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  1. Would agree with limited regionals at both DF and B&M... Price for the Dips were ~ $200... Add $10 per stick @ B&Ms...
  2. Was in Athens for the 4th of July holiday... Airport DF had more Dips than most B&Ms... Purchased singles from Miamis and Casa Del Cigar... Regards
  3. Selected for screening last year flying through Ft Lauderdale... Paid roughly $5 per box over 100 cigar limit...
  4. Yes... Purchased 40+ singles and tupperware was filled with customs. Selected for screening at the airport leaving Havana... Showed receipts for singles and all was good.
  5. Picked up at Partagas LCDH... Not sure of inventory.
  6. Little bit of this... Little bit of that... Really enjoying the Mulata... Too bad I can't find an undervalued bourbon this good for $10 USD
  7. Thanks. 11lb bird... Deep fried 25 minutes followed by a 20 minute smoke.
  8. @Drguano - in honor of your Blanton's duty-free story... Paired well with grill duty.
  9. That would me... Happy you guys were in Canada cigar tax conversation 🙂
  10. 2004 Hoyo du Depute (5X5s)... Regarding your comment about singles - is it safe to assume they're possible selling singles from "brother/sister/cousin that works at the factory?" I ask because I purchased a quarter box or more of the same singles and received the box at some while doing the same at others and was declined.
  11. Inadvertently used the chat window by mistake so I thought no better time to introduce myself... Long time smoker and fan of 24:24 Be well BOTLs & SOTLs

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