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  1. @El Presidente I’m curious why you’re asking - do you think it was a great year? Or just curious what the board thinks?
  2. For those that complain of the burning sensation - try it on a well-aged cigar. Most of the time, it takes most/all the burn out for a smooth retrohale.
  3. I was confident #2 was epi 2. It was as others described - completely lifeless. On #3, I was clueless but boli was one I ruled out...and I smoke a lot of boli.
  4. I’ll be mighty impressed with anyone that 2/3 right so far, including this one. This one is a crapshoot.
  5. This one is impossible to me. If it is a petit corona, Habanos.com shows 13 different potential cigars. I think I've narrowed it down to 11.
  6. 1.) LGC Orgullosos best fresh cigar I've had 2.) La Trova - not far behind 3.) Connie B
  7. I got it wrong...but partly because it’s an adjective and not a noun (according to wiki after voting).
  8. I’ve always thought it was kinda like an OCD thing. Nothing showy about it, just good clean lines. Or, just something silly like when I was a kid and I always waited until the end to eat the marshmallows. It made no sense but I liked it for whatever reason.
  9. Smoking my first RG 88 right now. I’m impressed with the flavors - unique.
  10. I have significant issues with mine...but they’re from the notorious year 2000
  11. My winnings from the random weekly review drawing. Stunning! Thanks FOH!!! Such a unique surprise.

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