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  1. I chuckle every time I read people asking you if you have PSP grade cigars en route. It’s as if you order clearance and seconds from HSA on personal preference. Guys, the idea behind the grading system is @El Presidente opens up the master cases AFTER he receives them and sorts through and grades. Hard to grade a master case you have yet to receive!
  2. Does anyone have any SC El Torreon jars or have a line on where to get one? Not looking for the cigars, just the jar. Thanks!
  3. Thanks guys! Looking forward to picking some up for football season!
  4. Hey guys, anyone here have a lot of experience with Cuban rums, specifically Havana club? Is the quality control on the rum as poor as the quality control on the cigars? I’m planning on picking up a few bottles but don’t want to splurge if it’s not worth it. Thanks!
  5. Alright guys, since it’s this themed review weekend I decided to review a cigar that I had smoked about a month ago and it scored a 96. Could be an outlier as tonight’s scored an 86, very interested to see where the rest fall. As always, the review is on my Instagram (Josh.hooper7) so if you like what you see stop by and give me a follow! The full review is below. Gorgeous sheen. Tight seams, decent size veins. Firm and evenly packed. Last one I smoked holds the #1 spot of ‘19 so far, let’s hope this one finishes the same. Perfect draw. (1/3) opens up rich and smooth, medium full body. Clean and toasty tobacco dominates the start with a touch of citrus peel. Toasted tobacco in the cheeks and a stonefruit sweetness on the palate over the course of its long finish. A leathery note joins the fold. Citrus peel takes on an orange peel flavor. Fleeting notes of cocoa on the fringes. Beautiful aroma. Wonky burn required a touch up. (2/3) orange peel dominates the draw. Finish is still long but less fruity and sweet and more dominantly rich tobacco. Rich earth joins the foray. Orange peel picks up a sweetness to it and drowns out the earth. Burn requires another touch up. Orange peel and a baking spice throughout. (3/3) into the final third you get a very minor bitterness on the palate. Spicy on the lips, rich smoke. Orange peel returns with the bitter flavors on the palate, no sweetness. Damn forest floor earthiness on the draw. One last touch up required. Final third is all earth and orange peel. Baker spice on the tongue throughout the finish. Overall this was a good cigar. Not a 96 pointer like the last JL2 but at the price point you can’t expect that every time. Left me wanting a bit more complexity and sweetness but it was still a good cigar nonetheless. The average of the two rating so far is 91, looking forward to smoking a third to gauge the average. Final smoke time: 54 minutes. Overall rating: 86 Appearance - 5/5 Construction - 6/10 Burn - 5/10 Draw - 10/10 Flavor - 23/25 Smoke Temp - 5/5 Final Impression - 32/35
  6. Finally! Can’t wait to get my hands on a box.
  7. I really ought to get into smoking my cigars young, but there is something about having a complete box that is just downright sexy. A box of cigars is like a hundred dollar bill, once you break it it's easy to watch whats remaining disappear. That said, I take the Hunters & Frankau approach and don't touch a box until at least 2 years after the box date. FEB 17 got busted into in MARCH 19 for example. Two years is by no means aged, but the first two years allow a cigars edges to mellow out while still carrying a rich delivery. All of my cigars 5+ years of age still retain a bit of the initial characteristic that made them enjoyable, but it's more a one dimensional enjoyment rather than a complex journey. I enjoy both. I've got such a large stock and such a bad buying problem I'll probably sit on some of the boxes in my humidor for 10-15 years before they get touched. I guess that's a good problem to have!
  8. I’ve currently got a 150qt cooler that houses all of my full boxes and a custom built wineador that holds about 600 singles. I used to empty entire boxes into the wineador from the cooler when space would permit, but now both units are mostly full. I’m currently waiting for a custom built cabinet to come in. (84x42x20) It’s got 4 angled shelves to display open boxes with enough depth to keep full boxes behind the displayed boxes with two sliding glass doors, and two solid wood doors on the lower 1/3 where I can keep entirely full boxes. At the top of the bottom section just before the sliding glass doors there is a pull out drawer 4 inches deep that will hold all of my loose cigars, roughly has enough space for 500-600. The plan is to move boxes to the drawer once they’re a quarter full, keep them displayed until then, and keep full boxes below. I’ll probably maintain the cooler as well because as we all know there’s no such thing as too much storage and definitely no such thing as too many cigars.
