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  1. I picked up 5 tins a couple of months ago. I had not tried a Capitols before. After 30 days rest I gave one a try and was pleased. It was Partagas, but different, if that makes any sense. The sticks in the tin that I opened were all well constructed and the burn was flawless on the 3 that I have smoked. They won't replace any of my regular rotation in this and similar vitolas, particularly at their price point; but I will pick up some more the next time they come up. @Chas.Alpha I did not pick up on any licorice notes. I do think that some age will be kind to these. Big Al
  2. Yes, many thanks John. As a fan of the Marca it is good to have an understanding of the history. I'm only 10 years into my CC odyssey, and when introducing new followers I am often asked about the history of certain Marcas. Information like you have provided gives me confidence that I'm passing along accurate info as opposed to merely parroting understood generalities. Now if I could just find more LaTrova... Big Al
  3. Original boxes. Multiple coolidors. I use a desktop humidor to dry box a weeks worth of sticks. Big Al
  4. Smoking one as I type this. It is the 6th stick from this box. The flavors and evolution are there, but the units in this box have all been underfilled, necessitating smoking faster than I would like, and requiring frequent touch-ups. The faster smoking builds too much heat in the final 3rd. Disappointing when held up to the rave review, but still smokeable. I have a few more boxes that will sleep for a few years. Big Al
  5. Cohiba Genios. Monte 5 Cohiba Secretos Punch 898 Big Al
  6. I agree that robustos are the most consistent and trouble free vitola. Big Al
  7. I purchase a fair bit from the store and have never been disappointed. Recently got a box of Monte 5's that were from 2016. Always nice to get a box with some age on it. Big Al

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