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  1. I don't think it was mentioned but it could be the environment you are smoking in (too hot/humid).
  2. I had this exact same thing happen when I moved from a storage bin to a Whynter CHC-251s. I noticed that cigars in the middle of the unit were noticeably squishy, almost wet in some spots (confirmed by trying to smoke one of the Reyes, horrible!). After months of adding fans (3 in total) + moving them around & playing Tetris (two key steps) I finally got it to where It was perfect (stable temp & rH). I ditched the drawers and used the bare minimum number of shelves. There is a 120 mm fan behind the Siglo IV's pointing directly upwards. Below the Secretos I have a 80 mm 3500 rpm fan blowing towards the door (this thing really moves some air) and on the top I have a centrifugal fan pointing towards the back. All of this was hooked up to a on/off timer set to run for 2 minutes every 30 minutes. Also made sure to leave enough gaps between the boxes and the walls to allow for air flow. After moving to a house with a basement (~ 65-68 f year-round) I ditched the wineador for two huge pelican cases (waterproof/airtight) with 65% Boveda packs. Personally I wish I never got the thing and I will never go back to using a TE cooler and I would recommend that to you as well.
  3. I have a unique one to add; big sinks with short faucets.
  4. I have the same box code, got it at the Rainbow Bridge (?) Duty Free. Only tried a few so far but from memory the burn has been excellent and the flavors balanced, complex floral/light vanilla notes w/ some milk chocolate as it transitions...every time I smoke one (or see it posted) I regret not getting the last box
  5. Just got caught up on the past months activity and ... damn 😮 ... 🤔 ... I need more storage & more money That would be I. No worries, it's been a hectic 2 months for me as well ... haven't had a smoke in over a month! I'm glad you liked it. I smoked one ROTT back in the spring and It was underwhelming (I think I mentioned it to you, around the time you were planning out this pass). ' I guess its time to revisit them now that they are rested and my palate is fresh. You are so lucky you have that option...It wasn't fun trying to figure out the best way to get my whole collection (~ 500 cigars) into Canada 😟
  6. Yeah I was trying to point out how the gov already taxes the crap out of Cigars. Might as well just ban them at these prices ... on second thought lets not give them any ideas haha.
  7. So I went to a higher end B&M today north of Toronto looking to grab a few singles (damn QdO No. 50's are impossible to find). I wasn't totally shocked by the prices ($48 Dip #2 anyone? how about a $175+ Talisman?) but I was surprised at the lack of selection & some suspect looking boxes (Robs "seconds" would put these to shame). I walked out with a new found appreciation of this place. Where else can you get a constant stream of quality cigars at great prices...
  8. Nice to meet you mrmessy. Sorry everyone for the super late post. I know everyone is waiting for the eye candy so here it is. Takes: Puts:
  9. Its been a busy month. Blew the budget for a while, but I think it was worth it...
  10. That looks like a lot of hard work Colin, thank you for setting it all up. I for one can't wait to open that package and rummage through the goodies. PS. You couldn't pay me enough to jump out of a plane
  11. Alright, the constant rave reviews got to me. Would appreciate it if someone pointed me in the right direction to these Dantes (singles/box) via PM'ed. Thanks in advance.
  12. This! Sweet to the point of reminding me of candy with a floral/perfume like scent mixed in from start to finish. (In a good way mind you)
  13. Yup, no issues at all with mine. I love the easy flame adjustment, clear butane reservoir and the single torch is ideal for touch-ups. Add the life time no hassle warranty and its the perfect lighter IMO.

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