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    Greetings from North Carolina

    Thank you! Good to know, hope to find some more local smoking buddies! I'm from Mint Hill so not too far from you.
  2. embitler

    Greetings from North Carolina

    Thank you!
  3. Good evening all! I'm excited to be a part of this forum. I'm fairly new to the entire cigar world. I smoked cigars for a few years back in the early 2000's but gave them up when I kicked the nasty cigarette habit. Started smoking again about a year ago and already find myself adding more humidors. Recently my wife has discovered the pleasure of a great cigar (she's hooked on Padron 1964's, I need to find her a CC that is similar or better for the price you pay for them)! My experience so far has been all non-Cubans with the exception of two very well aged Cubans. One 17 yrs and the other 21, absolutely the best cigars I've ever smoked, but I was too new to cigars to pay attention to what they were. I just know they were amazing. I'm looking forward to learning more about CCs and enjoying the fellowship on these boards. I've even been a good little newbie and read all the stickies, lol! I feel like my career as a firefighter/paramedic has prepared me well for the newbie phase that I'll have to go through on these boards! Cheers! Eric
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