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  1. Where I’ve gone boxes of 4 or more: RASS PSD4 BRC Picadores PSE2 VIGIA PLMC; PLP; Super Partagas; HUHC
  2. I’m in exactly the same predicament lmao 😂 1 espy or 2 colas probably the Espy given it’s higher price
  3. And your tastes might change too. Example I took a 13 year hiatus from cigars, only smoked non Cubans for the first year back, discovered Liga and Padron to be my favourites. Fast forward another 6 months, I cannot get enough of that sweet communist leaf, never really looked back since. At this point in time now, I have enough CC experience to be disappointed every time I smoke a young Cuban, because I can see the unfulfilled potential and think what a waste of a smoke this was had I waited another 2 years I’d have been so much happier, the disappointment of young cigars past is what gives me the strength to wait for the delayed gratification
  4. I like the Montesco format actually, particularly for its hefty feel. The only requirement is that I punch these to avoid them being jaw breakers. Otherwise o find they tend to smoke very well
  5. Keeping it current production... F: Behike K: anything Monte... M: CoLa, but I’ll take a Fundie too
  6. Sounds like you're looking for value. That being so, I'd run with 3-4 boxes of small ring guage cigars and if 45 mins is not long enough for you smoke another one. RASCC, Partagas Aristocrats, P Shorts, P Super Partagas, HUHC It'd be a shame to limit yourself to just one box. I mean, I love any particular cigar like the BBF but I'd surely get sick of it if it's the only thing I'm smoking all summer long
  7. Must get: 2-3 boxes of BRC, RASS, Picadores, Wide Churchills 1 Fundadores and Vigia 6-10 boxes 40-42 ring guage mixed marca Wish list: CoLa. More double coronas, partagas punch hdm. 1-2 boxes of torpedoes maybe SC or VR.
  8. No, buying cigars from overseas will still be legal but only if you have a permit, by the sounds of it. The general policy is here Changes to warehousing rules will also affect FoH’s business operations with more red tape I suspect. Not enough to kill 24:24 but enough to be a royal pain in the ass Question is how long will the Aussie cigar smoker becomes extinct, with the annual Sept hikes and more of these regulations popping up. Soo enough we’ll have a topsy turvey world where marijuana is legal and tobacco illegal...
  9. A lot of good advice here, particularly with the petite coronas being representative of a marca. Sure sign of mature palate when you no longer have the constant urge to reach for the biggest ring guage cigar for your kicks. Having said that, here are my selections for 2 most representative (or in my mind, the "must get" boxes) Bolivar - BBF, BRC Cohiba - Esplendidos, CoLa H Upmann - HUHC, Connie A Partagas - PSD4, Lusitanias Por Larrañaga - PLPC, Picadores Ramon Allones - RASS, RASCC RyJ - Churchills, Wide Churchills Trinidad - Vigia, Fundadores
  10. Rough tally would put these in the top 20, starting from most popular down RASS PLPC RYJ Churchill Sir Winston Lusitanias Connie A Fundadores CORO P.Shorts BRC P.898 Punch punch JL2 PSD4 PSE2 Esplendidos COLA Vigia Siglo 3 Siglo 6
  11. Wide for my tastes. Already have plenty of other favorite robustos (RASS, BRC) so the Wide is a welcomed change of pace.
  12. From my limited personal experience ... Trinidad Vigia PL Panetela, but fades in the final third PL Monte Carlos, but fades after end of first third The first 5 mins of every Cohiba Shorts
  13. CoRo RASS PSE2 BRC CoLa Esplendidos Vigia HUHC PLPC Lusitania / Fundadores
  14. I got RAG DIC 17 and pretty sure I’ve got ARS NOV 17 coming in. Never tried one before, just bought blind based on all the rave reviews over the years. Hoping to age one for the 10 year mark, and slowly smoke the other throughout the next decade

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