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  1. New to the forum. Some nice machinery on show. Here's a crappy photo of my GT4 on at the A169 on recent trip on the N York Moors. The hairpin just after this is epic.
  2. I brought back 3 boxes of the Lusis with a view to aging two of them. One of the waiters at our hotel in Havana gave us the thumbs up when he saw what i was smoking so they have a good rep there on the ground. Also brought back a few Mag 56's. Great smoke but bit of a jaw breaker ( although still a baby compared to the Elefante!)! Other pickups were a box of aged La Fuerza's, cab of CoRo's, box of RASS, Cab of Mag 50, a load of singles and a bunch of Reynaldo's customs
  3. I've been enjoying the forum for a while but only recently signed up and got approved. Lots of great advice on here so I'm looking forward to contributing where i can (after smoking and learning a bit more!). Hobbies include rugby (only watching these days) and I get back down to the Principality at every opportunity. Also heavily into cars and art. Started the cigar habit last year after a Cuba trip between jobs. Favourite cigars smoked so far are Partagas Lusitania, Upmann Mag 50 and Reynaldo's piramides. All with a good espresso or a single malt!

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