  9. @El Presidente @WarriorPrincess Please help those of us on the brink of divorce with the following option. Love always!
  10. Alright guys, just smoked a JLS2 for the first time since I got the box two years ago. Let me preface this by saying this is my highest rated cigar to date, tied only with a Davidoff Art Edition 2016, a $45 cigar. 96 points overall, the only minor flaw was a burn that self corrected. Loss of one point in each third the burn was wonky paired with a loss of a point in each third the burn was wonky for construction. If you have this box code smoke them now, they’re exquisite. This is going to be hard to beat, at $8 to boot! The full review follows. If you like my review and want to see all of my reviews check out my Instagram, Josh.hooper7, and if you want me to keep posting here let me know! Beautiful sheen. Awesome construction. Draw has the tiniest bit of resistance. (1/3) right away opens up a bit over medium bodied. Big toasted tobacco on the palate. Touch of pepper on the tongue. Cuban twang, bit earthy in the background. Bitter citrus peels on the nose. Leathery. Rich, velvety smoke. End of the first third gets the tiniest hint of sweetness. (2/3) picks up a creaminess paired with the citrus peel. Finish is still long and all rich tobacco with a spice on the tongue. Touch over medium bodied and medium strength. Didn’t expect this punch! Retrohale picks up a very interesting flavor that reminds me of breathing out of your nose after a sip of sherry cask whiskey. Burn is a bit wonky but self correcting. Oddly hoping something goes wrong because I can’t find any fault in this, it can’t be my highest rated cigar! (3/3) Final third continues medium plus in body. Rich and velvety smoke with flavors beginning to mesh. Spice persists on the tongue. Burn still wonky but self correcting, the only flaw here. Toward the nub the orange persists through the nose and a semisweet vanilla creeps in. This cigar... wow. Tied as my highest rated cigar with a Davidoff Art Edition 2016. Price aside this is an outstanding smoke, pair the rating with the price of around $8 and its value is untouched. If there was a value factor this would be a 100 point smoke. Final smoke time: 57 minutes. Overall rating: 96. Classic! Appearance - 5/5 Construction - 8/10 Burn - 8/10 Draw - 10/10 Flavor - 25/25 Smoke Temp - 5/5 Final Impression - 35/35
  11. Thanks! Definitely a medium bodied cigar, the longer they sit the less robust the flavor delivery and the more nuanced the flavors become as they begin to meld. The app is CigarConnoisseur, costs $4.99 but its invaluable to me. Lets you add unlimited amount of humidors and add all of the inventory you're keeping in each.
