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  1. Nice review. I quit smoking Monte #4s because the draws on most are too tight, not plugged, just rolled too tight. I can assume that the rollers rolling these are not Cuba’s best.
  2. I’ve got a box of 2017 and they are average at best right now. Smoked 5 out of the box so far and am not impressed.
  3. Actually Lanceros are trending down in the US. According to many retailers they just sit in the humidors and don’t sell well. Crazy because it’s one of my favorite vitolas.
  4. Old thread. Just wanted to chime in on two NC brands that I’ve been enjoying the heck out of lately.....Warped(RS 1988 and La Colmena), and Caldwell(Eastern Standard from 2014 and Long Live The King). Both of these brands seem to be expertly blended and produced in small batch quantities. Anyone else smoking some of these newer boutique NCs?....some are pretty damn good.
  5. I understand what you guys are saying but is shouldn’t April 2017 on the date be enough time?
  6. Trying to smoke through a box of Monte 4s from 24:24. So far 9 out of 10 are plugged or have super tight draws. Perfect draw can’t even solve the problem in most. Other than this box not many
  7. I have a box of the Wide churchills from 2016 and they are smoking better than anything I have right now. Awesome smoke
  8. Gary- Did you get the pics and video that I sent you. Check your PMs.
  9. Can someone tell me the best Cuban cigar books for someone to educate themselves with?
  10. I have that exact humidor from Bob. Got it in it!
  11. Any suggestions on where I should sell a box of Behike 56s? I can’t get myself to smoke a cigar that costs $100, my palate just isn’t that refined. Thanks Jon
  12. Thanks Issac, so you don’t freeze anything from Rob...correct
  13. Do any of you guys freeze your cigars before putting them in your humidor? I’ve never done this, should I start? Now that I have a Aristocrat MXT and will be buying boxes I’m wondering if I should freeze or put them straight in? Thanks Jon

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