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  1. marquardt65

    Fantasy football league?

    sorry mods, did not see the thread in the watering hole, close this please?
  2. marquardt65

    Fantasy football league?

    Is the FOH fantasy league happening again this year? just curious as we are getting close to the start of the season.
  3. marquardt65

    What are "Clubs"?

  4. marquardt65

    Outdoor smoking in summer

    Conditions in Southern Ontario, Canada are great right now. Love this type of weather, I am not a big fan of sweating buckets while having a stick, but if I can sit outside comfortably, I'll have 2-3.
  5. ie; Varnished 898. I am a big fan of packaging, being a lover of single malt scotch, the packaging will draw the eye, as any marketing tactic is meant to do. This sometimes does not come into play for me, some of my favorite single malts have terrible packaging. It's all dependent on preference for me. The thing for me with cigars is this, if I like what I see, i'll try it. I dabble in a bit of custom ashtrays made from cigar boxes so if the package on a single cigar box is cool enough and unique enough, I may stake a stab at it.
  6. marquardt65

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    RyJ Belicosos while the rain ruins my gardening plans. Happy Smoking!
  7. marquardt65

    Put a face to the name Comp

    My best smoking buddy and I Chris. I'm on the right. Too bad he lives 1500 km away and we only get to see each other once a year. We make the most of it. The wife and I on New years and of course the glue that holds it all together is my 3 boys.
  8. @BellevilleMXZ I'm in Oshawa, another few here, and a few out stouffville and Toronto way I have contact with. If you ever are passing through, drop me a line.
  9. First full box purchase from a co-worker who went to veradero. Box of HUHC and I traded him one for one of his Trinidad Reyes.
  10. Sunday or Monday (ny) would be great for me if there is still room. Thanks Prez!
  11. I am both a Minnesota Vikings fan and Toronto Maple Leafs fan....tell me I don't know heartbreak lol
  12. marquardt65

    Alfonso Custom Rolls

    those look tasty. I hope that if he is not there, they have some in stock. For those of you who have experience. What can I look at in terms of pricing?
  13. marquardt65

    why 911?

    haha its ridiculous how far we have come with tech
  14. Check this post by @pandyboy Hopefully it helps!

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