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  1. Hello Admins & All, I am new to the world of cigars, maybe since a month or two. My first Non-Cuban was a hand rolled, no brand cigar from a cigar store near where I work. It was some mild cigar that the guy in the store recommended for a beginner. I was interested and upon further research I found ton of info online. My first Cuban cigar was a Montecristo #5, paired with single malt on my daughter’s birthday. I immediately recognized the distinctive difference in flavor vs Non-Cubans. The #5 wasn’t even a full-size cigar but nevertheless the complexity and the earthiness was way beyond my expectation. There is so much information online and misinformation about CC’s, but just by saying it is nothing but hype, I think that’s just BS. I joined FOH to dive further into my exploration for good cigars and be a part of this diverse and great community!! Thank you all.

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