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  1. I have a box ALO AUG 16. It's probably my favorite (fresh) Partagas right now. Flavors are there, but as El pres says, more mid-bodied. Not much spice.
  2. When I was about 25 I had a good friend living with me. As pres would say, "great bloke." Tons of fun to be around. He said he couldn't pay rent one month. A few days later he bought new golf clubs. I was livid. A verbal altercation ensued that almost turned to fisticuffs. I gave him a grace period to pay me back, and eventually, he did. I forgave him, but I put him in a different bucket as far as friends go. We're still great friends today, and he helped me through a tough time. BUT, I just know where the friendship ends - when there's money involved. He's not invited to anything that would require him to bring anything other than his humor.
  3. Riverstyx

    Need a Taco

    What sort of price should we expect?
  4. I've had some experience with these recently. Make sure it's clear who makes the DNR assessment too. And don't make the will too complicated (e.g. if three doctors all confirm...). It's no fun being on the other side making those decisions for someone.
  5. Riverstyx

    common misquotes...

    “Lucy, you’ve got some ‘splainin to do!” Was never said
  6. Riverstyx

    Question to the board

    My boxes are not purchased to be resold; however, I also see them as an asset that could be sold off if I were to die. No box code makes that more difficult.
  7. Riverstyx

    Introducing the "FOHnies"

    As if I needed one more reason to love this place! Thanks for the cigars! Both are top notch construction.
  8. Riverstyx

    Cigars Age Better in Cuba

    I agree smoking a cigar in Cuba is a superior "experience." However, this guy was talking about buying cigars that were aged in Cuba and smoking them elsewhere (e.g. in the US). Is this just one guy's opinion, or is this a thing anyone here has heard people say before? The guy made it sound like many agree. (Again, I'm not saying it's true just wondering if anyone here has heard this myth before.)
  9. @filltang I ordered same from same 24:24. Should be here tomorrow. If mine look anything like yours, I'm in for a treat!
  10. First, I don't believe this (if it were true, the anejado program would be far more successful!). I met a guy at a bar in the keys that swore this was a thing. I'd never even heard this before. Once I began discussing the range of preferences for temperature and relative humidity levels, he tuned out. Has anyone here heard someone say this before? Was it started by the guys selling Cohibas in glass boxes? Oh, he did gift me his favorite cigar: no lie...a Monte Open. I mustered up as much stoicism as I could, smiled and said "thank you."
  11. Sweet! What a nice Thursday morning surprise!
  12. If you find your way to Jacksonville, FL (or St. Augustine) let me know!
  13. I've given away multiple great cigars to the infrequent smoker, who then don't enjoy it (at least not as much as I'd expect). Sometimes I think I should have given them something lighter in body. I want them to have that great Cuban experience, but it lands flat. And in that case, I wish I'd rather have given them something cheap.
  14. When you have friends over that rarely smoke cigars, what's your go to cigar to give away? Something cheap and medium bodied?
  15. Get too stressed out about my options, try to do all of them, and end up feeling like I did too much and too little at the same time. Example: What to drink? Scotch, bourbon, then wine with dinner, followed by rum, regret and a hangover. Rinse and repeat.

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