegetals, some chocolate, tannins and tobacco. Final 3rd: I cut a little bit more outta this bugger, drawpoked it to hell. Smoke production got a little bit better, but my palate is fatigued ATM. At this point, I dunno... ash, damp earth, vegetals and some boring ass tannic tobacco..... I put this cigar down halfway through the final 3rd. And I thank the Cigar Gods for some really good H Upmann Half Coronas at hand... now these are some sweet little so-and-so's....
  4. where does one even find the La Reina?
  5. Wilzc

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Fatherception... It’s Father’s Day here in this part of the world Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Wilzc

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    That’s for me to know... for you to find out Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Wilzc


    Aging is a myth. A convenient story so that you won’t get instant buyers remorse from buying a subpar cigar and immediately confront your local divan, lounge or retailer. Kidding. Kidding. H Upmann Connossieur B is amazing from the get go! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. RG88 seems to be getting insane polarizations lol
  9. HHAAHAHA i was very polite giving it 7.0 It was turd...
  10. Looking to get a pooled consensus of the regional editions worth going after. Added every searchable tag on the title for ease of searching. I think I'll start a list with a simple 0-10 point scoring system with all the regionals I have tried and took notes of. Hopefully others can chime in, and then we can average out the scores to see what are the hottest and best ER's recently! (will also include how many entries a particular ER has been scored/voted for at the beginning of each) I know there will be the 'age' factor on the ratings but lets keep it simple for now (1) Saint Luis Rey Incas: ER Peru 2014 ---> 7.0 (1) Ramon Allones Silver Jubilee: ER Asia Pacific 2017 ---> 7.5 (1) Quai d'Orsay Secreto Cubano: ER France 2016 ---> 8.0 (3) Rafael Gonzalez 88: ER Asia Pacific 2016 ---> 5.5 (1) Por Larranaga Encantos: ER Asia Pacific 2010 ---> 8.5 (2) Punch Sir David: ER Hong Kong 2018 ---> 9.25 (1) Ramon Allones Nuevo Mundo: ER Costa Rica 2017 ---> 7.0 (1) Bolivar Tiempo: ER France 2017 ---> 8.0 (1) Vegas Robaina Short Robaina: ER Andorra 2014 ---> 6.5 (1) Ramon Allones Sur: RE Libano 2014 ---> 8.5 (1) Bolivar Silver Jubilee: RE Asia Pacific 2017 ---> 6.0 (1) La Gloria Cubana Paraiso: RE Caribe 2014 ---> 8.5 (1) Por Larranaga Sobresalientes: RE Gran Bretana 2014 ---> 9.9 (1) La Gloria Cubana Invictos: RE Italia 2017 ---> 6.0 (1) Bolivar Bosphorus: RE Turquia 2014 ---> 9.5 (1) Diplomaticos Excelencia: RE Cuba 2015 ---> 9.5 (1) Sancho Panza Quijote: RE España 2010 ---> 9.8 (1) Ramón Allones Grandes: RE España 2008 ---> 9.8
  11. Final Thoughts: 88-92 rated cigar. Some few years of rest did not change the cigar. If this cigar was slightly bolder, slightly fuller, would have been more enjoyable. This cigar only shines when smoked in solitude, an introverts' cigar so to speak. With company, everything fades away and this will become 'just another cigar'. Here we go! Nice stick. A little on the pale side, but colorado wrapper + corona gorda is always win. Cold draw, Fruits. Raisins. First puffs, wow this is complex. Medium bodied and complex. Life is going to be difficult here. Toasted bread, Dried fruit cookies? Sliiight chocolate, milk chocolate. Cuban twang. Cookie dough is the main player in the second 3rd, with that cuban tobacco sweetness and some spices for company. Slight fruitiness on the finish, but you really really have to look for it. Things then got a little buttery. Butter cookies, sourdough bread. Creaminess comes to play. Final 3rd, things get stronger, darker. Milk choc comes back. Base is a little toasty. Toasted bread, toasted cookies. Burnt biscuits lol. Finish is a sort of bitter toasted almond butter Random salesman hustled me into buying a set of shavers while I was with the cigar While cheap, the blades aren't the best, despite having 4 of them.
  12. Wilzc

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Just cruising around with my new watch!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. One of the best constructed Cuban cigars I’ve had in recent memory. Perfect draw. Perfect burn line. Perfect smoke volume. Pity it’s a little bit past it’s prime. Should have smoked this a year or two earlier, the second 3rd shows signs of entropy. Final thoughts: 92 points! . . Starts off creamy, sweet aged Cuban tobaccos with hints of nuts and coffee. . . Second 3rd was kind muted, with flavors and body below medium. Bummer . . Last 3rd was amazing! Everything from the first 3rd comes back with an extra earthy charred note. The smoke is so dense and chewy to the mouthfeel! I could do this everyday!!! Haha (if I can afford to that is). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Wilzc

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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