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  1. I commend you on an honest review. I feel like people resist giving negative reviews for loved cigars. A natural human response to wanting to belong I reckon.
  2. Riverstyx

    Cigar Room & Man Cave

    Looks great! How long did the project take start to finish?
  3. Andalusian Bull is fantastic. Prob my fav NC. But I need 3 hours to smoke it!
  4. Riverstyx

    Next FOHrensics topic

    Apologies, I was in a hurry. We've recently had some discussion on FOH about how much impact the flavor of the wrapper has on the cigar. I think it would be cool to rewrap several cigars where the whole cigar is wrapper. And then do the same thing with the binder, and then with the filler. And then compare the three different cigars - which has the most flavor, and which flavors you get from each. Rank which one was your favorite: original, all wrapper, all binder, all filler. I would assume it would be the untouched cigar that was the best, but you know what they say about people who assume. This could be done with several different cigars: try it with a thicker gauged full body, and a skinny mild smoke. Example: take a box of E2. Use just the wrappers to create a cigar that's similar in size to a normal E2 (this may take a bunch of wrappers.) Smoke and take notes. Repeat with filler, and binder. Of course, the end result would be completely subjective but it might be interesting to see what the judges thought about smoking just the wrapper, binder, filler.
  5. Riverstyx

    Next FOHrensics topic

    Rewrap cigars from same box: all wrapper, all binder, and all filler. Tasting notes and rank.
  6. This is my first ever cigar review, so bear with me. I'm having trouble with photos so they will be here in the 'morning. Also, I’m not one of those guys that can decipher precisely what the flavors are, and my description will likely be…unique. This was a Punch Double Corona Double Corona (LOM JUN 12) paired with Four Roses Small Batch. Warning: I'm not good at being good (this won’t be PG). The draw is extremely tight; maybe this one is plugged. In fact, the first third feels like I have a yeti foot fetish, but I’m rewarded with smooth, creamy toe jam flavors. Meanwhile, the bourbon adds spice-my experience is typically reversed. I might pick up a hint of vanilla in the bourbon. It’s hard to focus on the flavors of the cigar, though, when your jaw is aching like a boner after a 4-hour Viagra session without closure. Just like that 10 you picked up at the bar that turns out to be a 5.5 when you sober up halfway into it, you power through. Too much innuendo. This is the 6th cigar I’ve had out of this box, and the first that’s plugged. Bummer that this is the one I’m reviewing. Still, most of the flavors are there but not overpowering. What I love about a stick with age on it is that you don’t have to treat it like a virgin – retro the sh*t out of it without worrying about a dry burn. Dammit! I’m back on sexual references. What exactly are the flavors? To describe it in my own words, gasoline. Not in a bad way, more like the way a good permanent marker smells but with slightly less guilt, and with less concern about getting nauseous or receiving a stern ruler tap on the knuckles. I’m trying to be good: I usually get drunk on days that I smoke cigars, and especially on days that I don’t. But the bourbon is adding a nice balance. Both are pretty mellow. In fact, maybe I’ll do this whole experience again in the morning. Nah, to be honest I prefer a little more contrast. I’m not like you guys that love the Parti pepper, but I prefer one part of my experience to be a little rough around the edges-a little spice to life if you will. I’m well into the second third, and my apologies for not having the traditional flavor descriptions. The flavors are there, but I don’t want to just make them up. I’m better at comparing them. This one is definitely a milder smoke. Typical Punch, maybe some Dip flavors. I got tired of looking like Clinton playing the saxophone, so I found a tool. I lost my perfect draw tool in my recent move, so I’m left with this old Modus POS. One go round won’t do the trick any better than John Daly having an overnight stay at a rehab clinic. And I’m as careful as a jackhammer, which causes some rippin’ and tearin’. I haven’t talked about this novocaine…I mean bourbon, nearly enough. I’d say it’s as good as any at its job. And that’s speaking very highly of it. I’m getting a hint of who the F*ck cares, and it’s great. As good as the best I’ve had. Let me “analyze” it some more. Yep, more of the same. Back to the cigar--I’m still enjoying a smooth, tasty retrohale. That’s what I love about these aged cigars. I treat them however I want, and I’m rewarded no matter what…the damage I’ve inflicted has not dented the experience. There is absolutely no harshness here, so it’s easy to search for the flavors, whatever they are. I’ll note that the flavors haven’t changed. I’m not disappointed as I knew what I was getting myself into: a good aged cigar with slightly muted flavors. That’s what I was in the mood for. Maybe I should have opted for a more lively whiskey (in my case, Lagavulin!). As far as smoking cigars with some age go, I’d rate this at the lower end of my experiences. This doesn’t mean it wasn’t enjoyable; on the contrary, I quite enjoyed it. But poor construction negatively affects an experience, and in this case at least it was the first time out of this box. Nevertheless, I loved it all. Life is short, live it.
  7. Riverstyx

    Favorite Desktop Humidor

    I'm sure this has been asked a million times, but I couldn't find it when I searched. Also, which ones would you steer clear of? I have absolutely no need of one (I have several larger storage units), but with my birthday and Christmas coming up...I'm thinking what the hell. Maybe I'll get one to keep out in public with a few dozen or more cigars in it.
  8. I tried something similar awhile back when I got into CC...as you start smoking more you pretty much remember and don't need the notebook. I do keep an excel spreadsheet of my inventory, however.
  9. Riverstyx

    best movie trilogies

    Rambo - First three
  10. Riverstyx

    Cuban sandwich

    Pickles 🤮
  11. Riverstyx

    Cut to the chase....

    Sancho Panza Belicoso Bolivar Libertador
  12. Real high brow stuff here: Dumb and Dumber
  13. How is it? More flavorful than a typical cigar? Burn issues?

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