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  1. Cigar: Short on time lately so mostly anything PC, but heavy on the HUPC right now. Music: It's surprising to me, but ever since my wife drug me to see La La Land, I've been rolling through a lot of old jazz. Reading/TV/Cinema: Obssessed with WWII military history right now. Books and movies. Beverage: Bourbon, bourbon, bourbon. Or coffee. Hobby: Restoring an '76 Jeep CJ-5. Between cigars and the Jeep, I have zero dollars!
  2. Thanks. Looks like most agree the A is the clear winner. Not taking anything away from the 1. I guess both warrant a try. Seems it always ends up that way. Might as well throw Sir Winnies in there too!!
  3. For all you Connie connoisseurs out there, is the A worth the premium over the 1? Are they similar or totally different experiences? I realize the size difference will impact the flavor profile, but it's not a PC vs a Churchill here. I ask as my only Upman experience is the HUPC, which I love. So I was curious if one had a more Upmanesque profile over the other or if they're similar or totally different. And I apologize if this has been beat to death somewhere before. If so, flame on.
  4. Great thread! I've also wondered about these. Still don't get how they draw so well but plugged straight sticks are almost commonplace. I guess they're just underfilled?
  5. The beginning of my first real hobby in the early 90s. Built it and immediately realized all the internals were junk and needed upgrading. By the time I finished upgrades, the only original part left was the frame.
  6. Geez guy. I was simply pondering how many guys are unwittingly selling fakes. You obviously see things as black and white. But if you think that 100% of guys selling fakes out of a back room are 100% intentionally selling fakes, I guarantee you are wrong. Some simply don't know. I'm not defending it, or anybody that does it, by any means, but your throwing fraud on top of an already illegal activity like that distinction matters. It's all still illegal. I'm simply adding a different statistical query the Prez's original post. No worries though. Cheers!
  7.'s already an illegal practice to sell Habanos out of a legal place of business in the 1st place, so he's not exactly getting his supply from reputable sources to begin with. Unless he's getting it online from known good sources such as FoH. But nobody is paying retail for a product they plan to resell. The markup isn't worth the legal risk. Being a black/grey market item in the U.S. to begin with, I doubt the majority of cigar shop owners could delineate fakes 100% of the time. Habanos experts can't even do that.
  8. That's unfortunate and sounds like a great way to destroy your customer base for short term gain.
  9. So I'm seeing a lot stories here of legit cigar shops in the U.S. having a "Cuban inventory" in the back room for the discerning customer. Obviously the prevalence of fakes in the U.S. Is a given. So I wonder what % of these cigar shop proprietors are knowingly/intentionally selling fakes vs. unwittitngly being duped by their supplier.
  10. OLH option may be good for you. I recently registered and had 2 boxes from today's 24:24 sent there. Probably your best bet for aging, especially given your current space issues. My problem is keeping my hands off!! Bonus...the wife doesn't see the true extent of my problem.
  11. Can't answer any of your questions as I've only had a single short church...but the wrapper on that one is exquisite! Yum!
  12. Fuente 858 claro. Hands down. Very mild, but that's to be expected. The Fuente flavor is there in spades though.
  13. Absolutely gorgeous!! Look like gourmet chocolate bars. I'm sure the aroma is just as stellar!
  14. Other than the #9, I've been underwhelmed by the majority of the Liga Unico series. Not that they're bad cigars, just not worth the hype IMO. But I do enjoy the #9! YMMV
  15. Surely President Castro has a QC/customer service email address listed somewhere to address customer complaints!
  16. There are reputable online retailers that have them. I'm not sure if I can name them here, so if you want to know, PM me.
  17. Ha!! Depends on the club and ferocity of said crabs!
  18. It's not so much a fear of crabs, as it is a reluctance to shimmy into dark holes and fart around in a cramped space with something capable of severing fingers from hands.
  19. I hate spending that much on an a cigar, but damn if The Hammer ain't tasty!!
  20. Three months from 40 and my very 1st Habano. Monte 4 (POU DIC 12) I do believe I'm in trouble now...

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