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  1. Used to like this one when I was much younger. Wouldn't mind buying one again.
  2. Bolivar - BBF, BRC Cohiba - Esplendidos, CoLa HdM - Epicure Especial, Double Corona H Upmann - mag 46, Sir Winston Montecristo - #2, #4 Partagas - 898, Shorts Por Larrañaga - PLPC, Montecarlos Ramon Allones - RASS, Gigantes RyJ - Short Churchill, Exhibition #4 Trinidad - Fundadores, Coloniales
  3. Exclusives indeed. Sorry for the mistake.
  4. Like others have said, I'd focus my energy on harder to find cigars and customs. Look for regionals like Upmann RR, Hoyo Elegantes, or RA Superiores. These are much cheaper in Cuba. Same is true for Upmann Noellas and Connie A. Trinidad and Cohiba in general are also cheaper. Don't buy Sir Winston there if you are going in early December, but do pm me where you saw it.
  5. 1. Partagas Shorts 2. Trinidad Coloniales or HUPC 3. RASS 4. Mag 46 5. HdM Epicure Especial 6. Monte #2 7. Partagas 898 8. HUSW 9. Trinidad Fundadores 10. Lusitania Maybe I'd replace the Epicure Especial or Colonials with the Montecristo Dantes. The ones that I'll miss the most are D4, CoRo

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