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  1. Great review, thanks!
  2. h. ala

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    MSE ABR 12 Petit Robustos and some Nina on the speaker,
  3. h. ala

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    When I don’t have the commitment to smoke a whole cigar these are perfect. MC puritos that smokes great. Dare I say almost like something aged?
  4. Das is swedish 😎
  5. Yes, antal is swedish for quantity, I only have one cabinet with boxes, the other one is empty so I don’t keep track on location. Been thinking of calculating value, its a bit tricky. Some of the boxes are bought by Botls for a lump sum and are aged. How do I value those? I dont’t update everytime I smoke, but from time to time I’ll update. The reason I have this is that I forget what I have. With this I can get a bird’s-eye view on my collection. It’s also a bit of the fun, collecting, cataloging and of course smoking.
  6. h. ala

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Great Sunday. Worked a bit on my second cabinet, had some lamb racks and now this, a Cuaba Tradicionales URG FEB 11. Gingerbread-stick.
  7. h. ala

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Cohiba Mini, does anyone know what year? Looks like something out of Windows 98.
  8. h. ala

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Petit Edmundo TBS OCT 06 Toasted bread, splash of black coffee and almonds.
  9. h. ala

    My cabinet

    Thanks! The large one is a no-brand factory made cabinet, probably 15 years old. The smaller one is a costum made that’s 18 years old. The costum made was built by a local furniture maker in Sweden. I have bought both second hand. I have cleaned them up, installed LED, and a changed a couple of things as you can see.
  10. h. ala

    My cabinet

    Im on my way 🙈 Drove 8 h this friday to pick up 12 boxes an a smaller, costum-made cabinet from a Botl selling his stash. A lot of CC with age and a couple discountinued. I however need to sell one of them if Im not to anger the mrs...
  11. h. ala

    My cabinet

    Thanks! I use 2 pounds of beads, 65% rh. Half a pound on each self. It does vary, about 2% rh less on the top shelf compared to the bottom shelf.
  12. I bought this two months ago from a botl giving up smoking cigars. Its a nice cabinet but was a bit old and needed some love. So I cleaned her up, changed drawers and installed LED.
  13. 14.....that’s a new record I reckon. Btw, love your blog, have been a long-time reader!

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