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  1. What Cayman said. Not sure what all additional options this one has, but if I can get a new M Plus THC starting at $3200, I'd explore that option first. Sure the wait will be longer, but it'll be brand new.
  2. So, does that thing just flop all the way open? I have zero experience with Screwpop.
  3. What are the bottles on far left, honey? And that Santero is rubbish...I’ll gladly dispose of it for you. ?
  4. Thanks Ken. I know K&L still has it in California and some distributors in New York. Unfortunately, the US has pretty strict laws forbidding interstate sale and shipment of distilled liquor. Blah blah blah.
  5. This thread just keeps popping up to taunt me! Anybody know of a distributor in North Texas? I can't find it anywhere.
  6. Small business owner here. We've had increase our wages across the board over the last couple years to keep and attract entry level employees. About 2% a year. There hasn't been a formal increase in minimum wage, but my market has more jobs than people to fill them. Fast food can still pay minimum, but that's about it around here. Sales are up, so it's doable at this point. But if gas continues to rise and if interest rates start climbing, that'll all change.
  7. I learned long ago talking car brands is a lot like politics or religion. Everyone has their allegiances, small sample sizes are damning, facts are irrelevant and there is no winning. It's a topic best left avoided with those you care about unless you want to show them your a** or vice versa. Cheers
  8. No formal statements per se, but this old article discusses the various processes used. It acknowledges that dying or boiling and other short cuts were prevelant during the "boom", but "reputable" blenders have returned to traditional methods. I will concede the NC market is much more secretive and less forthcoming.
  9. Good point. A lot of NC Maduro simply refer to the color. But not all. Many houses do procure true Maduro leaves. Top 2/3 level of leaves and extensive aging and/or sun ripening.
  10. Perhaps one of the greatest joys I get from this hobby. Experiencing the subtle transitions of a box over time. Just lovely. Most of the time.
  11. Being in the US, I naturally started my quest in our beloved hobby with NCs. Over time, I've gravitated to habanos because, well, we all know why don't we. I still smoke the occasional NC, as there are some fine sticks out there. Given a choice, I'll choose a nice Maduro more often than not. For example, I've had the pleasure of smoking a handful of the Padron 50th anniversary (The Hammer). As such, I get much more pleasure from the Maduro than the natural. To me, the body is fuller and the smoke richer. The cocoa suits my flavor profile better I guess. This goes for most of the NC brands out there. Padron, Fuente, Tatuaje, etc. Because of this, I thought I may find the same true with CCs. Not so it seems. I reach for Party Mad 1s or Secretos or Magicos from time to time, but they never hit the Cuban sweet spot I wish they could. Sure, they are worth smoking. I do enjoy them, more the Cohiba variety than Partagas (which is the opposite for the other vitolas in these marcas, for me anyway). I do realize they are supposed to be different than other Habanos. They just aren't what I want them to be...whatever that is. I do like darker wrappers on certain marcas (Monte, SCLH, VR, etc.). But more often than not, I prefer light Colorado or even Rosado if we're talking RyJ. Just my mad ramblings as I sit with a Partagas Maduro 1. Opinions or thoughts? Cheers!
  12. Yep, I read that as you're taking 14 JLS2s. ? Either way, sounds like an awesome weekend! Happy Birthday Di!
  13. To each their own. As a truck guy, only Ford would meet that requirement (domestic wise), and that's not happening for me. Can't stand them. Won't own one.
  14. We Texans and our trucks!! GMC Sierra 1500 SLT here. Lifted of course! Love it!
  15. Sure we have lemon laws in the US, but God is it a miserable beat down of an experience. The manufacturers sure aren't exactly receptive to the idea and all the burden lays on the buyer. Fellow Army vet spent almost 6 months fighting Ford over a Fusion that lived most of its 8 months of ownership in the dealer's shop.
  16. Yes, yes they have! If only I had the time to smoke the format everyday. I'd be perfectly content with a humi stocked with nothing but recent production RyJ Church, SW, and Lusi. So good right now! As they should be. Cheers!
  17. Wow, that's rustic! Something out of a Clint Eastwood Western.
  18. Sacrilege! Scalloped potatoes are baked in a heavy cream sauce and covered with cheese. ?
  19. Esplendido to celebrate the first pool worthy weekend of the season in North Texas!
  20. Not the way I roll, but I dig your rationale!!
  21. I know nothing of the subject, but my first thoughts were as many cigars as he smoked a day, are these really that rare and how confident could I ever be in the provenance?
  22. Judging by how fast anything Trini disappears on 24:24, I'd say a lot of people here actually agree with you. Wish I could provide more input, but I'm never fast enough on the draw to experience much of the marca.

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