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  1. Mine was simplistic. We went to the jeweler, she picked out a matching her/his set and said "Those". We went to the cashier and I paid the tab. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
  2. Nice digs. You probably paid more for that renovation then I did for my entire house. lol I am in the Corrupt Republik of IL as well, about 70 miles West of downtown proper... and it's not nearly far enough away. .
  3. Damn, I was expecting a picture of something else.
  4. Congrats Di! Awesome fish and with that smile looks like you may be hooked on fishing. And any day fishing beats any day in the office by a long shot.
  5. Never had the urge to smoke a cigar in bed or even bedside. When I go to bed, I'm there for one of two reasons- So 99.99% of the time I do the sleep thing since the old lady is usually already asleep. I smoke as much as I can on my deck in the backyard, as I enjoy being outside more than inside. In the winter or rainy/humid summer days, I have a smoking lounge in my house I use- has a TV and soft chair for me to relax and enjoy my smokes.
  6. Looking like it's moving along well. Good stuff in there. Are there enough 5 finger bags? I sent the other half of what Tyler sent me back to him. .
  7. Don't know which you're referring to in "where from"? Me in IL 75 miles West of Chicago. The Fuente's I bought were from another another cigar site. Just ordered a couple boxes of Butera Mira Bellas today. .
  8. And if you're an IL resident, the tobacco taxes in certain counties suck donkey balls. When I make purchases from CDM, I shop online and have shipped to an out of state address to avoid the ridiculous taxes. And yes, having them shipped back to me from another state I come out ahead vs. purchasing in store. Example- I went in to purchase a $125 box of cigars and it was $55.xx in tax being an IL resident. I purchase the same box online at $125, add $5 shipping to an out of state addy and another $9 to ship back to me = Win. To the point of the thread- I purchased an aged lot of 75 or so of various Fuentes/Padrons from 2011/2012 era recently. .
  9. Shipped today to projectal (although that's backward according to the list) that's what Wertman told me... blame him if that's wrong (J/K!), should be delivered tomorrow. 9505 5135 9883 8008 2543 34 There's a package of 100, 5 finger bags now in the box for future pass players. Everyone should thank CrankYanker for those. .
  10. All PMs responded too. I have the box, sorted through and sent Wertman my proposed Takes/Puts. Just waiting on his blessing before sending off to the next in line. .
  11. VR Classico, Dip. 1, and probably a few others, but I'm getting old and don't remember so well that far back any more. So I don't know if they'd count, since I don't remember them anyway? . .
  12. Ooooo! Ooooo! Pick me! Pick me! Dang the luck, I don't get the pass right after Zepp. Some good looking stuff in there so far. Looking forward to getting to dig through everything once it gets here. .

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