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  1. My next project will be a ‘55-‘57 Chevy short bed. Just gotta find the right one. ?
  2. Definitely not from Oz...Texas actually, and here we use “billiards” as a generic term for all cue sport tables. When it comes to specific game types, we use pool or snooker for pocket games and carom for pocketless games. But if you ask someone if they play pool or billiards, 99.9% of the time, we’re referring to 8 or 9 ball.
  3. The best 2017 for me so far have been Partagas E2 (AMO MAR 17). But I’ve also enjoyed some Partagas Shorts (TOR FEB 17) and RyJ Short Churchill (OMS ABR 17).
  4. This is my first Jeep. Grew up tinkering on high school hot rods and V8 monsters. I’ve quickly learned Jeeps are the easiest things work on and simplicity abound. But also the most frustrating as nothing fits correctly and everything rattles!
  5. Absolutely true...spend way more time tinkering/fixing than driving. But that’s a lot of the fun. For me anyway.
  6. My other hobby (money pit): 1976 CJ5 What toys do you have hiding in your garage/shop?
  7. I like how Jordan didn’t even react. Well played. Then again, anybody gifting me a box of pre-Castro Cubans can light their ONE stick any damn well they please. ?
  8. Same mistake here. I’ve had the box a year now and have struggled through 3 sticks. Not horrible cigars, but not in my wheel house. The box is gorgeous there’s that!
  9. Yikes! The old stand by is tomato juice bath. I’ve heard an apple cider vinegar/water solution also works. The degree of success is debatable, but either should greatly reduce the funkiness!
  10. Only fools smoke aged cigars...the best cigars haven’t been made yet! ?
  11. A nice hot toddy is the drink of the day when I’m ill. As far as smoking, I have a fair stockpile of regrettable NC purchases I’ll reach for. Gotta smoke ‘em eventually. ?
  12. You’re perfectly clean, stark white table linen kills me!! 20 minutes outside on my patio here in North Texas, it would be covered in dust and have a distinct sandy brown hue.
  13. On the look out for one of these in decent enough condition to restore/refurbish/repurpose as box storage.
  14. First Party E2 (AMO MAR 17). May just smoke it’s way on the favorites list!
  15. Snagged the same lot, but sent directly to the locker to keep my grubby fingers off 'em!! ?
  16. Atabey??? And yes, I say that in jest. Please don't hurt me!!

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