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  1. Great insight into the marketing B/S of the EL's . Totally agree those dark wrappers all taste same, put any band on one and you wouldn't know. Lesson learned few years ago, never buy more than couple single's again.
  2. BRC BPC There's not a torpedo I really love! So given up on them.
  3. The roads to Moscow (SiFi) A three book series by David Wingrove. A mind bending trip for The Relentless War through Time.
  4. Never watched an episode Infact never had Netflix or any payed TV service. Can't understand why anyone would pay to watch tripe & still cop adds!
  5. Been meaning to try pack or two of these
  6. Don't think there's any problem talking about Custom Rolls.
  7. Watch 20,000BC last week Raquel Welch was Smoking!
  8. When buying cigars... “Doyou feel lucky, punk? Well, do ya
  9. Let me remind you currently India 5 centuries Aussies 0 No Aussie batsman past 72!
  10. Congratulations Ali Cook......and God save the Queen because nothing will save the current Australian test team!
  11. Here in OZ at Dan Murphy's selling Russell Reserve single barrel same price as White label ($67)

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