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  1. I typically prefer smoking indoors, but usually have to smoke outside. Having said that, I very much enjoy having a nice meal outside with a cigar in the summer.
  2. My 4th of July smokes (posted a little late). RyJ Churchill and a Partagas Short
  3. Best was a LGC platinum RE paises bajos worst was a PSE 2... Wasn't great. Half of the cigar unraveled itself. don't have a box code for either. But I'm pretty sure the PSE 2 was a 17
  4. I have the colibri table cutter that has both the flat cut and the V. I find myself doing almost exclusively the v cut now. I do find it gives better draw at times. But even then sometimes I still need to use a perfec draw. I've never tried the X but one of these days I may just have to try it.
  5. I don't have any pets. My ideal pet would be a lion! though I'd settle for a Great Dane.
  6. I know someone that did this, would be an amazing experience for sure! My bucket list vacation is probably Monaco during the Grand Prix.
  7. It was a 4 cigar day today, but only took a pic of the last one. 3x P Seires D No 4 and an HdM Epi No 2
  8. My first 24:24 purchase. The waiting is finally over!
  9. Love the boat. I hope you'll continue to post pics as it progresses! on a side note, I always wanted a rc plane but couldn't bring myself to spend money on something I know would break the first day...
  10. I would tend to agree. I wouldn't want to be stuck on a plane with several people talking loudly on their phones because they are about to takeoff/land and feel the need to tell someone.
  11. They do now yes, but I also occasionally fly private. Of course I also carry around portable chargers these days, so I never have an issue.

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