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  1. Sadly prior to 2017 I was a buy and smoke cigar man so my older boxes are looooong gone. Only recently have I invested and started aging, coincidentally right at the time I found this forum. Since 2017, I haven’t seen a stretch of quality that touches on late 2019 through 2020 production and can only hope this trend continues.
  2. Asking a raiders fan to root for a division rival or Tom Brady... they’ll never forget the snow bowl of 02 and they’re born and bred to hate the Chiefs, you guys are nuts! sidenote I’m from Boston and that was EASILY an incomplete pass! Bucs by a million
  3. Saw this on Instagram and thought wow, Ken would love that! He’s always saying the cigars Rob brings over are too skinny @El Presidente @Ken Gargett
  4. I’m also in San Diego let’s make something happen
  5. Your Regular Production Cigar of the Year (2017 - 2020 production). Rio Seco, hands down. From cigar to cigar the consistency was phenomenal and the burn and draw was never a let down. Mild to medium, woody, creamy, a touch of ginger spice to flesh it out... might smoke one today! Your Specialty Production Cigar of the Year (2017 - 2020 production). This one is a bit tougher as I love the punch 8-9-8 dearly, snagged 5 boxes and I’m thinking two more are in order but... I smoked a Supremos last night... I have two boxes but I think I need 20. That cigar... my cigar of the
  6. I've never frozen a single cigar and to my knowledge haven't had any problems. I trust the fine folks at FoH. Maybe I should, I'm not sure but I haven't had a beetle problem in my 5 years buying here.
  7. The original run of Monte 80 from SOM and MOR DIC 15. HSA set out to create a classy top shelf cigar and did so outstandingly.
  8. Only the price of your first born for a box of 10!
  9. Thank God for saving all of my reviews on an app that I can sort by box code! Ive reviewed two cigars from 18 and beyond, a Montecristo Especial No 2 and a Cohiba Corona Especial. Oddly they’re the same vitola. I’ve also smoked a Romeo Y Julieta Tacos that I received from the FOHnies but didn’t score it. I wish I had because I believe that would’ve been my top contender. Absolute DYNAMITE cigar. Thankful to have a box resting. Of the other two, I scored the Monte a 89 and the Cohiba a 93. Without my review template in front of me I’d guess the RYJ was around a 95, the construction and bur
  10. Does anyone have any SC El Torreon jars or have a line on where to get one? Not looking for the cigars, just the jar. Thanks!
  11. Thanks guys! Looking forward to picking some up for football season!
  12. Hey guys, anyone here have a lot of experience with Cuban rums, specifically Havana club? Is the quality control on the rum as poor as the quality control on the cigars? I’m planning on picking up a few bottles but don’t want to splurge if it’s not worth it. Thanks!
  13. Alright guys, since it’s this themed review weekend I decided to review a cigar that I had smoked about a month ago and it scored a 96. Could be an outlier as tonight’s scored an 86, very interested to see where the rest fall. As always, the review is on my Instagram (Josh.hooper7) so if you like what you see stop by and give me a follow! The full review is below. Gorgeous sheen. Tight seams, decent size veins. Firm and evenly packed. Last one I smoked holds the #1 spot of ‘19 so far, let’s hope this one finishes the same. Perfect draw. (1/3) opens up rich and smooth, medium full b
  14. Finally! Can’t wait to get my hands on a box.

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