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  1. I do like the slight box press on small formats, like the BPC. For larger vitolas, round rules. Big Al
  2. It's a direct line to HSA. You can talk to them, but they won't listen. Big Al
  3. Siglo VI box is much larger than the one pictured. Big Al
  4. Now there is actually a reason to travel to Lakeland. Big Al
  5. I went deep on these. Smoked through 2 excellent boxes. The rest are down for a long sleep. Big Al
  6. Things may not change right now, but it is my belief that it has sown strong seeds of change. The old ( literally - they are dying off) supporters of the revolution are thinning and the newer generation, faced with the prospect of zero positive future are not going to tolerate it. Organization among the younger dissidents will take place, and a true leader of that movement will emerge. Big Al
  7. Seven... As the crow flies... Aristotle... 5820... Big Al
  8. Cracked a box a couple of weeks ago after a few years rest. I think your description is spot on. Big Al

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