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  1. I've only smoked a couple of these, and the other two were excellent examples. This one was no different. From the beginning, there was a gentle cream. For a fresh cigar, the retrohale was surprisingly gentle. I'd say the whole stick was mid-bodied. As it progressed I got more cream and some cedar. Maybe some nuts, and some bread. Smoothe, though. I will have to say the first third was the best, though. It progressively got worse, although it could have been that I was with mates and not focusing on my smoking and thus overheated the cigar. It wasn't bad, just not nearly as good as the first third. Overall, it was a great smoke but I can't wait to see how they progress. If the rest of the cigar ends up as good as the first third, it will be amazing. Already, I'd score this one a 93.
  2. @El Presidentewill the aged pcc stock sell through 24:24 or through auctions? Or neither?
  3. I smoked one for the review but didn’t find the time to write it up. I’ve had several and they’ve all been very good to me. In general, I agree about the EL program but these taste straight RyJ to me. Still probably not worth the premium tho.
  4. If you’re in central Florida you’re fine. I grew up there and now live on the coast of Florida. Definitely some people right on the coast (first couple of miles inland) need to worry but for everyone else you’ll likely be just fine. People like to get all worked up.
  5. I’m thoroughly enjoying this thread. Thanks @El Presidente
  6. Thanks. I'll primarily sit on the sidelines for now but keep watching
  7. Got ya, thanks. I think people who complain think of it from the buyer’s perspective. Maybe they ignore the transaction fee, I don’t know. The auction has been a huge net positive for cc, so kudos and thanks for doing it! With that said, more than once have I looked at a ~$500 box that I thought was reasonably priced and then remembered there is an additional $50 transaction fee and backed away. Any thoughts on doing a flat fee? Or declining % based on value? I’m sure this has been brought up before so my apologies for being redundant.
  8. Thanks for the color! Regarding "Analysis of final sell price reflects an average 5% year on year gain for everyday stock," does this take in to account the 10% buyers fee?
  9. For Rob, how many cigars does it take to (1) impact your ability to taste, and (2) destroy your ability to taste (i.e. how many is too many).
  10. I’ve smoked cigars for probably about 12 years. The first 6 years were primarily Ashton’s. One year my wife got me cigar of the month club. What a mistake she made! I started trying new things and wanted to try more new things. Some decent NCs and some bumps in the road but eventually I found CCs. I try NC here and there but dislike peppery Nicaraguan cigars, and most of the rest are leaving me wanting a CC. But sometimes I have a NC that makes me happy. That said, it has been at least a year since I’ve been happy with a NC.
  11. I just don’t get it. The price seems nuts for what it is. If it’s a show piece, it makes a little more sense. But for traveling, a plastic xikar seems more practical. That said, as many people that love them...maybe I’ll buy one some day...but not today.
  12. I keep my RH at 65 and still get some crunch
  13. I got some chocolate and cream from it in the beginning and then it got a little harsh.
  14. My issue: when I don't like a book it takes me a long time to read because I'm reluctant to pick it up. Two problems with this: I forget what's going on in the book and I read less in general since I'm procrastinating.
  15. When cigars start to become dull, I take a break. Seems to work every time: “Smoke not to dullness.” ...or something like that. Ben Franklin’s 14th virtue

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