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  1. Reminds me to try and live my life to be worthy of the price he paid. Godspeed young man. Big Al
  2. Cut me a break Pres, it took me a week to put that together. Big Al
  3. Apparently you are not alone, because they are still around. Big Al
  4. Had a box of RJ Mille Fluers that had fireproof wrappers. The whole box. Could barely get any of them lit, and when they would light, they would not burn for very long. Could have made a fire blanket out of em. Big Al
  5. Recently discovered these. Excellent cheap and cheerfuls. I'm building a stock. Big Al
  6. I've experienced this a few times. I use a straight cut. In all instances the sticks were double coronas. Big Al
  7. Well, it's good to see that I'm not alone. I have 3 120 qt coolidors. 2 are stuffed full and the 3rd one will be shortly. We're talking in the neighborhood of 110 boxes. I've thought about going to a nice piece of large furniture, but when I consider how many boxes I can buy with that 3 - 4 grand, I stick with my coolidors. I'm currently smoking 4 or 5 sticks per day, but am cutting back on that. I store them in my home office, and a fourth coolidor is going to really infringe on my office space. I use the large 65% Boveda packs and am able to get a very steady RH of 62%. The ambi
  8. FWIW, I have recently been delving into the No.5's and find them to be excellent. I will be stocking a few boxes into the long term aging humidor. Big Al

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