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  1. Excel tracking sheet with columns for every imaginable classification to make custom sorting easier. A column for rating the box, a simple 5 star rating system. A column for ad hoc comments, incl abbreviated notes to indicate any changes in rating stars. For example, the most dramatic jump has been a 25 box of P.Shorts which jumped from 1 to 4 stars after a 1.5 year break... harsh and unsmokeable to ripper cigars
  2. Why don’t you try pipe smoking? Particularly since you enjoy the ritualistic aspects. Packing, tamping, lighting all require concentration and the ritual is satisfying. Grab a cheap Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipe, a cheap tamper or flat head nail, a BIC lighter and some Quiet Nights by Greg Pease and away you go...
  3. I’ve ended up focusing mainly on regular production cigars, and getting a cross between going wide vs deep in fits and starts. In terms of width I’ve focused mainly on 6 houses (in order of volume Partagas, RA, Bolivar, PL, Cohiba, Trinidad) that account for 75% of my inventory. In terms of depth it’s just matter of finances, I try to have 2-4 boxes of each cigar. The most I’ve got is 7 deep in BRC, RASS and PSD4, so not outrageous My philosophy is to experiment widely then go deeper when you identified something worth buying multiple boxes of. Not every cigar you come across will fall into that category.
  4. So err... Will we ever see a Australiano RE? Just planting that seed... Hehe 50 cab lanceros for the win!!!
  5. Churchill is 15 grams, so the tax would be about $21 AUD incl GST Basically it doubles the cost of any decent cigar The rate of duty is virtually the same rate as exchange traded gold or silver... When tobacco is more valuable than gold or silver...something is not quite right...
  6. Where I’ve gone boxes of 4 or more: RASS PSD4 BRC Picadores PSE2 VIGIA PLMC; PLP; Super Partagas; HUHC
  7. I’m in exactly the same predicament lmao 😂 1 espy or 2 colas probably the Espy given it’s higher price
  8. And your tastes might change too. Example I took a 13 year hiatus from cigars, only smoked non Cubans for the first year back, discovered Liga and Padron to be my favourites. Fast forward another 6 months, I cannot get enough of that sweet communist leaf, never really looked back since. At this point in time now, I have enough CC experience to be disappointed every time I smoke a young Cuban, because I can see the unfulfilled potential and think what a waste of a smoke this was had I waited another 2 years I’d have been so much happier, the disappointment of young cigars past is what gives me the strength to wait for the delayed gratification
  9. I like the Montesco format actually, particularly for its hefty feel. The only requirement is that I punch these to avoid them being jaw breakers. Otherwise o find they tend to smoke very well
  10. Keeping it current production... F: Behike K: anything Monte... M: CoLa, but I’ll take a Fundie too
  11. Sounds like you're looking for value. That being so, I'd run with 3-4 boxes of small ring guage cigars and if 45 mins is not long enough for you smoke another one. RASCC, Partagas Aristocrats, P Shorts, P Super Partagas, HUHC It'd be a shame to limit yourself to just one box. I mean, I love any particular cigar like the BBF but I'd surely get sick of it if it's the only thing I'm smoking all summer long
  12. Must get: 2-3 boxes of BRC, RASS, Picadores, Wide Churchills 1 Fundadores and Vigia 6-10 boxes 40-42 ring guage mixed marca Wish list: CoLa. More double coronas, partagas punch hdm. 1-2 boxes of torpedoes maybe SC or VR.

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