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  1. Wow! Someone on Facebook mentioned the black light but I had no idea what they meant. Very cool. THANKS
  2. Amazing to me. I love learning this stuff. I got the magnifying glass out and started studying! My wife walked in on me and just started cracking up.
  3. Siglo II purchased from FOH. I do see a difference! Luckily both of the fakes were given to me, I didn't pay anything for them!
  4. I see how bold the lettering is now that you point it out!
  5. My friends, I posted this picture on a Facebook forum and was a bit surprised on the responses. I don't smoke Cohibas that often. Even as an amateur I knew the Esplendido was fake. Sloppy printing on the label and no hologram. I thought the pyramid was real, mostly because the label looks legit. I'm not experienced enough to look at a cigar and judge the construction. But almost every response was .. Both are fake! Can anyone explain why the pyramid is fake?
  6. That's the question OB1. What's the ideal PMC? I assumed the green rectangle on the chart is ideal range but don't know.
  7. Thanks PigFish! That's exactly what I was wondering... the relationship between the two.
  8. Definitely not. My friend keeps 2 coolidors at 69% rh and 69 degrees, and I don't think he dry boxes at all. The temp works out for him because the cooler is kept in his basement in Ohio. I was doing the same with my humidors, but my florida home with no basement keeps temps at about 75-76 degrees. I found my cigars a little hard to smoke at times. Now keeping 1 humidor closer to 62% rh and the other 2 at 67% or so.
  9. Right ElPuro? LOL. Seriously, thanks for the welcome everyone! Only been into cigars a few years but am reaching the addictive stage! I am finding on FOH most seem to favor lower humidity. A friend had strongly suggested 69% but I have recently started dropping that down a bit. I also realize many have good results within a semi-wide range of temp and humidity so I don't want to overthink it either.
  10. How do you all deal with temperate? I live in Florida. I can't keep my entire house at 70 degrees F or below. Well I can, but the wife already complains she's freezing constantly and we keep the house around 75F. I was considering a small wine fridge. Any thoughts?
  11. Hello Goutsou, I will be traveling to Greece in September, and my Papou was from Perias. Will be spending some time in Athens and I'm wondering if you can recommend a place to buy some cigars there. Don't have to be anything rare or exceptional, I would just like to bring something back as a momento from my trip. I'm half Greek and have never been to Greece. Very excited for this trip. Also any other travel tips you can share would be greatly appreciated! I'm also new to FOH and so far I'm really enjoying it. Thanks!!

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