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  1. Rough tally would put these in the top 20, starting from most popular down RASS PLPC RYJ Churchill Sir Winston Lusitanias Connie A Fundadores CORO P.Shorts BRC P.898 Punch punch JL2 PSD4 PSE2 Esplendidos COLA Vigia Siglo 3 Siglo 6
  2. Wide for my tastes. Already have plenty of other favorite robustos (RASS, BRC) so the Wide is a welcomed change of pace.
  3. From my limited personal experience ... Trinidad Vigia PL Panetela, but fades in the final third PL Monte Carlos, but fades after end of first third The first 5 mins of every Cohiba Shorts
  4. CoRo RASS PSE2 BRC CoLa Esplendidos Vigia HUHC PLPC Lusitania / Fundadores
  5. I got RAG DIC 17 and pretty sure I’ve got ARS NOV 17 coming in. Never tried one before, just bought blind based on all the rave reviews over the years. Hoping to age one for the 10 year mark, and slowly smoke the other throughout the next decade
  6. Sir Sooty

    New Tobacco Rate In Oz

    When will the nightmare end? Spoke to Satesh of Melbourne LCDH a while back, he gives retail another 8 or so years before they'll be run out of business. Doesn't seem to be any cause for optimism here in Australia but one can only hope... Or be realistic and continue to load up inventory for the coming years until our individual pain barrier has been reached
  7. Sir Sooty

    2014 PLPC

    There must be some math method to this depending on how fast you smoke, like if I smoke 3 per week that's 6 boxes of 25 per year... That means I've got to go through 30 boxes in 5 years to age nd not touch that box of PLPC Maybe the simple answer is just to buy 2 boxes of everything for 5 years (or as a general rule for life) that way you'll ensure a running supply of aging inventory Stick one of the two boxes away, smoke the other And when you're down to your bottom row or final third, time to stock up again
  8. Oh yah I participated in that Reddit thread but only went as far as saying sweet floral twang. To me I look for five things making up the Cuban Twang Grass Honey Floral Sourdough Citrus
  9. Say you manage to buy 3 boxes of Vigia, 16/17/18 box codes. Do you age the 16 and 18, and smoke through the 17? After that, then what? It's now 2019 and only 2018 box codes are available, what's your next step? Buy 2 boxes and smoke which? How do people play this?
  10. Well I see this as a positive, in that your cigars are meant to be enjoyed and you want to test their progress as they age. I do get envious when someone posts a box of 2007 RASCC or whatever they bought...i just wished had the interest in cigars and the foresight to lock away a few boxes when I was 10 years younger!
  11. The thing I always say about fitness is that it requires consistency and discipline above all else, not motivation because motivation comes and goes. You'll often find that your best workouts come from days when you feel like absolute shit. Best way to lost fat is marathon type exercise like long distance cycling. Hope on a bike every Saturday morning without breakfast and go for 2-3 hours. Report back with your findings in 6 months
  12. Sir Sooty

    Factory Codes Running List

    My inventory doesn't have many sexy codes but this will add to the hive mind RAE JUN 15 -- RG Perlas *** TOR DEC 15 — RACA15 (sealed) PET FEB 16 — RASCC *** MEG MAR 16 -- HUCA OBM MAR 16 — PSD4 (rosado) **** MEG APR 16 — PSD4 *** PET MAY 16 — BPC (sealed) ETP MAY 16 — BBF * ETP JUN 16 — BPC * UTE JUL 16 — RASS **** AMO NOV 16 — COLA (sealed) **** ALO DIC 16 — RA Adriatico (& sealed) UTE FEB 17 — RASS (sealed) MEG MAR 17 — VR Unicos *** RAM APR 17 — Party Shorts * TEA APR 17 — HDMEE ** RMU MAY 17 — Vigia ETP MAY 17 — BRC (rosado) **** ETP MAY 17 — CORO *** OPS MAY 17 — JL1 ** MEL MAY 17 — JL2 ** MEG MAY 17 — HURR (& sealed) *** TEO JUN 17 — HUHC **** RAG JUL 17 -- Coloniales MSA AUG 17 — Lusitanias MSU SEP 17 — BRC ** RAG SEP 17 -- Reyes MSU NOV 17 — PSP2 ESL DEC 17 — Espys (sealed) LMB DEC 17 — Siglo 4
  13. Full fat coke — I keep a few small cans of this on standby in case I get the nicotine sweats. Root beer and cream soda are good alternatives. otherwise, honey milk tea in the majority of cases now. Ive stopped pairing with coffee now, only because it masks the coffee element in cigars. Takes about 3-5 puffs for the coffee to come back after each swig. I tried lemon spritzers and lemon black tea but somehow it really throws my palate out of whack. Mineral or tap water occasionally , but I much prefer a milk tea when it’s available.
  14. Soapy lavender from a DE undercrown once...I was also coming down with cold so might have been a factor. Intense green apples for about a 6 min section of a CoLa, god that was a beautiful’s been 8 months and I still dream of that cigar
  15. Sir Sooty

    Your first ever box buy?

    First ever box buy? Flor de las Antillas First CC box buy? x2 Bolivar Petit Corona

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