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  1. These Esplendidos just arrived from a recent 24:24 order and they are glorious!
  2. Just arrived! I love getting back to back 24:24 orders within two days from each other. A box of of BBF and Dip No. 2!
  3. Trying something new.... A. Fuente Hemingway on the back patio with my boys.
  4. Very sorry for your loss. Goldens are amazing companions. We have a 4 month old puppy and he’s already a huge part of our lives. My thoughts go out to you.
  5. My recent 24:24 orders just arrived yesterday!
  6. Hello everyone, my name is Palmer and I'm from New Orleans. I'm very excited about becoming part of this community and look forward to meeting you fine folks! I've just started diving into the Habanos realm and can't wait to learn more from you all...cheers!

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