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  1. Oooo a shaving thread. It's been a while since I posted any of my gear. Currently using a Rockwell 6S safety razor as my go to. Favourite brush is a Wolfwhisker with a White envy badger knot.
  2. Lovely. I need a box of these. Fantastic aftertaste.
  3. Wow. Talk about ignorance. I get the impression they have lived a really rather sheltered life.
  4. Glad this thread came up. I was recently wondering the same thing. Will have to keep an eye out for when the A's appear again.
  5. Not exactly an in depth read but interesting none the less.
  6. Keen to get into the Aus hangout forum ! A mate & I were look at Cohibar, but it doesn't seem to be very well regarded ?
  7. This is delightful. Monte 2 I believe ? Someone please correct me if I am wrong.
  8. Not something I'd ever go for again. It has a very harsh taste for lack of a better word. Other cigars I have tried have certainly tasted a lot more refined. That being said I did get a few different pleasant flavours in there. Need to sit down with the flavour wheel when smoking to get better at articulating what I'm tasting.
  9. How does one get further details on the event ? Seems like it could be a cool chance to put faces to the names.
  10. The wrappers were a bit lighter than I hah hoped for but such is the way when buying blind. Will be on the lookout in 24:24 for some of the red wrappers !
  11. Do you think cigars taste different dependant on where you smoke them ? I tried a few different cigars whislt in Cuba and absolutely loved them. Since bringing them home they haven't tasted the same at all. They were smoother, more flavoursome, more enjoyable. Has anyone else experienced a similar thing ? I know there are many variables with cigars but whilst I enjoyed them in Cuba, they aren't as enjoyable back at home.
  12. Two samplers from El Prez. Excited to have these chilling in the humidor. The collection begins.

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