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  1. Definitely La Flor de Cano Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Long ash contest in KL Thank god I brought my neck pillow. Worst tasting QDO 54. Maybe coz I was smoking too fast ahahaha! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Probably shipping? Probably a bad batch. I don't know... they came like this from an undisclosed European vendor.
  4. Have you ever seen a worse box of Cubans? Hahaha. Lepers? Nahhh this is the zombie apocalypse!!! Zombie army marching forward!! Tried applying some perfec glue (ALOT of perfec glue) and allow for several hours to dry. Sadly, did not help much. I carefully used a sharp puncher to remove what can hardly be called as a cap. Flakes and bits and pieces of tobacco everywhere. I did pick the worst of the lot. With a deeeep crack just over an inch long starting from the cap all the way past the shoulder and into the band. Draw was all over the place. Nothing much can be drawn into the mouth. Very very thin nuances of a Cuban cigar. For what it’s worth, the footsmoke is amazing. Would have could have should have. I decided to be a little creative, with help from the band I completely circumcised the head of the cigar (it was falling apart anyway) Now somehow ... the draw is now excellent. As good as a Cuban will ever be!! Smoke production is now above average and the flavours are now coming in! There is some Cuban sweetness, some nuts. Some coffee. But there is this overwhelming grassiness. Green. Slightly sour grassiness that dominates the flavour profile. I’m unsure if this has anything todo with the wrapper being peeled off from just he head. Anyhow I smoked this down to the nub to pass time. One down. 11 more to go! Sigh.... these don’t come cheap too Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Had a Remy Martin event. Massive cheese wheel being the highlight Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Pictured beside a Partagas SD Connoisseur 1 Had these for awhile now. Single stick from a 2012 box!! My brain automatically hypes these up to the ceiling! Magnificent looking stick over all, though nowdays can be a little too thin (I prefer the fundies size) Lit it with matches as I really wanted to savor the whole experience. First puffs toffee? toasted toffee definitely. With some burnt wood shavings. Draw is good thankfully. Smoke production just about average. Midway through the first 3rd the cuban twang comes in. With everything settling down harmoniously. Stillll... at this point I wonder to myself if this is as good as the cigar will offer? Second 3rd had me pushing the cigar a little harder, and it gets harsher. There is a 'thinness' about the flavour that is quite off putting. Push the cigar, it gets harsh, take it slow and the burn doesn't continue. Struggling at this point. Over-burnt nuts, roasted hay, toasted wood shavings, and a Cuban-twang-on-a-hot-mid-summer's-day-in-Melbourne. For those who have not yet experienced a super hot Aussie summer day, yeah.... its not pleasant mate... Final 3rd had a little sweetness coming back. But that soon got reaally bitter too. Bittersweet stuff. Things got really dark and earthy, loamy. I thank the cigar gods for this opportunity and put the cigar down to rest.... forever.... Final Thoughts: 86-91 cigar. Could have been a great smoke, but not the best example of a CoLa. Pity... the oldest CoLa I've had... Moral of the story: Don't buy singles of aged or significant sticks... buy a box.. sample a few... age the rest... Your eager and passionate soul does not deserve to go through the Cuban Roulette.
  7. My staple would be Greek yoghurt with a variety of cereals and muesli mixed together with nuts and berries topped with some Manuka honey or peanut butter! I’ll have this setup probably 5 times a week! Essential for my bowel movement as I do not consume enough fibre otherwise hahaha. . . . Though sometimes when I’m with my folks, we would have more.... ‘traditional’ Asian breakfasts...like fried kuey teow!! Here picture with a pinch of crab meat fried with duck eggs!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Girlfriend is all bitter bitter bitter bitter. I wonder, is that technique? OR shes just not built to smoke cigars
  9. Now I used to really look forward to Torpedos and Pyramides. Their less-common shape often adds more prestige, more power, more elegance. Then there is this whole thing about how the tapered head allows for more 'intense' puffs due to the concentrating of the draw. Novices also love the fact that it is alot easier to to cut off the tapered head compared to a regular one. Then there is the V-Cut-A-Torpedo association whose members would literally slate someone NOT opting to V-Cut the torpedo.... There was also a time where most Monte 2's were suspect smokes.... And then I hit a box of 15 P2's tubos that were all completely just bland AF... Today's smoke is a Robaina Unico. Traditionally a good stick. Can't go wrong can it? Looks okay, slightly on the dull side. Smells a little vegetal, but still mostly sweet cuban tobacco. First 3rd: Sweet tobacco, darker notes. Raisins, earth, woods. Draw is on the tight side. May need to cut a little bit more off the head, and then maybe use my perfecdraw. (no, its not a V Cut). Smoke production is below average, but footsmoke is above average. Ahhhh I love footsmokes on Cubans, best in the bizness. Second 3rd: Cut a little bit more off the cap, still below average smoke output. Now this cigar feels a little dry? in a limp sort of way? Hard to explain. The flavours are thin. Bold, dry, and thin. If i draw on it harder than usual, my throat immediately gets irritated. So I'm sitting here shallow puffing or double puffing a VR Unico on a Sunday evening. Tasting notes? woods, earth, vegetals, some chocolate, tannins and tobacco. Final 3rd: I cut a little bit more outta this bugger, drawpoked it to hell. Smoke production got a little bit better, but my palate is fatigued ATM. At this point, I dunno... ash, damp earth, vegetals and some boring ass tannic tobacco..... I put this cigar down halfway through the final 3rd. And I thank the Cigar Gods for some really good H Upmann Half Coronas at hand... now these are some sweet little so-and-so's....
  10. Fatherception... It’s Father’s Day here in this part of the world Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. That’s for me to know... for you to find out Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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