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    fast cars, extra dirty vodka martinis (not at the same time), soccer, friends, single malts that aren't smokey, lazy days, wine and of course...cigars

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  1. I keep my desktop at around 62%, my coolerdor for long term storage at 68%. I don't have too many issues but if I do, its because its too wet, not too dry. Problems, to the extent they happen usually appear on a very humid day (I spoke outside always)
  2. Cuba's economy is government controlled and centrally planned. Market forces do not always apply in such an economy so misappropriation of resources is going to be pretty common. What makes sense in a free market (or mostly free market) will not make sense in a centrally planned one. Example: Soviet Union grocery failures, tons of potatoes and onions rot and go to waste but people lack other vegetables. Thousands of size 13 boots can be found, but no size 10s. Centrally planned economies don't work very well and the decisions of the planners are often impossible to explain.
  3. I might be up that way on April 21....just sayin'.
  4. I love love love Partagas Shorts!...I get a shot of toasted pecan flavor in there too...delicious!
  5. I can't make that one, (I'll be driving at New Jersey Motorsports Park) but go anyway and get that Herf started, I'll try to make the next one...thanks for doing this!
  6. My son lives in Falls Church, I might be able to get up there depending...keep me posted.
  7. Very nice handywork, makes a nice display!
  8. Nice article Ken! I agree with your thoughts. Glenmorangie makes excellent whiskey. The 10 Year Old is perhaps the best "starter" Scotch. That's where I started. Been through many bottles of that. I like it better than the more expensive Macallan 10 YO. Nectar D'Or is good too, I pick up the citrus there as you did. I have been through several bottles of Lasanta, it is my personal favorite. Just bought a bottle of Quinta Ruban, can't wait to try it. The Signet is going to have to wait...I have cigars to buy first! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Likes: Partagas D No. 4, Partagas Short, Padron 1964 Anniversary, many others Not so much: Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2....I just don't get it, tasteless to me, I guess I'm not sophisticated enough
  10. Take several of the same cigars from 68% RH humidor, put them in a dry box environment. Smoke 1 immediately at 68% then smoke the others at different intervals until the "optimum" amount of dry box time can be established. Take notes on each smoke. Maybe try it with a couple of different size cigars because the correct amount of time should vary with ring gauge.

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