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  1. First, let me ask...how are the boli PC's? I love (most) boli as well as PCs but have yet to try a Boli PC. I got a box of the '14s too.
  2. I haven't had many great experiences with VR but I can totally get where you're coming from. To me, it's almost just a tobacco flavor and nothing else.
  3. I’ve tried one Luis GR. Totally forgettable. Maybe I should try something else.
  4. Riverstyx

    The Netherlands

    Amsterdam LCDH had a huge selection last time I was there. And a great aged selection to boot. Highly recommend.
  5. Riverstyx

    Upmann Connie A V's Connie B

    I love the B. It is a bit lighter but preferable to me. I’ve only smoked the A from a 2017 box I have. The cigars are gorgeous but the flavor isn’t. Not much flavor at all. Perhaps I need to try another box.
  6. Welp, this was the third cigar of the day and I was already three sheets to the wind by the time I started it. Golf, pool day, taco night...an all-round solid day. My palate may have been a bit off but I've had several of the last few weeks and this was consistent with the rest. The cigar was the same experience the whole way through. There was some deep earthy flavors, as well as a bit of cocoa. Despite having three years on them, there's still a bit harsh. That mongrel or what have you. I've found that with many of these small cigars everyone loves (parti shorts, El Principe, etc). I don't know why. Maybe more time will benefit them. I still liked most of the flavors that were there, they were just overshadowed by what I usually refer to as youth. I hope they mellow out a bit. I'll probably sit on the rest of these for a while. No use being let down over and over again. I can tell they have something good there if I can get over the harshness. I'd rate these 88.
  7. “Selling cigars, which cause an estimated 9,000 deaths a year in the United States,” Where does this number come from?
  8. I have never been to an area here as friendly as ybor. It’s ingrained in their culture. Ybor City, Tampa FOH 2020
  9. This is the first cigar I've smoked in my man cave. Ventilation was finished yesterday, first cigar today. Something about smoking inside lets me get more from the cigar. (Plus it's 90 degrees today in Florida). Perhaps it just lets me slow down and focus more. I'm pairing with a Ginger Beer. I've enjoyed every cigar out of this box - this is my fifth. Every one has been consistent. I think they'll benefit from some more age but they are already on their way. First third. I get earthy flavors. I'm not always a fan of the dark wrappers of the LE model, but this one is good. I got a very small floral hint, and then it was gone. A little bit stronger but still in the background is some chocolate. Second third. At one point I get a stronger floral note...and then it's gone again. Still some chocolate. Third third. Showing its youth. Still some darker flavors but nothing new. Starting to get harsh. I have a bit of a sore throat and I think my palate might be going. Time to pitch. Overall, this may have been the least good one out of the box, but still not bad. I'd rate it 89.
  10. Riverstyx

    Man Cave Build

    @LonesomeHabanoAficionado The ventilation system is a 560cfm variable rate fan.
  11. Riverstyx

    Man Cave Build

    There is still plenty of work to do, but here is an update. The ventilation is strong and loud (even though it came with a muffler!). Chairs will hopefully be in today. Still have to install cooling in humidor. Then plenty of details.
  12. I'm glad we got around to SP review weekend...this box I have from 2012 is one of the best I've got. I've loved all of them so far and I still have half the box. We had some friends over, so it was harder for me to focus on what flavors I tasted. The stick started out just like all of the other ones I've had. A smooth, perfect draw. Belicoso may be my favorite - good size, doesn't break any jaws, and most tend to have copious amounts of smoke. Once it warmed up I started to get hints of the flavors I've loved - the sorta salty flavors. There's also a gasoline-ish flavor I get from these but in a good way. I search for it. This cigar isn't as flavorful as the others I've had. As time goes on, I overheat the cigar searching for the flavors. This is a good cigar, but the worst out of this box so far. It could be that the chatting caused me to not pay attention and puff too frequently. Cigars are great with friends, but it's one thing that I think you can enjoy more alone; well, at least the flavors but maybe not the entire experience. Also, I've had several stiff drinks that may be throwing off my palate. I enjoyed the cigar, just not as much as I thought I would. I'd rate this one a 91.
  13. Riverstyx

    Booze run

    My wife loves a French 76: Vodka, Champagne, lemon juice and sugar. Usually topped off with a lemon garnish. Clear alcohol isn't my thing but I like 'em alright
  14. I have a buddy that has a cigar-inspired cologne. It's the only time I've wanted to wear cologne. Sadly, he refused to tell me where he got it from.
  15. The wrappers on this box are gorgeous. They're still young and I've been smoking through this box way too fast. If I could ensure myself I'd get a similar box, I'd buy 100 of 'em. Smells great cold, but the draw is firm. Hints of cocoa on the dry draw. Very well balanced. Lovely flavors. It is a firm draw which prevents me from getting enough smoke. It's just a little firm-some of you probably prefer it this way but it prevents me from fully enjoying. I like to take long, slow draws and that's difficult with this one. I'm thinking about using perfecdraw but will probably just truck through it. But it's an enjoyable cigar. Mild to medium-bodied. I'm not getting a ton of cherry but some toasted tobacco. Just real smooth and gentle. The draw is getting noticeably better as I get halfway through. It's a bit hot but not bad. Flavors are sticking with it. I can't explain them like some of you, but I'll say the good flavors are there. My rating: 92

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