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  1. Update 5: Its been a little slow going lately, sorry. We’re in the middle of a pool install that’s taking priority. I did get the bottom lined: And have the ceiling pieces roughly cut to size. They just need some minor edge trimming to fit the not so square interior. Next update should have the ceiling in and the back wall installation (and possibly side walls). Then I can start addressing center cabinet support for shelves/drawers and working on the layout.
  2. I can only dream of having a walk-in, so I have to relevant experience. But I wanted to share a video series of a guy that’s done a similar closet (maybe a little smaller). Not sure if you’ve seen it or not, but he goes through his whole process over several videos. He chose an interesting species to line the closet with, that I don’t think I would have, but it works for him. Good luck and keep us posted.
  3. Update 4: Doesn’t look like much, but stripping and sanding this beast was a process. I also had to swap shops. I ran out of elbow room and floor space for the table and miter saws in the big garage. So, the 76 Jeep CJ5 temporarily lost its home in the single garage and has to sleep with the wife’s car for a while. But that’s all behind me. Sanding is done and first strip of 1/4 cedar is in and drying. I’m gluing the strips that line the front since they’re so narrow for a snug fit. I think I’ll edge band the door openings with some unbacked mahogany veneer.
  4. Thanks. You’re absolutely right. That’s the conclusion I’ve come to as well. That’s my weekend. Strip, sand and condition the whole cabinet. Next update it’ll be down to bare wood. After that I’ll move on to the sexy interior humidor stuff and wait to stain and seal toward the end. It’ll be flipped on it’s side several times before then anyway. I act like it’s a chore, but it’s not a bad way to spend a rainy weekend.
  5. Update 3 Got the top glued back together and put back in its place. I didn’t get the gap completely closed, but it’s much better. Cleaned it up and put down a coat of Restor-a-finish to see how well it covered up the stains. Did the same to one of the panels on the really bad side. I got as much of the white off as I could without stripping into the wood and put a coat on. It definitely looks better and has some luster, but it doesn’t blend or cover stains like I’d hoped. This is the Golden Oak version and is the lightest I’ve attempted to use. The darker colors
  6. Good timing on this post. I'll be putting Govee LED RGB strips in the cabinet I’m converting and came across these as well. I was hoping somebody around here was using them and could provide some feedback on their experience. Glad to hear you like it.
  7. Just some minor finish testing today. I'm really hoping I can get away with just a good cleaning, some Restor-a-Finish, a good waxing and call it good. I've had good results with the product on some previous restorations, so I'm hopeful. I don't want a new looking finish. I'd like to keep some of the character of the piece. But... It looks like a previous owner tried to white wash it or paint it previously. It's only bad on one side and spots on the doors. I really don't want to have to sand this out, so I'm up for suggestions. In the meantime, I cleaned up the doors and gave
  8. How quickly a year goes by. I picked this icebox up last May and gutted the inside. Good intentions aside, life and other projects pushed this to the back burner. It's been sitting in the garage since; whispering my name every time I pass, and mocking me as I complete other Honey-dos. I finally have the time to get back to it and have since sourced some 1/4 Spanish cedar to slap in her. Probably nowhere near enough, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. And the ambient humidity here will be mid 60s to high 70s through the summer, so no time like the present. My apologies,
  9. Haven't had the pleasure of experiencing Cuba. Some day I hope to.
  10. I agree with smoking after dining. A very satisfying experience.
  11. So the Bond Roberts 1978 Du Roi auction sent me down an interwebs rabbit hole researching "vintage" cigars, and I came across this 2012 article about a cigar tasting centered around a five course meal. Here's the article if you so desire: While they're obviously smoking fabulous cigars and dining on fabulous courses, I couldn't help but wonder if I would enjoy the experience. It's hard enough for me to pair the right drink with my smoke, I can't imagine trying to discern all the different flavors of eating as
  12. Geez, you guys are never happy! Always complaining about tent pegs or wind tunnels, so Cuba develops an adjustable draw insert and you guys still freak out!
  13. Yes I did. Now that you mention it, I do remember it going on your doors. Thanks for all the help.
  14. Thanks for the suggestions fellas. I’m leaning toward sanding. I have the equipment and proper respirator. I’m not real keen to stripping inside the box. @BuzzArd, I’m in North Texas and we’ll average 60-70 rh through the summer. I was hoping storing the cedar in my garage for a month or so would suffice. How much expansion did you experience? Also, did notice any moisture transference to the structure of the ice box? I’m debating applying a vapor barrier to the interior, then lining with 1/4” cedar.

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