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  1. Congrats on the journey, (which is actually just begging) so so envious of you!!!! Live it love it!!!!
  2. Not replacing the toilet paper roll!!!!!!!! Belching in public and not saying excuse me...
  3. Sweet just wish I could make Havanathon!!!!
  4. Pyramid Plus - 52 X 7" Monte #2 Bolivar Belicosos as El Pres calls it "The Guinness of cigars!!!
  5. Depends on if I am cooking; whole hog probably 4 or 5, Boston Butts 2-3. Just depends....normal week 3-4.
  6. Welcome to the forum Gerry, I am a newbie as well and also from North Carolina, Newport.
  7. Hello all, Originally from Michigan, United States Marine Corps took me around the world and I have retired and settled in Newport North Carolina. Presently working as an analyst for the AH-1Z and UH-1Y Helicopters. Love the outdoors, (Hunting "Archery", Fishing, Boating, Camping anything outdoors) Preference in cigars is FULL!!! Like to indulge in adult beverages, favorite beer is Guinness favorite Scotch right now is Johnnie Walker "Double" Black. favorite Whiskey presently is Tin Cup.... First Cigar I was introduced to was a Montecristo #2 20 some years ago and it is still my favorite... Thank-you Allen

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