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  1. Riverstyx

    Walk-in Humidor: Cooling

    Yeah, I ordered it a few weeks ago. He still had enough materials around at the time.
  2. Riverstyx

    Walk-in Humidor: Cooling

    Hi there, Bob is building me a walk-in humidor for one of my closets, and he will also provide humidification. I asked him about cooling, and he gave a couple of recommendations for split systems (e.g. Mitsubishi and Lennox). I've also seen some people use koolr. So my question: Any recommendations on a cooling system for a walk-in humidor?
  3. Riverstyx

    Left or Right?

    If these were SP beli, the left. Monte 2...right
  4. Riverstyx

    Wedding Cigars

    We had a roller at our wedding...it was a nice touch people talked about for a long time.
  5. Pepto doesn't work that great. Immodium works well, but can make you tired as hell. I was also prescribed some cipro as a preventative measure once. Doc said take immodium to keep in your stomach, and cipro to kill it (bacteria I presume).
  6. Riverstyx

    FOH Auctions Update

    Will 24:24 still have aged offerings?
  7. Perhaps just got a little too excited the first time you opened the box? Happens to the best of us.
  8. If someone knew I had a fake and didn't say anything, once I found out I'd be embarrassed. And I wouldn't trust the guy much.
  9. I commend you on an honest review. I feel like people resist giving negative reviews for loved cigars. A natural human response to wanting to belong I reckon.
  10. Riverstyx

    Cigar Room & Man Cave

    Looks great! How long did the project take start to finish?
  11. Andalusian Bull is fantastic. Prob my fav NC. But I need 3 hours to smoke it!
  12. Riverstyx

    Next FOHrensics topic

    Apologies, I was in a hurry. We've recently had some discussion on FOH about how much impact the flavor of the wrapper has on the cigar. I think it would be cool to rewrap several cigars where the whole cigar is wrapper. And then do the same thing with the binder, and then with the filler. And then compare the three different cigars - which has the most flavor, and which flavors you get from each. Rank which one was your favorite: original, all wrapper, all binder, all filler. I would assume it would be the untouched cigar that was the best, but you know what they say about people who assume. This could be done with several different cigars: try it with a thicker gauged full body, and a skinny mild smoke. Example: take a box of E2. Use just the wrappers to create a cigar that's similar in size to a normal E2 (this may take a bunch of wrappers.) Smoke and take notes. Repeat with filler, and binder. Of course, the end result would be completely subjective but it might be interesting to see what the judges thought about smoking just the wrapper, binder, filler.
  13. Riverstyx

    Next FOHrensics topic

    Rewrap cigars from same box: all wrapper, all binder, and all filler. Tasting notes and rank.

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