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  1. I would put The Wire up there as perhaps the best series I've ever watched. Was hooked on that show so much I watched it right through a second time. Only show I've ever done that with I think.....
  2. Exactly how I feel about GoT. Loved the books and the shows but the spark died slightly once the shows overtook the books. I'll still watch it as it's great TV but there is a little something missing now for me.
  3. Montecristo Petite Edmundo. Absolutely adore these!
  4. Great review! I'm currently smoking through a 2016 box and they're absolute flavour bombs. Perfect for a morning smoke.
  5. I love these sticks. Probably my favourite cigar. Like the OP says these are so consistent, I've smoked through 2 boxes of these and never had a bad or an average stick. Every one I've had hits the mark.
  6. I can relate to this! Only problem is I don't find it soothing, it makes my brain tick and I start researching reviews, prices etc!!
  7. I do like Rocky Patel sticks but the OP is bang on about them being hit and miss. I remember buying 2 sun grown maduro sticks from a B&M, let them rest for about 3 months then smoked the first one and it was honestly one of the best NCs I'd ever smoked, proper flavour-bomb. Couldn't wait to smoke the second one which I did a few days later and it was so bland and just very meh! In terms of consistency, the only blends I think that keep hitting the mark almost every time are the Vintage 1990 and the 1992. Probably the 15th Anniversary as well. Haven't tried all the blends so can't offer an opinion on them all.
  8. A fantastic looking box of RASS from a recent 24:24. I'll try one then let them rest for a couple of months.
  9. Radiohead OK Computer 20th anniversary edition. One of my favourite albums of all time, the anniversary edition just makes it even better.
  10. I've just come back from Playa del Carmen 3 days ago. Cuban cigar prices are ridiculous, higher than UK. Some of the authenticity is questionable too. I tried some Mexican cigars while I was there and they were pretty darn good. Check out Cigar Factory on 5th Avenue, there's A few of them on that street, they roll their own and their Mexican puro is surprisingly very nice. Be wary of cigar beetle damaged sticks though, I noticed a few. If you're determined to get Cubans then best go to the LCDH either in Playa or Cozumel (Cozumel is great so defo worth the ferry ride). I did see some Cubans in other shops but like I said the authenticity is questionable so best take you're own sticks with you, thats what i did. Last thing, please don't buy any glass topped fiver boxes of Cohiba torpedoes from the beach vendors!!

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