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  1. I'd say she's too far gone to recover. I'm sure most would toss it, but I couldn't stomach just throwing it out. It'd be a challenging smoke, but I say you have to at least try. Poor little Monte!
  2. I don't doubt she hasn't been news for a while. I just happened to come across a Vice News snippet on her. The kidnapped kids being dosed with LSD and connections to Assange and other high profile families is what piqued my interest. Didn't mean to directly compare to Manson. The world is full of fruitcakes, he just happens to be our most infamous (or most publicized).
  3. Just read a short, introductory article on Anne Hamilton-Bryne and "The Family". I thought Manson and Helter Skelter was some out there stuff, but this lady....yikes!! So, how was this lady never prosecuted?? Creepy stuff!
  4. I'm in North Texas too, so I feel your pain man. I find myself waiting for the sun to go down if I want to smoke. Indoors isn't an option, so it's bake in the heat or fight off the insects at night. Don't get me wrong, it's still hot at night, but not blazing!
  5. Thanks. That's what I'm afraid of. Was hoping someone had cut it before, so I wouldn't have to call Whynter. I've heard their service is less than stellar. But I'll give it a shot.
  6. Noted. But that's not what I'm asking. Just want to know if anyone knows if it's possible to turn off the beep without disabling the unit.
  7. For all you wiring gurus out there. My wineador is connected to an ETC, which is good. The problem is, part of the coolers boot function is to beep upon powering on. Being in the bedroom, the beeping in the middle of the night is very annoying. Anyone know how to circumvent the beep? It definitely emits from the temp control board on the front of the door and sounds like it comes from the same piece that displays the LED numbers. I'm temped to disconnect this control board but am afraid it would disable the old unit completely.
  8. Along those lines, I've wondered how much the quality rating matters to 24:24 buyers. From what I've seen, Rob is very upfront about any abnormalities (like damaged feet), but outside of that, I can't recall seeing a box on 24:24 that I would snub my nose at because it looks like crap. I'm sure there are buyers that only go for PSP/HQ, but where in the decision matrix (brand, vitola, price, box code, quality rating, etc.) would you put the quality rating?
  9. Call me a Neanderthal or heathen or just meat head, but I could taste the pretentiousness in that looking down on me and pointing from the deck of their 100 foot yacht pretentious! Maybe it's just me...
  10. Once I discovered where the temp sensor was located, I hooked the unit up to an electronic temperature controller I had laying around. Snaked the temp probe through the drain line and located it in a a more central area. The ETC is set at 66 degrees. So now, if I set it to cycle on at 68 degrees, it'll hold temperature for about 30 minutes before it kicks on, but it'll take it 15 minutes to cool back down just 2 degrees. I'm planning on installing a couple of fans to see if that'll help, but I'm not confident.
  11. Well the full story is this. It worked great during the winter. We had low ambient humidity and the house stayed closer to 70 degrees. Move into summer, and we have a much higher ambient humidity and the house stays closer to 72-73. This is when I noticed the unit would read 65, but all of my hygrometers read uniformly 70ish. This is where the design flaws really start showing. The unit's temp probe is located about 2 inches directly above the fan, so of course it says its colder than it actually is. So I turn the unit down to reach my desired temp throughout, and it just creates more problems. It has to run longer durations at shorter intervals to maintain that temp, which causes two issues. A lot of condensation inside the unit and a large loss of rH. Yes, these units are cheap, but not exactly disposable. So instead of just replacing an 8 month old unit, I'd like to explore other options first. And I completely agree that a unit that size should have no problems maintaining a 5-7 degree differential. But I see more and more reviews highlighting there failure to do so.
  12. What cabinet are you moving to? I would love to upgrade to a climate controlled cabinet like the Redford!! It's just not the cards right now. As it is, I'm happy with the size and capacity of my wineador, just would like to make it more better!
  13. Just some brainstorming and bouncing ideas off the more experienced... So I've had the larger Whynter wineador about 8 months or so now and my impression is overall positive. However, it is inefficient at best. I'm in Texas, but the room the wineador is located in is kept ~72 degrees, and the unit struggles to keep the temperature down near the 65-67 degree range I prefer without having to run all the time creating excessive condensation. I'm curious if installing multiple thermoelectric cooling plates throughout the unit with additional fans to circulate the air better would reduce my cooling time, thus reducing the amount of condensation I'm getting. Any thoughts??
  14. Thanks. I would love to add more storage, but the wifey already rolls her eyes when she sees me packing tupperdors because the wineador is overflowing.
  15. Howdy all, Newbie from the Dallas area. I've always enjoyed the occasional cigar, but finally have the time and means to delve deeper into the hobby. I've been exploring my way through the NC brands for a little over a year. Found some I enjoy, a lot I don't. Just placed my first CC order; New to Habanos Sampler...and if you guys are as right as I think you are, I'm going to have to considerably downsize my NC collection for more space. Chris

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