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  1. From the vantage of 2020, this EL has held up quite nicely. Very nice construction and even, smooth draw throughout. The predominant taste is leather. A very “lick the chops” leatheriness to this cigar. Following the leather, there are competing flavors of chocolate and cedar. The finish is light black pepper with a strong loamy and peaty aftertaste to chew on with the leather. A very decent smoke if one purchased in 2002, but I would not pay too much of a premium in the secondary market.
  2. Been lurking for a while, thought I’d dip a toe in. Newb to the Forum, but not to cigars...started smoking in the 90’s, moved exclusively to Cubans and then discovered the joys of vintage and aged Cuban cigars. During the 2000’s was an active member on another board (can’t remember which) under the handle qban4me, where I made some wonderful friends, herf buddies and trading partners across the country. Would be great to reconnect with any, or make new ones. Thanks in advance for the welcome, Lewis.
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