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  1. One more for Partagas anything. Though I don't know if I'd say most "Cuban". Not sure how to qualify that. Just most unique marca DNA for me. That smoked paprika and savory spice hits me every time. Party whore?? Most definitely. But my 2 cents.
  2. Granted I've smoked some "decent" Ghurkas. And I'm sure the brand has it's fair share of homers buying all it's self righteous marketing propaganda. But I always find humor in the Ghurka blowout sales that litter all the wholesaler mail catalogs. "Ghurka "insert vitola" boxes for $89...regular MSRP $689"
  3. Tubos are an enigma to me. My experience has always been so inconsistent I question my ability to store them correctly. Lol
  4. Not strange at all. Coffee brewing, bacon frying, cookies baking, fireplace burning...all evoke pleasant emotions. For me anyway!
  5. I guess I’m the extreme opposite. After years and years of drinking the mud served in Army mess halls, my only requirements are that it’s hot and black. While I can appreciate the effort many put forth for a cup of joe, I don’t envy the hassle. Cheers!
  6. Here ya go: They’re sorted into “68” shades within the same marca/vitola. That’s a lot of shades!
  7. I love the different aromas you get when opening up a box of Habanos. Who doesn’t, right? Part of the ritual and experience I guess. And I love experiencing how a new addition mixes and mingles with the smells already in a humidor. But my most aromatic box by itself isn’t even a close race. LGC MDO 4!! Easy. It’s not a top favorite smoke of mine, but the aroma coming off those sticks is amazing. Distant second would have to be my Siglo I’s. Maybe the small rg and confined box space has something to do with it. What’s yours? (And no flavored sticks...obviously) Cheers!
  8. You won’t regret it! I have some clearance AMO Mar 17 that are my go to young cigar. Can’t keep my hands off ‘em.
  9. I’ve never been able to find any info regarding an official Cohiba leather humidor release, and I’ve seen them pop up on other forums. It’s pretty easy to find the humidors for sale online, so the humidor itself doesn’t lend any credibility to the cigars inside. I still kinda want one though...real or not. They look pretty cool.
  10. From the main panel to where it enters the shop is less than 50’, so I’m not too concerned about that aspect.
  11. Thanks. I’ll definitely have an electrician do the work. Getting an idea of what I’m in for and this helps a ton. I knew the members here would be very helpful. Cheers!
  12. Just for clarification, here’s my current setup: 200 amp panel 2 of these 20 amp breakers supply the lights and 110 outlets And the bottom two-pole breaker supplies the 240V
  13. Thanks @PigFish At present, the current layout works as the only 240v item out there is my compressor. But that’s temporary. Eventually, I’ll have the compressor, welder, and likely a heater. And room for additional circuits would be nice. At this stage I’m still in the research and planning phase. Determining what I want to do, what I can do myself and what I should hire out. It looks like installing a subpanel will be a necessity. I’m Nervous Nelly around electrical work. So, I’ll definitely hire professional help. But being able to convey exactly what I want to them and knowing I’m not getting ripped off is important to me. Thanks for all the input gents
  14. Awesome, man! Thanks. The wealth of information on this board is phenomenal. The power is on separate breakers on my main panel. Separate breakers for lights and outlets. And a two pole breaker for the 240v. Not sure if separate breakers helps or hinders my situation. I’m assuming more amps is better in this case.
  15. I have a detached garage that already has power ran (underground) from the main electrical panel in my attached garage. Power ran includes lighting, 110 outlets and at least one 220 outlet. But there isn’t a separate sub panel in the detached garage. My first question: isn’t it unusual to have all that power ran without a sub panel in the detached garage? And second: how hard/expensive would it be to install a subpanel? Or do I even need to? I ask because I’d like to fully insulate it and install a 240v heater as well as run all the fun 240v shop tools.
  16. So, where’s the link to book the El Presidente Oz tour??? In all seriousness, looks like an awesome time! Bucket list stuff right there. Cheers!
  17. I believe ziplock is preferred because you can work most of the air out before sealing. While your container is airtight, there is still a larger volume of air locked in with the cigars. That extra air may lead to frost forming on the cigars. Correct me if I’m wrong.
  18. Dallas is rounding the corner nicely! Just in time for Zeke’s suspension! ? But pleasantly surprised with this defensive front once seen as THE weakness of the team. And Dak is progressing nicely in his sophomore year. If only Philly would come back to Earth.
  19. Thus my handle... Man-o-War something or other, and it was FIRE!
  20. Great tread to start. This is Zoey. She’s a fierce stub-a-dub Corgi. She enjoys tug-o-war, naps by the fireplace, and defending the backyard skies from airplane invaders!
  21. I agree with @Buck14, except that instead of a bowl of distilled water, I soak a couple of sponges, lightly squeeze out the excess water and place on saucers inside the humidor. I think it speeds it up a little bit, but I could be wrong. Just personal preference. Both methods.will get you there. The point being you need excess moisture in the environment that the Bovedas can’t provide fast enough.

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