  12. What a weekend, and the festivities aren’t even over! My wedding anniversary is June 14, today is father’s day (16), and my birthday is Wednesday! The local butcher shop brings in A5 Wagyu for father’s day and traditionally I pick up an 8oz for dinner. Since were celebrating father’s fay with family I decided to celebrate for myself a day early with my favorite Monte 2, a great bottle of wine and my steak. I review every cigar I smoke on an app on my phone that tracks my inventory and the average rating of cigars by brand/vitola etc, so copying and pasting this review over to here will be easy. The cigar! Good color, lacks in sheen. Perfect spongy feel in the fingers, only construction flaw is on the seam where it is clearly elevated off the binder. Good sized veins. (1/3) Opens up with toasted tobacco and rich nuts. All cream and nuts. Toward the end of he first third cream persists and a coffee joins the fold. Medium body. (2/3) Cream, nuts and typical Montecristo earth on the palate. Retrohale carries a touch of coffee. Cut it again due to a tar buildup. I’m getting the tiniest hint of spice on my tongue immediately after a puff, doesn’t stick around long. Burn getting a bit wonky, required a touch up. (3/3) Earthiness ramps up in dominance. Bit of spice on the tongue remains. Burn is wonky again, touched it up and cut it once more to remove the tarriness. Musty earth dominates the final third. Coffee and nuts fade, a rich creamy earth is all that’s left. Flavors were rich and consistent throughout, can’t complain there. The wonky burn was a nuisance but it was still very enjoyable. Not the best Monte 2, but still a very good cigar. Final smoke time: 1 hr 7 minutes. Overall rating: 89 Appearance - 3/5 Construction - 8/10 Burn - 6/10 Draw - 10/10 Flavor - 25/25 Smoke Temp - 5/5 Final Impression - 32/35 This box of Montes was my first buy from 24:24 2 years ago, crazy how my collection has grown since then. This specific box was under filled entirely but none of the cigars have been bad. My app says they average 89 overall with the 3 I’ve reviewed. I use the Cigar Aficionado scoring model and try my hardest to be bias. Here’s a few pictures of the app for anyone who’s as OCD as I am, truly amazing for knowing what I have and how cigars are smoking. If you select a cigar for review it automatically removes it from your inventory too which is super nice and makes for less work!
  13. I got a nice new pair of sunglasses today, they’re the Bose ones with hidden speakers. My birthday is on a Wednesday so I told her to save the heavy hitters until then! And then her birthday is the 29th. June is a wildly expensive month for us! thanks everybody for the anniversary wishes!
  14. Slyly slipped the link to the Leyendas on 24:24 to my wife and told her I’d love them as an anniversary gift. Well, this is the best homemade card I’ve ever received!!
  15. No I’m not, I thought the trade show was open to the public.
  16. Anybody in here planning on going to IPCPR this year? It’s my wife’s birthday weekend so we’re heading to Vegas for the weekend and she’s okay with going to the convention both Saturday and Sunday from 10-5. If anybody here is going we should get together for a cigar! Josh
  17. *gracious bow* thank you so much! I love this forum for its cigar content, I was thrilled there are equally as many coffee geeks too!
  18. Well of course, the Avallo only holds 75-100 boxes since I’ll be utilizing the top shelves for display purposes, the cigars for long term aging will stay in the cooler 😁
  19. *as a group* hi Andy! I get the mail before my wife sees it too luckily. I actually have a 150qt cooler hidden in our second guest room closet, the guest room our daughter uses as a play room. In October I’m placing an order for a custom avallo that’s going to sit next to my computer desk in our loft. 40 inches wide by 72 inches tall. No more hiding 😢
  20. Buying boxes I’ve never smoked is a problem unique to 24:24, Rob and the team have done a wonderful job with that. If Jesus could turn water to wine I believe @El Presidente can turn cigars into crack. I certainly buy/smoke them that way at least.
  21. You’re totally right hahahaha @irratebass thank you for that! My problem is that I’m not in debt or carrying a balance to buy cigars and I do still contribute a lot to my 401k and my general savings, but 95% of my other disposable income goes to cigars. My wife doesn’t go without, nor my daughter, but my savings could be ridiculous with cigars. Alas, cigars only gain value as time goes on so I can add them to my net worth, but that requires actually wanting to sell them.
  22. Good morning FOH! I’m josh, and I need your help. I think all of us suffer from cigar acquisition disorder and boy does it get bad sometimes. Since April I’m in the hole for $3450, $1975 coming in May alone. Im married and I love my wife, if my CAD continues down this path I will probably remain married but my wife might yell at me and nobody likes being yelled at. I’d like to swear off cigar shopping until August, a deep plunge into the windows only but I think I can do it with some of your help! Any of you guys ever blink and accidentally email Di 6 times in two weeks and somehow have more cigars arriving than are being smoked? I’d love to hear some stories! Cheers, Josh edit: the only cigars I will buy if they ever make an appearance is the Upmann Propios*
  23. I buy 125 cigars per month and only smoke 30-35. I don’t know what this excess inventory is.

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